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Masters of the Universe Classics: Icer

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:08 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Icer Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

It's time to kick off the mini-sub of Club Filmation. Filmation, as you should well know, IS Masters of the Universe. It's the classic cartoon that made MOTU a unique property on to its own and gave us the main storyline for the characters. It also introduced a lot of original characters who, due to rights issues, never made it into figure form before. Now that Mattel finally has the rights to do these characters they've got some catching up to do and have launched a mini-sub add on to the main MOTUC line featuring Filmation figures. The order shuffled around before they settled in, but here we are with the first figure, Icer. (gee what a great choice for JULY!)

Icer appeared only in the season 2 episode "The Ice Age Cometh" where he took over the Eternian weather control station causing a huge glacier to form and move across Eternia causing devastation. Icer was a pretty powerful villain in that he could freeze a person solid just by touching them. He also could melt his body into water and slip through tight places, like under a door, then refreeze, create sheets of ice, and blend in with his frozen surroundings. The flip side of this is he apparently is made of ice as he was defeated when He-Man drilled into the ground releasing thermal heat into the station. Icer began to melt and was forced to flee. Interestingly, like Fang Man, Icer was treated by the characters as if he had been around for a while and they already knew him.

Icer seemed a logical choice to make for the line as he was both memorable and relatively easy to produce. Icer comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package. Many fans were hoping or expecting there to be some kind of logo for Filmation or perhaps a star blurb stating the episode the character appeared in, but there is none. I suppose they wanted uniformity. There wouldn't be on the characters who appear in multiple episodes. Though I suppose it could simply say "As seen in the classic Filmation cartoon".

The back of the box shows off other villains in the line and presents a bio for Icer that pretty much sticks to the opening of the episode he was in. Really though they lead you to believe the Ice Raider will play a big part and it's quickly forgotten about and not mentioned again. I suppose the reason Skeletor wanted it was it had controls to open the force field around the station and once Icer was in it no longer was needed. I would have liked a little backstory though. Where did Icer get his powers? Is he a member of some race that all can do the same things? Who are this Stilla clan?

Looking at the figure, Icer is made up mostly of the standard male buck. he has new forearms with the fur trimmed wrists as well as new furry boots and what is actually new feet. He has all the standard articulation and especially tight joints at the ankles. (Very welcome after Octavia's weak ones) Icer's body is made of a semi-translucent blue plastic, however it is then drybrushed over with frosty white really giving him the look of a body of ice. For such a simple design the Horsemen really did a great job translating him to figure form. One difference is he had pupils in the cartoon, but here his eyes are solid haunting white.

One thing that struck me a bit odd though is how the back of his head still has the ice body look to it. While the cartoon was along the same lines in appearance for the brief shots we got of Icer from behind, here it does tend to make it look more like he's wearing some kind of headdress instead of a parka hood. It's pretty clear from the cartoon the Eskimo like hood was the intended look.

Icer comes with an icicle accessory for a weapon. It's colored the same as his body, though made of a softer plastic. It is thinner toward the point so he tends to look a bit better holding it like a club rather than a stabbing weapon. It's much longer than the icicles he was seen holding in the cartoon, though to be fair he really didn't use the icicle for much more than testing the force field. He had one in his hand later but did nothing with it and in fact Teela and the young guard Phillip took up icicle clubs to hold him off since they couldn't actually tough him without freezing.

Like Fang Man, Icer also comes with a second Filmationm artifact accessory that is not for him or from his episode. In this case it is the Staff of Avion from the episode "Reign of the Monster" A powerful staff belonging to Stratos' people that got stolen by Skeletor in the episode to awaken and control the monster Molkrom.

So now we finally have a weapon for Stratos. Of course he still has his open hands, but with the right positioning you can actually get him to hold it. The staff is a perfect recreation from the cartoon and the only realy problem with it is in the typical stamping that goes on figures and weapons. One side has the word "China" (as in Made in China) molded on. Sadly the other side has small circles where the accessory detached from the mold. Also common but having the things on opposite sides raises questions on how to display it. If you place it like I have here though, Stratos' hand covers the word China so it looks fine.

Icer is a simple design but one that came out really well. I love how they were able to capture a look that really feels like he has an icy body and the extra accessory is a great bonus. As of this posting Icer is still available on Mattycollector.com but is marked Almost Gone so you'd better hurry if you want him. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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