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Masters of the Universe Classics: Heads of Eternia pack

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:19 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Heads of Eternia pack Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

the 200X era has gone through ups and downs in its representation throughout the Classics line. Apparently this was due to changes in management every few years. Early on the management team wanted to distance themselves from that era since it had recently collapsed and they chose to place the blame on the, as they called it, "hyper anime detail" design of the characters rather than the blatantly obvious real reasons such as too many variants, bad case ratios, not enough support marketing.... you know anything that they'd have to admit was their own fault. Thus for a while those in charge stubbornly refused to give us 200X style alternate heads for figures. Eventually the management changed, they started to listen to fan demands, and the heads began reappearing like with Fisto and Stinkor. But that still left us with past releases needing to catch up. With the launch of the Club 200X mini-sub add on we finally get to catch up some with the sub exclusive Heads of Eternia accessory pack.

The pack consists of six alternate heads for characters, all of them among the most fan requested for one reason or another. They come in the standard style blister card package. Since this is an accessory pack there is no bio card on the back and we just get a look at the figures of the six characters whose alternate heads are in the set. Those characters are Buzz-Off, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Clawful, Grizzlor, and Snout Spout. Each of them a character with enough differences that we should have gotten these alternate heads already, and in a couple cases were going to before Mattel nixed them. So let's go ahead (no pun intended) and look at each of them individually.

Buzz-Off, as I understand, was one that had his 200X head sculpted at the time, but the management refused to green light it's inclusion with the figure. At any rate he was one character who really had a different look to him in 200X. I remember when he first showed up on the cartoon, before his figure was revealed, my first thought was "wow the new Buzz-Off is ugly!" Now that was mostly surprise talking. He was made much more insect like and almost comes off as a hornet instead of a bee. It does make him appear more warrior like though so while the change was a shock at first it actually works to make him a more serious warrior. One thing I will note about this Classics head though is the paint deco is not an exact match. The face yellow is a bit brighter than the body. Also since 200X Buzz-Off was made thinner, the head can appear a bit mismatched on the bulkier Classics body. Still though I like the look overall and can't really decide which version head I prefer. I'd like to pick up a second Buzz-Off body and display one as an Andrenid warrior and one as Buzz-Off.

Now Sy-Klone's look wasn't all that different. Mainly it just added a bit more detail to his appearance, which came off more samurai warrior inspired and made Sy-Klone himself look more cybernetic in his body. This head I do prefer overall, largely due to the extra detail and since the Classics' figure did include the 200X ring on his back which the vintage didn't have. This head really feels more individually Sy-Klone while the vintage style head would work well to make another Anwat Gar soldier.

Ah Clawful. This is one that fans have been really outspoken for. Many fans felt the vintage inspired head looked too goofy or toonish (although Clawful's Filmation toon look was very different -we'll discuss that more when that figure comes out) with the large eyebrows and mouth expression. Personally the head never bothered me, but having this new head in hand I can see the appeal and actually do think it looks better. The eyes and mouth have a much more evil look to them that helps make Clawful appear as a proper villain for the line. Despite the 200X Clawful being a huge character, the Horsemen manged to scale the look down to where it works perfectly on the Classics body. I suspect this is one most fans are going to swap out.

Roboto is one who had a majorly different look in 200X, and honestly was one I felt deserved to get an entire variant figure to do the look justice. At the least he should also have the armor piece to cover his torso. Now the head does look good overall. It is very well detailed and even has an articulated jaw that can move up and down, however I still think this one doesn't quite work on the vintage style body. Roboto was always one of my favorites in the vintage line and I'm going to be sticking with the vintage head for mine. You might want to be cautious if you do swap this head out due to Roboto's reputation for beign fragile and getting cracks in his torso. Though frankly since my Roboto has gone through head swaps, frequent posing of his arms and, more to the point, has gotten knocked over a number of times including toppling off the shelf completely and still has no cracks I question the whole "really fragile" argument.

Grizzlor is another figure who had his 200X head sculpted for release but got it nixed by management. Actually though his swap out head was going to work different with there being one head and two swapable faces that would attach to the front. Since the released figure had the face glued in place we got a full alternate head. It does have the actual fur on it as well, however for some reason it appears to be of a slightly lighter shade of brown. It matches the staction's fur but is a bit mismatched on the Classics figure. The face is a bit different than the vintage, mainly with the sort of helmet/face frame, but also in the position of the teeth changing form fangs to more of an under-bite. Plus his face seems a bit flatter and his nose a bit wider. Honestly I find his expression to be a bit less menacing as well so while this is good creation of the 200X style head, and I do display my Classics Grizzlor with the 200X loincloth, I'll be sticking with the vintage style head on this one too.

And finally we have Snout Spout. This is one who really benefits from a new 200X style head. While I never had a problem with the look of the vintage style head, I can see why many prefer the 200X look as honestly it does make him look a lot cooler and more like a serious warrior. Also it makes his look more cybernetic, which is fitting with his backstory. The big thing though was the deteriorating trunk on the vintage style head. That trunk was made of a soft foamy material so as to allow it to be bendy and poseable but the material has a tendency to crack and split. This new head's trunk is made of the same plastic as the rest of the head so while it cannot be bent and posed, it will not easily crack and fall apart. (On that note I do actually advise caution when swapping the head out. Don't grab the vintage head by the trunk)

I'm really glad we got this pack. While I'm sticking with the vintage style head for a couple of them I can be glad for those who wanted them, and really most of them I am swapping out and/or finding a way to display both heads in my collection. I wouldn't mind getting more packs like this for a few other characters. Not necessarily 200X style, just alternate heads we should have gotten before or just an opportunity to try again and do better (like Faceless One) The Heads of Eternia pack was the subscription exclusive item for Club 200X so it will not be sold out of sub. If you got the subscription you should be getting yours by now otherwise you'll need to track it down on the secondary market and you may likely encounter many sellers breaking up the set and offering them individually. Good luck, good hunting and, until next time, Good Journey.


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