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Masters of the Universe Classics: Extendar

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:37 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Extendar Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

As we get down to the last few guys from the vintage line to make their way into the Classics line we also find ourselves looking at ones that had much more unique designs. (which is actually a factor into why they haven't been released in the line already -heavy tooling costs) Like many collectors I was fully expecting this guy to end up a deluxe figure in a quarterly or con exclusive slot, and was quite surprised when he ended up as a regular monthly release. You'll probably see why as we take a look at Extendar.

Extendar comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack. The extra parts actually don't take up that much room so he's not crammed in there at all. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio for Extendar.

For the most part this follows his origin from the UK comics. As a late arrival in the vintage line, Extendar did not have any cartoon appearances. (he also had no 200X representation) He did get a slightly different origin in the mini-comic that came packed with him. In both versions Dragstor played a factor, but whereas the UK had them as both Etherians and friends who were captured together, in the mini-comic Hordak made Dragstor first and Extendar (who for some reason was called Extendar even though he didn't have his powers yet) upon seeing what Dragstor could do foolishly agreed to let Hordak alter him. Either way he managed to overcome the attempted mind control while Dragstor did not. Extendar actually appeared in a few of the later mini-comics, as if making up for not getting him into the cartoon.

Looking at Extendar out of the package you can see that he has quite a lot of new sculpt work put into him. The paint job is very bright with shiny gold and pearlish white. Funny story though is he almost ended up with green gloves. The vintage figure's gloves had a tendency to fade to an oxidized green color over time so when the Classics prototype was first painted he was given green gloves to match the vintage figure they were using for reference, unaware this was caused by paint fade and not his intended look. Luckily the fans immediately pointed out this error and they were able to correct it for the final product.

He's almost a 100% new tool, but actually has more articulation than the standard figures. His head is on a ball joint as usual, however without his neck extension the head movement becomes almost moot as you can't really see which way he's facing due to the face guard on his armor. This is pretty in line with what an actual knight armor of this design would be like though so I can't complain. He has ball jointed shoulders, but again due to the large size you can't really get them raised to the sides very high. He has the usual swivel joints at the biceps, but then actually has ball jointed elbows giving him more movement range there. The ends of his gloves are where they pop off for the extensions so as a result there is swivel movement there, but he also has swivels at his actual wrists. His torso has the usual ab crunch and waist swivel. He has the ball jointed hips, though the thigh armor sculpt prevents him from getting into a full sitting pose so he probably can't pilot the Wind Raider, but he could ride Battle Cat. He has the standard knee joints, boot cut swivel (though again this is a extension pop off point) and ankle joints which work though once again there's a bit of hindrance by the bulky sculpt.

Again, almost all of him is new sculpting. The only reused part is the torso which is the standard sculpt though modified to pop off in order to add the waist extension. It basically works the same way King Hiss' removable torso did and, for what it's worth, the torsos are interchangeable. Unlike Hiss though, Extendar's armor, which is the softer plastic, is removable.

Now of course the main attraction for Extendar is his extension pieces. In the vintage figure these slid in and out of the main body much like Meckaneck's neck or Mantenna's eyes. As always though the Classics line doesn't use action features this way (plus you wouldn't be able to fully articulate the figure if it did) and so, as to be expected, the figure is designed with pop off limbs and comes with extension pieces that fit in between to achieve the alternate form. Here it's actually a good thing that the face guard is part of the softer, almost gummy, plastic of the armor as you're going to need that flexibility in order to grab onto and remove the head.

Once fully equipped with all his pieces Extendar stands about 10 inches tall so he really lives up to his "tower of power" nickname. All the extensions are done in a silvery color with all the circuitry sculpted on, including the infamous "peace symbol" on the back of his neck. Now, much like the similarly powered Tallstar, Extendar can be tricky to get properly balanced when fully extended. Even when you think you have it you might not. I placed mine on the shelf last night, and after a few minutes of adjusting, I got him standing fine. I went to bed, got up today he's still fine. I went to work, came home he's still fine. I sat down to type up this review and at that exact moment, with no one near him and nothing touching him, he just topples over for no reason. And of course since I put him towards the back of the shelf due to his height, he knocked over several other figures when he fell, including Glimmer which made her drop her moonstone orb so I had to spend five minutes looking for that tiny thing... very aggravating.

For accessories Extendar comes with his unique shield. Just like the vintage one it can open up and extend itself bigger. As a major improvement though, it features actual hinges for its extensions whereas the vintage one had only folding plastic that could prevent it staying fully open and also wore thin with repeated use. No worries about that with the Classics shield. He also comes with a brand new lance weapon. Many fans speculated such a weapon being included with him once the "two accessories for everyone" rule came down, though it was expected that the lance would have an extending feature as well. The final product does not, though it still looks good and fits with the knight motif look for the character. It should be noted the tip is very soft plastic, probably for safety standards, so no you cannot use the lance to help prop up the extended figure. Quite the opposite actually as the weight can throw off the balance. Nevertheless, a very cool looking new weapon.

Classics Extendar is a bit thinner than his vintage counterpart, mainly due to not needing the extra bulk to house his extension pieces inside the body. The other thing to notice though is the larger gold band on the waist. This is due to making it thicker as a requirement for it to properly support the extended pieces. I get that, what I don't quite understand is why it wasn't painted/designed with the red belt part looking larger. It's not a major problem, and is less noticeable when he's extended, but it is something that can't be missed.

Another curious thing is in his feet. On the vintage figure the extensions were above the gold tops, but on the Classics they are below them. While some collectors choose to complain about this, for me it falls under the category of "so what?" It still completely captures the feel and look of the vintage figure. Side by side, you can really see how the Classics shield is vastly improved over the vintage. Extendar was one of the unfortunate characters to not receive a 200X update. Of course if he had come out in the staction waves he probably wouldn't have had the same feel to him.

(I'll let you come up with your own caption for this)

Extendar was always one of those more unique characters from Masters of the Universe, and because of his late arrival in the vintage line, often an overlooked one. Aside from the slight balance issue, (and even that isn't a huge issue) I'm quite pleased with how the Classics rendition turned out. Looking at all the unique sculpting and extra parts in the extensions though, it's a real wonder that he was able to get a release as a regular monthly figure. (makes you really wonder who the upcoming $35 "holiday" figure is) Extendar is sold out now so check the secondary market for him. Good luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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