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This show credits J. Michael Straczynski as the Developer. He is known for his work as creator/writer of the excellent sci-fi series, Babylon 5, but he also worked on other 80's cartoons, such as Captain Power and the soldiers of the Future, The Real Ghostbusters, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, She-Ra, and He-Man.


Bandit: Neil Ross
Cmdr. Dirk Courage: Dan Gilvezan
Dr. Lawrence: Frank Welker
Dutchess Dire: Mona Marshall
Gen. McFarland: Denny Delk
Katerina Anastasia: Mona Marshall
Lt. Hiro Taka: Michael Bell
Max Jones: Hal Rayle
Overlord: Neil Ross
Rawmeat: Frank Welker
Razorback: Frank Welker
Reaper: Denny Delk
Tank: Neil Ross

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Spiral Zone

Spiral Zone cartoon

Spiral Zone cartoon

An international superforce known as the 5 Zone Riders, headed by Commander Dirk Courage and joined by multiracial agents Max, Katarina, Razorback, Tank, and Hito, unite to battle their archrival, Overlord, a renegade scientist and his band of evil villains, the Black Widows, to preserve peace and freedom on Earth. The Black Widows used biological warfare to take control of people, then used them. This first-run daily syndicated series featured 65 original half-hour episodes.

Airing Information
An Atlantic-Kushner Locke Production in association with the Maltese Companies. Sixty-five thirty-minute episodes. Syndicated: September, 1987.


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