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Ash: Steve Alterman
Carla: Gabrielle Bennett
Cool Kitty: Robert Towers
Fat Cat: Marshall Efron
Glitter the fairy: Cathy Cavadini
Kidd Video: Bryan Scott
Master Blaster: Peter Renaday
She-Lion: Susan Silo
Toolbot: Hal Rayle
Whiz: Robbie Rist

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Kidd Video

Kidd, Carla, Whiz, Ash (the band), Kidd Video cartoon

NBC capitalized on the MTV craze with this 1984 hit in which four teenage rock musicians (Kidd, Carla, Ash, and Whiz) in a famous band called Kidd Video find themselves zapped out of their world into the Flipside, where they're now cartoons! The Flipside is a bright, airy, upbeat, non-threatening environment, except for the Master Blaster of Bad Vibes, who tries to steal the group's sound with the help of The Copy Cats (Cool Kitty, Fat Cat, and She-Lion). The kids make friends with a fairy named Glitter, whose strength increases exponentially when she sneezes. They cruise around the Flipside in a trippy yellow vehicle called the Kiddmobile. The animated/live-action program was further highlighted by Top-40 hits, each of which was creatively animated.

Airing Information
A DIC Enterprises Production in association with Saban Productions. Thirty minutes. NBC: September 15, 1984 to April 4, 1987.
Rebroadcast on CBS: September 19, 1987 to December 26, 1987.


Kidd Video Flipside

The Flipside

Kidd Video Radio Station

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