Galaxy High MP3 audio files

I pulled these off my own video tapes. (No, I don't sell tapes.) I hope you enjoy them. I thought I'd grab what seemed to be important moments from the first couple of episodes. Most are from the first episode, when Amy and Doyle arrive at Galaxy High. I hope to have episode guides posted soon. I need to know what the names are for the eps I have. Any help on episode names and order would be greatly appreciated. Please do not use these or link directly to them without my express permission. Now on with the show!

Locker: Welcome, Aimee. I'm your personal locker. I'll carry your books, help you with your homework. I'll answer your every need.
Aimee: Thanks!
Creep: Oh, I'm the creep from the planet Zerabeep(?)
your heart belongs to me-ahh
at night when you're asleep, into your spaceship I'll creep
Wendy: Buzz off, Creep.
Aimee: No, it's ok. He's kinda cute.
Creep: Aw, shoot. She said I'm cute. That's me.
Wendy: Aimee, you shouldn't have said that.
Aimee: Why not?
Creep: You're my new best friend. I'm never going to leave your side. Not once. No forget it. No. Not.
Doyle: And I was wondering, how would you like a date?
Aimee: Get serious.
Doyle: I am serious.
Aimee: Sure! Ok, that would be fun.
Doyle: Good. Then you can go out with this! [holds up ugly little alien] I wouldn't be caught dead with you!
Locker: Heh. Do not expect any special treatment from me. I ain't no slave. I've been doing this for 30 years and I'm sick and tired of you rotten kids. You wanna keep books inside of me, fine. But that's it. No clothes. No food. Nothin but books. Hey, and no smelly socks.
Booey: Hi. We haven't met. I'm Booey... Bubblehead. Who are you?
Aimee: Aimee.
Booey: Hi, I'm Booey Bubblehead.
Aimee: I know.
Booey: Huh? How do you know my name?
Aimee: You just told me.
Booey: I did?
Wendy: You'll have to excuse Booey. She's absent-minded.
Booey: I'm not absent-minded. I may be forgetful, but I am not absent-minded.
Gilda: Hi, I'm Gilda Gossip and I can tell you any secret you wanna know. Billy Big Dipper says he's from Venus, but he's really from Saturn. And Clarence Thomas is flunking Algebra.
I'm Wendy. I've got this little black book with a description and rating of every single boy in this school.
Milo: I'm Milo DeVenus, your class president. Welcome to Galaxy High... I thought Earth people shook hands when you met somebody.
Aimee: We do, but, uh, we really don't know which hand to shake.
Milo: All of them!
Mrs. McBrain, principal: Aimee Brighttower! Well, It's a pleasure to meet you. You're grades are impressive, your record is outstanding! As principal of Galaxy High, I'm pleased as plutonium punch to have you at our school.