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Masters of the Universe Classics: Double Trouble (/Mischief)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:54 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Double Trouble (/Mischief) Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Particularly the She-Ravers as with this we begin our look at the Club Etheria add on mini-sub celebrating Princess Of Power's 30th Anniversary -while at the same time playing some much needed catch up in order to get the POP figures into the Classics line. As you can see, we even get a 30th Anniversary logo, though whereas the MOTU 30th logo was on the back of the blister card, the POP 30th logo is on the back of the mailer box. Club Etheria (which we wouldn't need to catch up had POP been given proper respect in the line before -but let's try not to dwell on that) will contain both heroes and villains from the She-Ra series, so we kick things off by bringing in the glamorous double agent Double Trouble!

Or should I say Double Mischief. No, no I should not because her freaking name is Double Trouble! Once again we have a character who's name was lost to trademark failure so she had to be renamed, and once again Mattel went with a lazy terrible alternative. There had to have been something better they could have used, but even then I would and will still be referring to her by her proper original name. Double TROUBLE comes on the standard MOTU Classics blister card, complete with the POP logo sticker on the front. She's packed showing her heroic face, but evil weapon. More on that in a bit.

The back of the box shows off other Etheria native characters in the line and presents a bio for the character. As usual, I don't really care for the "real name" but otherwise everything is taken almost word for word from her Filmation series bible description -including the bit about her being Glimmer's cousin, which was not mentioned in her mini comic appearances. "But wait, I don't remember her on the cartoon," you say? Well sadly yes, Double Trouble was originally outlined to be a regular character on the show, but ended up never actually appearing in cartoon form. As a result she's actually one of the more obscure characters. A pity because there's quite a bit of story potential for a double agent character. And yes, for those of you confused, she is and always has been a good guy who pretends to be a Horde member.

Double Trouble uses a mixture of old and new parts. She has brand new boots and feet and while she is yet another female with no boot cut articulation, she does feature the rocker joints in the feet. Another lacking articulation point is her head. Due to her special feature she does not have the ball joined head. Instead it is similar to Man-E-Faces with a square rotating peg for her head drum that features her two faces. That is of course covered by her helmet. As a result there is no up and down head movement. Now the helmet is removable so, while it's not exactly meant to rotate, with a little fiddling, you can get a slight turn to the side (again much like Man-E-Faces) In so doing though you are moving the helmet off the notches it latches in place with, so if you go too far they become visible. She does feature an extra articulation point at the top of her helmet so you can rotate her topknot ponytail around.

The paintwork on this figure is very nicely done with a mixture of greens, gold, and her bright silver boots. Her cape is made of a semi translucent plastic though it is attached to her bodice and collar so it's non-removable. For an accessory she comes with a new crossbow weapon that fits her motif as the end can be rotated switching it from a standard weapon, to a Horde crossbow.

Now let's look closer at Double Trouble's main feature; her twin faces. As I said, the action feature works in the same basic way as Man-E-Faces. Turning the top crown part of her helmet under the ponytail rotates the head around switching between her peaceful good face and her mischievous evil face. On the vintage figure this was achieved with a dial on her back, so I'm glad they fit it into the existing helmet design instead of giving her an ugly eyesore on her back like Hurricane Hordak had.

I've seen others attempt to swap out the head drums from Man-E, but it doesn't quite work. The Man-E-Faces head does not fit fully on Double Trouble's neck peg, while her head can sit on Man-E-Faces and fits inside his helmet, but it's loose and won't turn with his dial. I would've shown it myself, but I found my DT's head to be on very tight and I didn't want to risk breaking it. Especially for a one time thing I already knew didn't work anyway.

Now the faces have been getting a lot of flak owing to a change from the prototype by Mattel design that not only made her choker larger, but also pushed the faces further in the helmet in order to assure enough rotation room. The result was a slightly squished look, and more to the point it makes her appear to have a fat neck/double chin. In reality, while this is a factor, most of the flak comes from people looking at up close and brightly lit pictures. In hand the effect is really only noticeable up close and in light. Otherwise the helmet's natural shadows mask the neck and the faces actually look rather good. Nowhere near as gorgeous as Castaspella, but not at all ugly like some haters claim.

A good attention to detail that I didn't ever notice until I got the Classics figure in hand and then went back and looked at the vintage, is that Double Trouble actually has purple eyes. This was properly translated to the Classics figure, though one thing lacking in transition from the vintage figure is the eye shadow, particularly on the evil face. While they did capture the high dark eyebrows, fully placing in the purple eye shadow would've helped the evil look (much like it did for Scorpia). Also, in my opinion, the vintage figure's good face seems to have a younger appearance than the Classics. You can also notice how the vintage figure's chin stuck out more than the Classics yet it didn't seem to interfere with the rotation.

Please understand though that, while as a reviewer I am pointing out some of the not so great things, overall I am really happy with this figure. While I admit there may be a factor of simply being happy to get the character at all, since she was one I really wanted yet feared might not happen, I still think she turned out nice and in my opinion the slightly flawed neck is a minor issue that haters are blowing out of proportion. The thing I'm really upset about is the name. Not only does Double Mischief just sound awkward, it also sounds more like she's supposed to be evil pretending to be good when she's actually the other way around. Plus now it changes her initials from DT so now she's a DM.....

Whatever you call her, and in spite of the hater flak being spewed in her direction. Double Trouble sold out in one day so maybe all that flak is just a very vocal minority. You'll need to check the secondary market for her now, and I do recommend her for any true fan. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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Mayor West

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am over the top happy with your Dead Ale Wives vignette at the end! You just made my weekend! I was with you on her new name being terrible, but come on? DM? And Dead Ale Wives, i can not unsee!!!! Shocked

It is too bad about the chin, but like you say, only looks bad in certain pictures.

Where is a good resource for He-Man comics and cartoons? I would like to know more of the stories on these characters.

As always, excellent job!!!!

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