Flintstone Kids

Flintstone KidsEveryone's favorite characters live their adventures as 10-year-old kids in Bedrock. New characters include bully Rocky Ratrock, rich girl Dreamchip Gemstone, gumshoe Phil Quartz, and little businessman Nate Slate. Characters included Ed and Edna Flintstone (Fred's parents), Robert Rubble (Barney's dad), Doris Slaghoople (voiced by Jean VanderPyl, the original Wilma), Flab Slab, Miss Rockbottom, Officer Quartz, Micky, Fang, Mica, Granite Janet, Tarpit Tommy, Stalagbite, and Commissioner. The show also featured three other segments:


Doris Slaghoople: Jean Vanderpyl
Barney Rubble: Hamilton Camp
Captain Caveman: Mel Blanc
Cavey Jr.: Charlie Adler
Commissioner: Lennie Weinrib
Dino: Mel Blanc, Frank Welker
Dreamchip Gemstone: Susan Blu
Ed Flinstone: Henry Corden
Fang: Frank Welker
Freddy Flinstone: Scott Menville (87-88), Lennie Weinrib (86-87)
Miss Rockbottom: B.J. Ward
Narrator: Kenneth Mars
Nate Slate: Frank Welker
Stalagbite: Frank Welker
Tarpit Tommy: Julie McWhirter Dees
The Ditto Master: John Stephenson
The Yukkster: Michael Bell
Additional Voices: Tress MacNeille

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