Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C3P0

Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C3P0C3P0 (still voiced by Anthony Daniels) and R2-D2, the droids from Star Wars, return in animated adventures recounting the years between the rise of the Empire and Star Wars in stories always told from the Droids point of view. Shown alone in 1985, repackaged with The Ewoks as the hour-long The Ewoks and Star Wars Droids Adventure Hour in 1986.

The following are characters in each of the storylines. I have no summaries available for these, however.

The Trigon One (Episodes 1-4):
BL-17, Clones, Demma Moll Jord Dusat, Kea Moll, Mercenary Droid, Proto 1, Sise Fromm, Sleazy Guard, Thall Joben, Tig Fromm, Vix, Zebulon Dak.
Mon Julpa (Episodes 5-8, 13):
Auctioneer, Captain Stroon, Coby Toda, Doodnik, IG-88, Jan Tosh, Jessica Meade, Jyn Obah, Kez-Iban, Kleb Zellock, Kybo Ren, Lord Toda, Miner, Mr. Slarm, Mon Julpa, Princess Gerin, Uncle Gundy, Vinga, Yorpo.
The Adventures of Mungo Baobab (Episodes 9-12):
Admiral Screed, Auren Yomm, Bola Yomm, Bun-Dingo, Gaff, Galley Master, Governor Koong, Krox, Kybo Ren, Lin-D, Mungo Baobab, Nilz Yomm, Noop, Old Ogger.

Character lists obtained from The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons by Jeff Lenberg and other 80's cartoon fans.


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