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Masters of the Universe Classics: Ram Man

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:24 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Ram Man Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Which heroic Eternian warrior is big on brawn, short on brains, and one of the most fan requested figures in the line ever? Well as anyone who bothered to read the title of this post before clicking on it knows, it's Ram Man!

Ram Man is the first quarterly item for 2013. This year things are being done a bit different with only four quarterly items period instead of four variants plus four large scale items. Ram Man counts as a deluxe figure due to his size. Because of the size Ram Man comes on the larger MOTUC blister card package like we previously saw with Orko and Queen Marlena. Like all the figures though the back of the package still shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio for the character.

As usual I'm not too fond of the real name. I'm also curious why they went with the artwork showing Ram Man in the orange tunic. The overall story is taken mostly from the early mini-comic which was during the still Pre-Filmation transition. This actually goes against the 200X story where Ram Man was one of Randor's troops and present during Keldor's attack on the Hall of Wisdom. Personally I don't think it was necessary to make his armor mystical in an attempt to explain how he can headbutt everything with no ill effects. First of all it was frequently shown that Rammy does get hurt sometimes. Often his slow witted nature is attributed to his taking too many hits to the head. Also the metal plate on his head was already an explanation in itself. If you look at animals known for headbutting, like say a buffalo, you'll see that they usually have big bulky muscular bodies like Ram Man does and their skulls are extra thick and bony to protect their brains.

Okay let's look at the actual figure now. Ram Man is a 100% brand new tool. Previously we had thought he might use some existing parts , like Fisto's oversized bicep, but no he's completely unique. Ram Man's size has varied throughout media. In the early Mini-comics he was about the same size as He-Man. In the Filmation series he was much shorter than the other warriors, while in the 200X cartoon he was a giant of a man and towered over the others in height and bulk. For Classics he stands about the same height as a normal figure, but is about two to three times the girth. To put it in perspective; his fist is as big as He-Man's head. He's not rotocast either. This is a solid hunk of plastic and he does have some weight to him.

His articulation is very much the same as a standard figure though. His head is on a ball joint, though the design of his helmet does slightly hinder the movement. Of course the vintage figure couldn't move his head at all- something that was jokingly pointed out in a Filmation episode where someone asked Ram Man how he moved his head in his helmet to which Rammy stuttered a moment, implying even he did not know, before simply stating, "I manage." He has ball jointed shoulders, swivels at the biceps and wrists and the jointed elbows. He has a swivel waist and even the ab-crunch which helps to pose him in running to ram stances.

The real thing that sets this Ram Man apart in articulation is the legs. Both previous versions had no articulation in the legs due to the action feature. The Classics version has a full range with ball jointed hips, boot cut swivels and ankle joints as well. In addition Ram Man actually has ball joints at the knees. They are done in a way that they remain hidden by the spiral sculpt of his legs/pants.

For accessories Ram Man includes his trusty battle axe which can be fit through a hole in his right hand. His left hand is a solid fist. There is also a clip on the back of his armor where his axe can be stored. His other accessory is a second head. For the first time in figure form we get to have Ram Man unhelmeted. This is taken from the 200X cartoon where we got to see Ram Man without a helmet for the first time and it was revealed that he has a metal plate grafted to the top of his skull. The facial sculpt is essentially the same and has the same expression with the squinted eyes. This is designed after the old card back art and isn't too bad on the helmeted head but somehow this more casual head seems a bit off.


In all seriousness though, there is an incredible amount of detail put into this figure's sculpt. The folds and stitches of his tunic, not just up the chest but also on the sides under his arms. Great detail in the skull design on his belt. Even the bottom of his boots have skull designs in the treads. The Four Horsemen really put a lot of work into this figure and it shows.

Classics Ram Man captures the overall design of the vintage character, but really gives it a needed update to bring out the details. The vintage Ram Man was severely lacking in articulation, yet was still one of the best remembered characters.

The 200X version, while not as big as his cartoon portrayal, gave a bit more articulation, mainly in how he could now turn his head. It still was lacking any leg articulation, although the sculpt was done so the feet weren't stuck together, it was still all one piece. The Classics version is without a doubt the definitive Ram Man figure.

Ram Man is a vital central character to MOTU and a must have for any collection. Fans have been waiting a long time for him to finally show up in Classics and he does not disappoint. He sold out quick on Mattycollector and is already going for high prices on the secondary market. Good luck hunting him down at a decent price, and until next time Good Journey.


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