Sylvanian Families

Young, dreaming children are transported through a small door, with the help of the Woodkeeper, to a whimsical forest where they become as small as the little animals as they help each other through problems. Characters include The Woodkeeper, Papa Herb Wildwood, Grandpa Smokey Wildwood, Rusty Wildwood, Holly Wildwood, Grandma Flora Wildwood, Mama Ginger Wildwood, Packbat, Mama Honeysuckle Evergreen, Papa Ernest Evergreen, Preston Evergreen, Grandma Primrose Evergreen, Ashley Evergreen, Gatorpossum, Papa Slick Slydale, Mama Velvetter Slydale, Scarlette Slydale, and Buster Slydale.
DIC. Thirty minutes. Syndicated: September 1987.

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