Camp Candy Camp Candy, John Candy

Camp CandyJohn Candy stars in his own show where he is the owner of the summer camp, Camp Candy. Camp Knuckles was the nearby rival summer camp. Camp Candy had to deal with financial issues that threatened to shut it down, a conniving business man (Rex de Forest) who wanted to raze the forest and build condos, and more! Live-action segments were added in 1990, focusing on ecology.

DIC Enterprises. Thirty minutes. NBC: September 2, 1989 to September 7, 1991. Rebroadcast in syndication in 1992.

The series won a Humanitas award in 1991 for the episode "Wish Upon a Fish."

The series was inspired by John Candy's own experiences as a camp counselor.

The series' theme song was written by Harry Nilsson and sung by Nilsson and Candy.

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