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Billy: Valrie Bromfield
Bonnie: Valrie Bromfield
Mike: Valrie Bromfield
Pancake: Sharon Noble
Party: Louise Vallance
PC: Danny Mann
Penny: Jeannie Elias
Potato Chip: Donna Christie
Prize: Louise Vallance
Puffball: Louise Vallance
Punkity: Louise Vallance
Punkster: Danny Mann
Putter: Danny Mann
Puzzle: Maurice LaMarche

Additional Voices: Len Carlson, Diane Fabian, Dan Hennessey, Hadley Kaye, Jazmin Lausanne, Barbara Redpath, Pauline Rennie, Linda Sorenson, Noam Zylberman

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The Popples
Aired as part of Kideo TV

Popples cartoon
Popples 80s toys

The Popples are creatures with special pouches that they can tuck themselves into to form balls. They live in the attic of Bonnie and Billy's house and the kids are the only two who know of their existence. The Popples could pull just about any tool or item out of their pouches when they were in a scrape.

Airing Information
A DIC/Those Characters from Cleveland Production. Thirty minute episodes. Syndicated: 1986.


Popples: Springtime's a Poppin' (1987) - VHS

Puffball's Home of Popples

Popples Playground

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