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Masters of the Universe Classics: Sweet Bee

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:15 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Sweet Bee Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Today's character is one that somehow got name dropped as a possible upcoming release years ago and for a while everyone expected her to be the next female in the line. Eventually this went away, but now she's finally showed up. Our Club Etheria add on sub figure of the month; Sweet Bee.

Sweet Bee comes in the standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card package, complete with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the bubble. On the back of the card is a look at other figures in the line and gives us a bio for the character in the Classics continuity.

This is a place where the Filmation origin of the character was completely ignored, and that's something that's upsetting pretty much every She-Raver as Sweet Bee was much cooler in the cartoon. Her leading the squad in the Second Ultimate Battleground is kinda cool, and it seems she does survive the fight. So who is it that doesn't make it? Maybe we're better off not knowing. If it's not said than it's easier to ignore and we need not get angry.

Now in the cartoon Sweet Bee made only two appearances, but both were near the end of the series and both focused on her and her people. In that story she was a scout for her people who were looking for a new planet to settle on after their homeworld was destroyed by a supernova. After being shot down by the Horde, she's rescued by the heroes but Hordak gets her ship and lures the bee people to Etheria hoping to enslave them. She-Ra and He-Man manage to help Sweet Bee get her ship back and fly up to warn her people away in time.

Now the weird inconsistency here is that in this first episode He-Man starts to tell Sweet Bee her people can still settle on Etheria despite the Horde and She-Ra insists that no it's too dangerous and they can't stay. But the second episode opens with She-Ra talking to Sweet Bee over a long distance communicator and saying she wished her people had stayed and joined the rebellion -citing the whole "freedom is worth fighting for" moral- and Sweet Bee has to remind her why they didn't. Well then Skeletor learns of the bee people and likewise attacks to enslave them. Sweet Bee escapes and goes back to Etheria getting She-Ra (and He-Man) to come help. After beating off Skeletor She-Ra again asks Sweet Bee to settle on Etheria and join the Rebellion and this time she agrees. (but since there were only two more episodes after this we never saw her again)

Moving on to the actual figure, upon removing Sweet Bee from the package there is some assembly required. She uses the same torso as Flutterina, and likewise needs to have her wings plugged in. They are on ball joints allowing for a good range of motion, though they can't go fully forward and flat due to the hair, but that'd be an unnatural position anyway. The wings are made of a semi translucent material and even have sculpted texture that matches an actual bee wing.

Now you may notice that unlike Flutterina, Sweet Bee's hair is molded with the strands connected so you can't attach the wings and lower he head around them. They must be inserted through the holes which adds a bit of trickiness, but is not too bad. The real problem here is that between her hair and wings she ends up with her head basically immobilized.

The rest of Sweet Bee's articulation is just as you'd expect, sadly including the lack of boot cut articulation which has become standard for females now for reasons no one has explained. (she actually uses the same boots as Double Trouble) Sweet Bee was done in the Filmation style appearance which differs from the vintage toy a lot, and even from the style guide which had different colors for her outfit, hair and wings. Personally though, I am very glad they went this route as I feel it's the best look for Sweet Bee and the result is a face sculpt that is absolutely adorable. Strangely I've seen a number of online posts expressing displeasure with her face. I cannot imagine why as this is one of the best I've seen. I honestly wasn't super excited for Sweet Bee at first until I saw the actual product and then she became a must have for me. I was not expecting her to be this good looking. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but damn it cute is cute and Sweet Bee is cute! The only thing I find debatable is that her pink antennas are sculpted coming out of her head through her hair whereas shes usually shown with them coming through her headband.

Sweet Bee comes with an alternate head featuring her space pilot helmet straight out of the cartoon. (Now don't ask me how she fits all that hair under that helmet -or why the helmet's antennas are on the sides while her actual ones are on the front) With this head on you can get the fully spread out flat look for the wings, but that's going to bring up a point which I must confess I feel is a design flaw. Due to the hair stands being connected, you have to remove her wings first in order to swap heads. This wouldn't be too big a deal except, on mine at least, those wings go in tight and do not want to come back out! I ended up having to grip the ball joints with pliers and pull to get them out after I took this photo and I was terrified they were going to break. I finally did get them out, swapped the head back and put them back on and they are staying that way! While this is a nice additional head, I am not going to take any risks ever removing those wings again!

For weapons Sweet Bee includes the standard Princess of Power shield done in two tone yellow colors with a yellow gem. She also features a brand new weapon in her stinger gun. This is fun new weapon that fits the character well. In fact long before this came to be, many a fan art and custom figure gave her just such a gun so it's really cool to have an official one for the line now.

Standing next to the vintage figure you can pretty much see why I'm glad they went with the Filmation look and also why I wasn't super excited for her until I saw what she was going to look like. The vintage figure had yellow hair -not blonde actual lemony yellow. Mine is missing her headband with antenna, but trust me when I say it looks oversized and awkward. The Classics look is much more natural looking, and as I'll say again the Classics face sculpt is much more attractive and just better done overall. Finally, the vintage figure's wings were reversible with one side being pink and the other sparkly gold.

Sweet Bee was one of those characters that I wanted eventually but wasn't in a hurry to get... until she was revealed and then I could hardly wait. I absolutely love how beautiful she turned out and, despite the wing/head issue -I wasn't really planning on swapping heads often anyway- I am so glad to add her to my Great Rebellion. Sweet Bee was the October figure for the Club Etheria add on mini-sub, but sadly was yet another character given no day of sale stock. If you didn't get the sub you'll need to hunt her down on the secondary market and be prepared for inflated prices. Good luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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