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Bentley Raccoon: Noam Zylberman
Bert Raccoon: Len Carlson
Cedric Sneer : Marvin Goldhar
Cyril Sneer: Michael Magee
Dan the Ranger: Murray Cruchley
Deilvery Ape: Rick Jones
Julie: Vanessa Lindores
Melissa Raccoon: Linda Feige, Susan Roman
Ralph: Bob Dermer
Schaeffer: Carl Banas
Sidekick: Rick Jones
Snag: Michael Magee
Tommy: Noam Zylberman

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The Raccoons

The Raccoons

Bert Raccoon-he's about the best friend anyone could ever want. He's funny, brave, friendly, and slightly crazy. He lives with his friends Ralph and Melissa in a raccoondominium. Together, they run the forest newspaper, the Evergreen Standard. Bert is usually more interested in playing detective or flying a hang glider than in writing his news column. The characters have also appeared in several animated specials, such as "The Christmas Raccoons" and "The Raccoons on Ice."

Airing Information
A Gillis-Wiseman Production in association with Atkinson Film-ARTS. Premiered on Disney: October 1985.


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