The Get Along Gang

The Get Along GangThe Get Along Gang is a group of kids who use an old abandoned caboose for their clubhouse. The group consists of Montgomery Moose (the leader), Dottie the dog, Woolma Lamb, Zipper (the cool cat), Bingo Beaver (joker of the lot), and, little, naive (but adorable) Porsha Porcupine. They're always willing to help people out, especially each other. A typical episode would have them dealing with an evil plot by Catchum and Leland, helping someone out, and then, as a reward, treating themselves at Mr. Hoofnagles' ice cream parlor. The series was based on popular childrens books by multiple authors.


Bingo Beaver: Scott Menville
Braker Turtle: Frank Welker
Dotty Dog: Bettina Bush
Montgomery Moose: Timothy Gibbs
Mr. Hoofnagle:
Officer Growler: Don Messick
Portia Porcupine: Sherry Lynn
Woolma Lamb: Georgi Irene
Zipper Cat: Robbie Lee
Additional voices: Donavan Freberg, Eva Hesse, Nicky Katt, Sparky Marcus, Chuck McCann.

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