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Masters of the Universe Classics: Oo-Larr

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Lord Skeletor
Totally Bitchin'

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:10 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Oo-Larr Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

It's time to take a look at this year's subscription exclusive figure. The sub exclusives are, usually, figures that the hard core fans -those who want everything- would be interested in but non-completeist fans would be okay with not getting. (Shadow Weaver being the obvious exception. Making her a sub exclusive was a massive mistake on Mattel's part that we will not, and should not, ever let them live down) This year's though, as much as a completionist as I am, I really feel should have been left on the cutting room floor where they dug him up from. Here's Oo-Larr.

The practically naked, barefoot, jungle savage so called He-Man. This figure is based off He-Man's appearance in the very first mini-comic. In that, obviously Pre-Filmation, story He-Man was a jungle dwelling barbarian instead of the prince of Eternia we know him better as. In fact there was no royal family of Eternia. In that early early early early EARLY draft Eternia was depicted as a post apocalyptic wasteland world. Masters of the Universe had just begun and they had not developed the story into the unique property it became yet.

Now of course in Classic canon this guy was made into a different character, which is a good thing since he really is NOT He-Man. Oo-Larr comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack showcasing the figure inside. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio that forces this thing into the continuity. Look I've said it before, but it bears repeating; if you absolutely had to release figures of early concept versions of the characters, they should have been released as just that. Concept character figures -not part of the canon. That's what the Star Wars line did.

There is nothing in this bio I like, aside from the fact that they say this guy is not actually He-Man. That gets negated though by the whole multiple He-Mans angle that I've previously voiced my disdain for. The two halves of the power sword garbage, the whole "cloned sword" for She-Ra nonsense, techno vest -though I will acknowledge that in Filmation He-Man's breastplate was said to be made of coradite and enhanced his already super strength so I can let that slide except for the whole used to be Oo-Larr's and now passed to Adam deal. How can Light Hope watch over the sword in Grayskull when he's supposed to be on Etheria? And don't even get me started on that stupid "Sword of He" stuff!

Not to mention that a lot of what was taken from that first crappy mini comic was already attributed to Wun-Dar hence further negating the point or any form of necesity for this Oo-Larr character. And what kind of a name is Oo-Larr anyway? There was a long standing rumor that it was a mistake. A typo when Mattel was trying to trademark Mo-Larr. Mattel adamantly denies this saying this concept was always going to be Oo-Larr, but that doesn't help any.

Oh well, you can talk you can bicker, you can bicker you can talk, you can talk talk talk talk bicker bicker bicker bicker, you can talk all you wanna but I still gotta review the figure. Of course there's really not much to talk about as this guy is lacking any real armor or sculpted details. He utilizes the standard buck for most of his overall body, and of course that means he has the standard articulation that comes with it. Now he has no boot cut articulation, because obviously he has no boots or any footwear for that matter. We actually have seen this bare shin buck before though on Fearless Photog and Demo-Man. His bare forearms though are a new part. As are his new bare human feet. I must give props where it's due as the Four Horsemen did manage to sculpt the feet with full attention to detail. Even the soles have the detailed skin lines though the sculpt is broken up a bit by the way all feet in this line are made with the holes and such.

He has a new loincloth piece which features a sort of rope belt instead of the usual metal design, and the fur is a bit shaggier than previous figures. Then there's the head sculpt which has longer hair and a more savage facial expression with gritted teeth.

Oo-Larr does come with an alternate head though. This head is designed to more closely resemble the vintage He-Man toy head with the facial design and the hair sculpt. While they did a much better job translating it here than they did for the Giants line, to me it still seems a bit off. The skin tone doesn't quite match up perfectly with the He-Man body. Also I think it lost something in translation from prototype to final product, but even then I wasn't overly excited about it. There's nothing really wrong with this head sculpt, but I feel there wasn't anything wrong with the one we already had either. A new one wasn't really necessary. Another factor is the first release head's hair was more like the Filmation style which makes it more appealing to me. FILMATION IS MOTU!

Weapon wise Oo-Larr includes a spear as seen in the first pages of the mini-comic. Again props where due, the sculpt is nicely done with a wood like grain to the shaft, a lighter color on the wrappings and a head that looks carved from stone with a paint job to match. He also has a sword from the comic, though it looks more like the one Teela used, however the handle is thicker than most weapons designed for female figures so it will stretch the hand's plastic if you try to use it with her. Again though the paint job is very good with a gold hilt and silver blade. I guess since there was nothing to the figure they were able to dump all the budget into paint aps on the weapons instead. Doesn't really speak well though when the weapons are more interesting than the figure itself.

I'm not going to mince words; I don't care for this figure at all. I know there's a lot of fans who wanted this version of He-Man, but I really can't imagine why. Even in the comic he was only like this for the first page or two then got his armor and boots looking more like the He-Man we know. Maybe if he had come out earlier in the line when things were going strong and there was no sign of the line ending any time soon I would have been able to stomach him better. Even then though I would have considered him boring and wasteful but now in the final "wrap up everything and get all the important guys out" year he is the biggest waste of a slot ever! Even as not He-Man himself he seems out of place. Like instead of Eternia he should be running around the Savage Land chanting caveman speak.

It's one thing to like the Pre-Filmation as a different take on MOTU. It's fine to like all versions of the mythos and even to want representation if figure form. But if you actually think it's BETTER, or Elders forbid you ONLY like that version then you are NOT a Masters of the Universe fan and you should stop pretending to be! I'm through being nice while they continue to bash Filmation, POP and all the true MOTU eras. If you want a story about a barbarian in a post apocalyptic world go watch Thundarr. If you want a savage who chops up his enemies with no mercy go watch Conan. Both are fine properties, but they are not MOTU. To draw another paralel to Star Wars, Pre-Filmation is no more canon than the Jedi-Bendu scripts! There's a reason scripts go through multiple drafts!

Oo-Larr is this year's subscription exclusive so if you didn't subscribe you ain't getting him. Sure you could turn to the secondary market, but then you'd need to pay highly inflated prices for him and your money is better spent elsewhere. (like subbing up for Club 200X! go do that now instead!)


"I HAVE THE POWER!!.... the power is mine, not yours. Thanks for asking."
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Lord Skeletor
Totally Bitchin'

Joined: 18 Dec 2005
Posts: 687

PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oo-Larr also includes a mini-comic that continues the story from the last one. For copyright reasons I won't post any photos, (which is a shame actually because the artwork is actually very good) but I will cover the story here so


The story begins with He-Man returning to Eternia. Ten years have passed since the events in the previous comic where She-Ra defeated Horde Prime while He-Man and Skeletor were sent to Trolla where they had their final battle. (and that's on top of the time fighting in the Tri-Solar galaxy so he's been away for a full fifteen years) We're told He-Man returned from Trolla to find She-Ra missing and has spent the past decade looking for her with no luck. Now he must return to Eternia alone to take the throne as Randor has passed away. It doesn't say how he died but since it's worded as "passing" we'll assume it was just old age.

Flipshot tells He-Man the protectors will keep looking for She-Ra and then calls Eternia referring to Sky High as an old buddy? How do these two know each other? On the next page we get some art "easter eggs" as we see Sky High unmasked, He-Man donning a red cape like the one he wore in the live action movie, and he talks to a guy who isn't named but is clearly designed to look like Lubic from the film. He-Man goes to Marlena (who has aged well -she's clearly older but looks good for someone who, if you do the math, has to be between 70-80 at this point) Marlena explains the secret connection between Eternia and Earth mentioned before is that a prophecy stated it would be a half Eternian/half Earthling who brought about the fall of the Horde empire. (Though apparently they weren't expecting twins) Remaining optimistic Adora will return someday He-Man prepares to take the throne but states he will need a queen.

So he goes to Castle Grayskull where Teela is still acting Sorceress. Turns out she and He-Man married in secret before he left but now He-Man wants to make it known. Teela reminds him she can't leave Grayskull unprotected so He-Man decides to move the kingdom to the castle like it was in King Grayskull's time so she can act as Sorceress and queen as Veena did. Teela agrees then reveals that something else came out of their secret marriage and introduces his son Dare. So it's confirmed in this continuity Dare is He-Man and Teela's biological son whereas in the Filmation pitch bible he would be adopted and ultimately turn out to be Adora and Sea Hawk's son. Dare is designed to look like the 200X Prince Adam except his vest is tanish instead of red and he has brown hair in a ponytail. It's been rumored that we are getting a Dare figure this year and until now everyone assumed that meant the NA He-Man repaint seen in the last issue. If we're actually getting this version though I'm okay with it as it gets us that 200X Adam sculpt we've been wanting plus it still looks more like a unique character. (Have him come with an alternate head so it can be Adam and we're golden)

He-Man is crowned king and delivers a speech from atop Grayskull where we can see some guest appearances in the crowd watching such as Burbee, Master Sebrain and what could be Drissi. (they all are shown from the back) He-Man decides in order to properly bring in a time of peace he must put away the Power Sword so he places it in a stasis field that looks like a green anvil and says only someone of his bloodline can remove it. In order to protect Eternia though they need new warriors so he introduces us to the lineup from the Filmation Son of He-Man bible; Fork Lift, Air Bag, Kay-La, and both Man-E-Faces II and Ram Man II. (It's not stated if these are new guys or the old guys in new armor) Orko then tempts fate by saying, "Who would dare attack Eternia now?"

Turn the page, it's four months later and Despara launches an attack with an army of Skelcons (from the UK Ladybird books -though some now have wings) and the resurrected Skeletor... who it seems is just a mindless zombie Despra keeps as a pet. She latterly has him on energy strands like a leash and he does nothing but growl. King He-Man leads the defenders (including Spector and Laser Lot too) into battle using his 200X style sword. During the battle Fork Lift cuts off Skeletor's arm.

Despara confronts He-Man claiming he took her away from her father. He-Man realizes Despara is Adora (he recognized her voice I guess) and points out if she's angry about Hordak it was Skeletor who killed him. Despara takes off her ugly mask revealing her buzz cut hairdo that I hate so much, then decapitates Skeletor. So what exactly was the point of bringing him back to life? Nothing. It was just a way to shoehorn in Skeletor's New52 comic design which they shouldn't have done as even fans who like that stupid comic mostly don't like the design.

Despara's still evil and mad though and captures He-Man in an energy net. Dare is watching it all from atop Grayskull and decides he must help so he pulls out the Power Sword shouting, "By the Power of He-Man, I am He-Ro!" I wish that was a typo, but no that is what he says. Repaint NA He-Man ... I mean He-Ro II, jumps down into battle where Despara sees the Power Sword and tries to take it. Upon touching the sword though Horde Prime's spirit is expelled from her and she turns back into She-Ra along with Despara's sword turning back into the Sword of Protection.

THIS MAKES NO **** SENSE! If the power of Grayskull can expel Prime's spirit then She-Ra shouldn't have been possessed in the first place as she has the power in her. Furthermore there's no logical reason the Sword of Protection shouldn't have had the same effect as the Sword of Power. This whole thing just insults and diminishes She-Ra. Furthering the insult she is restored in her original outfit, despite having been in her NA outfit when she killed Prime, but it's tattered and shredded leaving her barely dressed. look, I'll be the first to say She-Ra is beautiful but this is blatant sexplotation here. Then, barely conscious, her first words upon changing back is to ask if Sea Hawk is there. (which is a good point where is he?)

Orko traps Horde Prime's loose spirit is a containment crystal and the battle is won. He-Man declares it a great day with evil beaten and his sister returned... thus tempting fate again. Turn the page and get a two page spread of CASTLE GRAYSKULL EXPLODING!!!!!!! Appearing from the smoke is The Unnamed One along with Demo-Man, Skeleteen, and elderly Jitsu, and Megabeast (Modulok and Multi-Bot fused together)

To be continued...

So what now. Was Teela inside Grayskull when it blew and thus dead? There's a blurb stating next issue we'll see Illumina show up. Skeleteen seek revenge, He-Ro II meet He-Ro I, and the return of King Hiss. There will be time travel involved as well.

There's a final joke page where Scollos shows up to answer fan mail, where the question is asked where Teela got the Staff of Ka. Cut to a flashback where young Teela just randomly finds it in a cabinet in Man-At-Arms lab, asks if she can use it and Duncan just shakes it off as okay without even looking. The last panel cuts back to Scrollos who is stuck on Mattycollector's 'white screen of death"

Okay that last page was funny, but overall there's a lot of insults to the franchise in the comic. It' s a bit better than previous issues, but that's not saying much. Since time travel is involved in the next parts and this is the end of the Classics line many fans are hoping the whole thing ends with a giant reset button being pushed and wiping the Classics continuity from existence. We'll see when the conclusion issues are released later this year. Until then, Good Journey.


"I HAVE THE POWER!!.... the power is mine, not yours. Thanks for asking."
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