Count Duckula

Count DuckulaCount Duckula is not your typical vampire duck, unlike his family that came before him. While reviving him, a mistake was made by using catsup instead of blood in the ritual, making him a vegetarian vampire. He prefers broccoli to blood. Igor, the butler, is a dreary centuries-old duck who takes care of the castle. Nanny is the incredibly unintelligent maid who often mixes things up. Dr. Von Goosewing is the vampire hunter bent on destroying the count. The group is able to travel to various places around the world via Castle Duckula's transporting ability. Full of great writing, wonderful British humour, and groanworthy puns, this is one of your humble webmaster's favorites.

Count Duckula aired alongside another British cartoon by the same animation company, Dangermouse.


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