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Masters of the Universe Classics: Angella

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:02 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Angella Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

As proof positive that Mattel was holding out on important characters here we are in the final wrap up year and only now are we getting to this pivotal and fan demanded figure. Or maybe it's proof that Mattel just doesn't give the Princess of Power characters the respect they deserve. Either way we finally can add the ruler of Bright Moon to our collections. Here is Angella.

Angella comes in the standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card package, complete with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the front of the bubble. The back shows off a selection of other Great Rebellion members in the line and presents a bio for Angella.

The bio has been getting a lot of flak for the use of the term regent. Since regent actually means temporary ruler many fans feel this doesn't apply to Angella, but it technically can as a queen who rules during the extended absence of her king husband is sometimes referred to as a Queen regent. Though not mentioned in the bio, this was the case in the cartoon where we eventually learned of Angella's husband King Micha who went missing after the Horde invaded, and then after escaping imprisonment on Horde World he chose to travel Etheria fighting the Horde, leaving Angella to rule Bright Moon. I should mention though that this usage of the term Queen regent only applies to monarchies where the throne must pass to a male heir with the queen holding the throne temporarily in the absence of a man. This was never indicated to be the case for Etheria.

Which leads to another issue where the bio says Eternia instead of Etheria. This has been confirmed to be a typo, though Toyguru says he wrote it as Etheria. Apparently it has happened before where during the translation process at the factories in China they mistakenly put Eternia in place of Etheria, but usually it's caught during proofreading before final product is sent out and wasn't this time. There is a continuity error though as it says Angella stayed on Etheria and the mini-comics show her participating in the Second Ultimate Battleground fight. But hey, at least she wasn't killed off. Strange that there's no mention of Angella being Glimmer's mother though.

Okay, looking at the actual figure now it is clear that, as usual, her design is taken more from the Filmation appearance than her vintage toy. Now there is a bit of the toy influence there such as in the design of her belt and boots. Her color scheme and design of her bodice though are right out of the cartoon. She has a high collar piece that comes up to her hairline and this is actually a separate piece glued on to the buck as she has an entirely new torso. The rest of her bodice is part of the sculpt in order to accommodate her wings.

Running down the articulation Angella has what you'd expect from a female figure in the line. Her head is on a ball joint, though her collar does slightly hinder the movement. It is made of a softer plastic so it's not too bad and doesn't scrape the paint any though. Her shoulders and hips are also on ball joints, she has standard elbow and knee joints, swivels at the wrists, biceps and waist, no boot cut articulation but she does have covered ankle joint pins and they are good and tight so she stands well even with her large wings.

While this is the first time we've seen this wing set in MOTUC, it is not a brand new sculpt as they are actually parts previously used on the DC Universe Classics Hawkgirl figure. This is a bit odd as previously sharing parts between these lines was a bit of a no no. DC raised a fuss over the use of the falcon mold for Zoar, Screeech and Glorybird as it had originated in the Wonder Twin set and then again for the Beast Boy figure. It may be though that since the DC Classics line is over that rule is lifted. At any rate I have no objection as they work just fine for Angella.

She also includes articulation in the wings. As you can see there is a bit of a extension off her back housing the wing joints. It should be noted that Angella's sale page on Mattycolletor.com says her wings are removable, but that is not correct. And yes, I am sure it's not just a case of my figure being too tight. They are stuck on permanently, but then why would you really want to take them off anyway? The joints allow her wings to fold fully back or forward. Now when they are fully back it does throw her weight off and she can't stand up straight, she has to be leaned forward to balance, but she stands just fine when they are forward. In addition there are peg joints at the tops of the wings that are hidden from the front but visible on the back. These allow her wings to spread out wide. She has a thirteen inch wingspan when fully extended and even then manages to balance.

One thing that really stands out on Angella is they FINALLY got the leotard look right for her waist. The bit is glued down between her legs plus the back is sculpted with a touch of "butt cheek" curve creating the look of a form fitting leotard instead of turning it into a skirt as so many other females in the line went through. Such a pity that we only now got this issue fixed as it was a real easy thing to address. Hopefully any future female figures that are meant to be wearing a leotard instead of a skirt will utilize this method.

Angella comes with a small halo piece that is a nod to the vintage figure. On that figure the halo and wings were all together and pressing down on the halo caused the wings to spread out. For the Classics version the wings are jointed to be spread out and the halo attaches to the top of the central wing joint. It is designed to be easily removed if you prefer going with the halo-less Filmation look instead. You can see that Angella is one of those characters whose cartoon appearance was pretty much nothing like her vintage toy look. Even her hair color went from a strawberry to straight blonde. Personally I think they made the right choice by going with the cartoon look, but including a few details from the figure like her belt and boot designs.

For a weapon Angella includes a sword that slightly resembles the one that came with Battleground Teela and Marlena, but is actually a new design. It's got a good paint job too with a two tone metallic silver finish. Strangely enough though Angella actually does not include the standard POP shield, but I'm okay with that since it was getting a bit old and she got a cool new sword instead.

Angella turned out fantastic. I actually find her to be more beautiful than I was expecting and, needless to say, that's a very good thing. I love the face sculpt, the paint job is well done, the wings are great, and I'm so happy they finally got the leotard look done right. If there is any issue at all it's that, standing alongside her daughter, Glimmer is actually a bit taller than her. This however is due to Glimmer being made a tad too tall though as Angella is actually around the same height as most Great Rebellion females in the line. And regardless they all look great displayed together. Angella might look even cooler if you have a flight stand to display her on with wings spread. This is definitely a must have for any true fan.

At the time of this posting Angella is still available, (you can also snag Glimmer to go with her too) but you'd better hurry before she's gone. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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