The Centurions

CenturionsI now have the theme song and screenshots up!

Crystal Kane, computer scientist, and her team of top-secret warriors called Centurions try saving the world from destruction at the hands of Doctor Terror's Doom Drones. The Centurions each have their own exoframe armors and weapons. The team consists of the aquatic combat expert, Max Ray; the surface combat expert, Jake Rockwell; and the air combat expert, Ace McCloud. They fight Dr. Terror and Hacker, advanced cyborgs whose gole is to take over the world. The Centurions' headquarters, SkyVault, is a ship orbiting the earth, from which they transport to the surface when needed. When the Centurions shout "PowerXTreme!" their Assault Weapon System is charged to their ExoFrames. It also is beamed down from SkyVault by Crystal Kane.

And here's lots of new info below, courtesy of Matt Brough from the UK. Thanks, Matt!

Each of the original three team members, Ace McCloud (Air), Jake Rockwell (Land) and Max Ray (Sea) actually had multiple weapon systems that could be connected to their suits. The suits themselves were known as 'exoframes' and each weapon system was individually named (see below). They weren't technically computer operated rather a fusion of man and machine, with the Centurions' consciousness superceding that of the mechanics. This directly contrasted with Doc Terror's Doom Drones which were often implied to be cyborgs with the machine controlling the organics, something he appeared reluctant to do to his fully human daughter, Amber.

I don't really know much about the final series, except that the Centurions' received a bunch of new weapon systems and two new members: Rex Charger, energy expert, and a Native American called something like Johnny Nightwolf, their infiltration expert.

Ace McCloud's Weapons Systems:

Sky Knight
Small, lightly armed jet pack like air assault system with cool arm missles and a chest mounted bomb
Orbital Interceptor
Non-Atmospheric craft, usually for space missions, but was used underwater on at least one episode
Sky Bolt
Heavily armed air assault vehicle, basically changed Ace into a shrunken down fighter jet

Max Ray's Weapons Systems:

Had one big missle and a weird ray shaped gun on one arm
Tidal Blast
Big H-shaped submersible with huge twin missles on the backpack. Came with a shoulder mounted grapnel
Depth Charger
Completely self contained bathyscape submersible with torpedoes, periscope and spiky yellow mine

Jake Rockwell's Weapons Systems:

Chest gatling gun, bazooka on shoulder
Big walking tank thing with huu-u-ge chest mounted freeze rays and twin missles on the back pack
Wild Weasel
Totally kick-butt human motorcycle with two different modes. Hands down the best weapons system
Jake's helicopter system (not, repeat, not Ace's) had sidewinder missles, landing skids and a cool face guard


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