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Masters of the Universe Classics: Flogg

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:46 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Flogg Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

We all know that the "New Adventures" faction is the black sheep of the MOTU franchise, but it's still got its ups and the great updates to the figures presented through the Classics line has helped bring the characters, if not the premise, into a more positive light. As Classics heads into it's wrap up it has become obvious we're never going to get everyone from the NA line, but we still are receiving the most important ones including the leader of the evil Space Mutants; Flogg.

Flogg comes in the standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card package fully showcasing the figure within. As with his evil allies before him, he features the Space Mutants logo sticker on the front of the bubble. The back of the package shows off other NA characters in the Classics line and presents a bio for the character. While I can appreciate the attempt to fit the NA storyline into the more mainstream MOTU continuity, like most of the story the Classics continuity messed things up.

Okay, like many other NA characters, Flogg had an alternate foreign package name and that has become his real name so I have no objection to Brakk. What I do strongly oppose though is reducing the Space Mutant army to a goon squad faction of the Evil Horde. Much as I really like the Horde, I feel making the Space Mutants an offset of them instead of their own faction diminishes the characters. Flogg and Skeletor's relationship differed in the mini comics and cartoon. In the comics Skeletor arrived, beat Flogg up and basically said, "you work for me now" In the cartoon Skeletor showed up, gave a brief demonstration of his power as a way of saying "don't cross me" but then played puppet master for most of the series pretending to bow to Flogg as the boss but all the while smooth talking and manipulating him into doing whatever he wanted. At least until the final episode where the Galactic Guardians finally defeated the Mutants once and for all. Flogg agreed to a complete surrender of the Mutants, but Skeletor finally showed his full true colors and told him off.

Skeletor: "Surrender? SURRENDER?!? You fool Flogg! Do you actually think I traveled all the way from Eternia only to surrender? I fought your ridiculous battles, let you order me around, PUT UP WITH YOUR STUPIDITY, only for this moment?!? Go coward, this fight is mine alone!"

Looking at Flogg out of the box you can see he's got a use of both existing and new parts to help capture his own look. The paint deco on this figure is very well done with all the little details and features given full attention. The main red armor actually has a metallic two tone deco to it and the boots, forearms and helmet have a metallic silver color to really capture the space armor feel. Even his face has a bit of swirl with slightly different shades of purple to make his mutant skin stand out. Yeah, I'm very pleased with the paint on this guy.

For his sculpt Flogg uses the Horde Trooper arms, which does mean he has a bit of extra articulation as they have ball jointed elbows. Under the armor he uses the scaly torso buck, which is mainly noticeable around his neck area, though taking the armor off reveals that the rest of the torso is painted red like his armor. Even then it's done in a way so the red is almost like a shirt with the purple flesh above the collar. Again, very good paint decos. Another thing about his armor is that while it does have the more side tabs, there is not any bulkiness largely because the belt and waist piece are done larger so it all flows nicely. His upper legs are new but the lower part is yet again the Trap Jaw boots. To be fair it was assumed from the start he would use these parts, and really they match up to his vintage look quite well. However he then uses the Hordak feet, which don't quite match. It's still fine looking so this would've been easily overlooked were it not for the fact that Intergalactic Skeletor, coming next month, has new feet which do match up. Had they been released far apart it would be one thing, but back to back it seems odd that the more appropriate feet could not be swapped in.

For an accessory Flogg has his unique spear/whip/ fishing pole thing weapon . The bio calls it a laser whip nicknamed the "sidewinder" but this is not a laser whip in the way that Blade's is. It does match up to the vintage weapon (which I don't actually have) and Flogg did use this weapon in the cartoon plenty of times. Like his armor the details are more fleshed out with the paint job on the control panel that sits over his hand. On the tip is an actual string with a hook like device on the end. The vintage figure had a spring loaded arm action feature so he could actually whip the weapon around. (thus his name Flogg)

Flogg also comes with a bonus accessory which is not for him. Furthermore it's not an NA weapon either, but instead is a Filmation inspired Power Sword. The sword's design was slightly different from toy to cartoon. As you can see here it was a bit longer and more pointed, as well as a slimmer more streamed hilt. While this new toy sword does capture the Filmation hilt design well (though the sword was not two toned in the cartoon) the blade doesn't quite come out right. While it is a lot closer than the Power Sword mold previously used in the line, the blade is still a but thicker and more rounded than it should be. This is possibly because of safety standards, but I'm not sure. I included She-Ra's sword for comparison so you can see how it could be thinner. He-Man actually states in the cartoon that, aside from the jewel, the two swords are exactly alike.

To date the most accurate Filmation Power Sword is still the one included with the rarer exclusive Classic Colors He-Man staction. Since this was a NECA mini statue and not an actual action figure it wasn't held to the same safety standards as a toy. For the record the staction sword can be held by Classics figures and looks quite good, but then the staction is left in a sword aloft pose without a sword.

Side by side with the vintage figure you can see how Flogg was almost perfectly updated, and then fleshed out with extra details. Worth noting though is that the vintage Flogg had a removable helmet. The Classics version was initially going to, but for some reason they chose to glue it in place on the final product. This is a very minor issue though as I for one had no plans to display him without it. The not quite right feet are more of a disappointment, though not enough to ruin the figure. Overall I feel Flogg turned out fantastic. While I know NA isn't that popular in comparison, I still feel the characters fit in quite well in Classics and I fully support getting at least the main pivitol ones. As the leader of the Space Mutants, Flogg certainly fits that description. As of this posting Flogg is still available on Mattycollector.com so happy shopping and until next time, Good Journey.


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