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The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon
Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon

This is the French-produced epic story of three children, Esteban, Zia, Tao, who are in search of the legendary seven cities of gold in the New World in year 1532 AD. Esteban-an orphan, who, legend has it, can harness the power of the sun-meets up with Mendoza, a sailor who has the other half of the medallion Esteban posesses. They travel to the Americas aboard the ship Esperanza (Spanish for Hope). In the New World, they rescue a kidnaped Inca girl named Zia and meet the last remaining member of the Hiva tribe, Tao. The Hiva was the race that built the cities of gold. They find various clues left by the Hiva, which finally lead them to one of the cities. That was the only city they discovered however, because the series was cancelled at this point, leaving the other six cities of gold waiting to be discovered.

Children of the Sun,/
See your time has just begun,/
Searching for your way/
Through adventures every day./

Every day and night/
With the condor in flight/
With all your friends in tow/
You search for the cities of gold.

Airing Information
A DiC/MK Company Production.
Aired in France: 1982.
Nickelodeon: June 30, 1986 to June 29, 1990.


MCoG is finally available on DVD!

Les MystÚrieuses CitÚs d'Or at (French)

Les MystÚrieuses CitÚs d'Or (French)

Mysterious Cities of Gold Home Page

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