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Masters of the Universe: Mini-Masters 2-pack (SDCC)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:38 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe: Mini-Masters 2-pack (SDCC) Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Remember a couple years ago at SDCC when Mattel showed off prototypes for a new series of tiny versions of the MOTU characters? They had He-Man, Skeletor, Scare Glow, Mer-Man, Moss Man and Faker on display. Fans were interested in these "mini Masters" as they came to be known, but Mattel never got around to marketing them until now where we get our first two in a SDCC exclusive 2-pack consisting of He-Man and Skeletor with a diorama display.

The 2-pack comes in a mailer box decorated on the outside. You'll notice how it says "from the game". This is how Mattel decided to market these; as if they figures are based on the designs from the "He-Man: most powerful game in the universe" -a downloadable I-phone game. Apparently the game is going to be made available for Android too, but I can tell you little more about the actual game as I've never played it, owing to the fact that I neither have, nor indeed want, a smart phone of any kind. Yes I do have a cell phone, but it's an old ***** I use for MAKING PHONE CALLS and nothing else! I don't even text message. (Text messaging is a step backwards in technology if you ask me. We stopped using the telegraph when phones came around and now that phones are more advanced... we go back to tapping out shorthand messages instead of actually calling and talking to the person directly...)

I'm ranting again aren't I? Anyway I'm really hoping they eventually do for this game what was done with Kingdom Hearts Recoded and release it on an actual game console.

The sides of the box show off images of Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain, then on the back is some joke blurbs related to the game. It's a rather tongue-in-cheek take on the characters, which is largely what the figures themselves are.

Inside that box is another box, this one serving as a diorama piece of Castle Grayskull. There is an additional cardboard piece that forms the upper portion of the skull. It slips into a slot on the box front above the drawbridge. Like the original King Grayskull castle box the bridge is held up by small velcro tabs and can open revealing the figures inside. The diorama box can be opened and the plastic holding them in place removed.

The back of the box has a diorama display as well. On one side is the crystal chamber holding the orb of power and the other side is designed like a dungeon. In the the center is a wall display with silhouetted shadows of He-Man and Skeletor fighting.

Taking a look at the figures out of the box you can see they are very similar to other 3 inch mini figure lines we've seen over the years such as with Star Wars, DC and Marvel Super heroes, even GI Joe dipped into it briefly (that line seemed to end mainly by Hasbro shifting all focus to movie merchandise). Fans have speculated what a MOTU line in this style would be like and here it is. The figures each have unique sculpting with the same articulation points. The figures have ball jointed heads and swivels at the shoulders, wrists and waist. There is no articulation in the legs, but that is standard for mini figures like these.

He-Man's design seems to up his barbarian look with a more gruff looking face combined with the large upper body in proportion to his smaller legs. I actually find this makes him a bit top heavy and he likes to fall over more than Skeletor does. Skeletor's design is rather chibified a bit too with a large under-bite to his jaw. Both figures include a sword, He-Man's done in the classic silver Power Sword look and Skeletor's in purple. He-Man also comes with his shield and Skeletor naturally includes his Havoc Staff. The weapons can be placed in either hand and both figures have holder slots on the back of their armors. (The armors are not removable)

I like how these guys turned out and I do think it would be cool to see this series continue with other Mini Masters. That said though they must not take the place of Classics, just an additional series of MOTU merchandise. It would also be a good small toyline to return to retail with. The $20 price tag seems a bit high for such small figures, but then again you are getting a diorama display piece with them. This He-Man vs Skeletor 2-pack was made available first at SDCC and will be up for purchase on Mattycollector.com on August 5th. The already limited numbers were dug into during Early Access so don't expect them to stick around long. Good Luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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