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Baby Sundance: Katie Leigh
Danny: Scott Menville
Fizzy: Katie Leigh
Gusty: Nancy Cartwright
Lofty: Susan Blu
Spike: Charles Adler
Megan: Ginny McSwain
Morning Glory: Russi Taylor
North Star: B.J. Ward
Rosedust : Russi Taylor
Wind Whistler: Sarah Partridge
Additional Voices: Bunny Andrews, Michael Bell, Fran Brill, Bettina Bush, Bill Callaway, Adam Carl, Philip Clarke, Danny Cooksey, Peter Cullen, Jennifer Darling, Brigitta Dau, Marshall Efron, Jeannie Elias, Pat Fraley, Elizabeth Frazer, Ian Freid, Melanie Gaffin, Susan Garbo, Linda Gary, Liz Georges, Ellen Gerstell, Scott Grimes, Laura Harris, Skip Hinnant, Keri Houlihan, Robert Ito, Renae Jacobs, Willow Johnson, Robin Kaufman, Jody Lambert, Christina Lange, Melanie Lange, Lalainia Lindbjerg, Sherry Lynn, Tress MacNeille, Danny Mann, Ken Mars, Kellie Martin, Anne Marie McEvoy, Terry McGovern, Shane Meier, David Mendenhall, Scott Menville, Breken Meyer, Michael Mish, Laura Mooney, Maggie O'Hara, Sarah Partridge, Andrew Potter, Clive Revill, Kate Robbins, Stu Rosen, Neil Ross, Tony Sampson, Ken Sansom, Rick Segal, Kelly Sheridan, Judy Strangis, Brad Swaile, Venus Terzo, Jill Wayne, Lennie Weinrib, Frank Welker, Charlie Wolfe, Chaira Zanni, Ted Ziegler

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My Little Pony

My Little Pony cartoon

"My Little Pony...My Little Pony/ I'll be there...right by your side/ I'll be there...right by your side."

Together with their friends, the Moochick, the Bushwoolies, human friends Megan, Molly and Danny, and little pink dragon Spike, the Ponies protected Ponyland from all sorts of danger. Aired as a segment of My Little Pony and Friends. Aired alone on the Disney Channel in 1993 as "My Little Pony Tales."

Airing Information
Sunbow/Marvel. Syndicated: 1986.


Dream Valley

Galaxy's Ponyland

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