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Masters of the Universe Classics: Mosquitor

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:29 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Mosquitor Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

When I was forced to cancel my subscription so close to the end of the year, what really hurt was that I would be missing out on December's monthly figure who was one of my most wanted. Not just mine in fact, he sold out on the site quickly and I've seen many secondary marketplace requests looking for him. So you can imagine how pleased I was to manage a trade to acquire him. Let's take a look at Mosquitor!

Mosquitor comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package. Like all his teammates, he has the Evil Horde.... logo.... sticker... on.........

Uhh, yeah he arrived with his head off the body in the package. This is not the normal for the figure, just the inevitable fluke that happens from time to time. This would be a problem for MOC collectors, but since I always open mine I'm not going to complain. (yes I knew he'd be like this before the trader sent him)

Anyway, the back of the card shows off other Evil Horde figures in the line and presents a bio for the character in the new continuity. Now since Mosquitor had very little previous media exposure due to him coming out so late in the line, there's not much old stuff to go on. It's likely he wouldn't have seen much cartoon exposure anyway because his gimmick is sucking blood. Sure they label it "energy draining" but the action feature was a pump showing red liquid flowing into his chest. That's blood sucking, end of debate.

Now I'm not very fond of the names in this bio. Blidion, Kribleen, Gluubux? It's one thing to want the names to sound alien, but when overused like this it comes off as cheap and lazy. Looking like a normal insectoid? First of all he does not look normal even for an insectoid, secondly how normal does an insectoid look? I really don't like the part about him being so dumb he actually tried to get blood from a stone. Turns out though this line is right out of an old licensing guide so it's not new, even though it was not used in his few comic appearances.

Looking at the actual figure out of the package, and with his head on, he is a mixture of old and new parts. He features the standard buck in his torso and upper legs, the King Hiss shoulders, and the Whiplash forearms. His biceps are new pieces featuring an armband like look. He has new shins and feet to recreate his unique boots, and his hands are new as well, featuring ridges and longer thinner fingers. Strangely his hands are of a softer material. They aren't as gummy as Catra's hand was, but are softer than the normal plastic and may require caution when turning. The joints on my figure were all tight but there was no loss of articulation.

Mosquitor's unique head captures his look inspired more by the vintage figure, but drawn out so that it is clear he has an insect head and is wearing a mask. His throat is done in ridged detail under the mask and his large eyes bulge out of the sides. The needle tip is also vintage inspired and is also made of a softer material, probably for safety regulations.

One area where he does take more after his 200X look though is in the chest armor. The armor is overall the more flexible plastic and does not interfere with the ab crunch mid torso articulation. The whole design is detailed with an insectoid look, particularly in the back. There the other 200X influence is seen in his extra insect appendages. These are something that was added in the 200X version that the vintage did not have. Upon closer inspection they appear to be the same mold as the extra legs on Webstor. However these are designed in a way that they can be removed. Much like Draego-Man's wings they are ball jointed and the pegs can fit into small holes on the back. They come on the figure in the package but easily pop out if you prefer to go with a pure vintage look.

Then we come to the signature feature of Mosquitor; his chest cavity. On the vintage figure there was an action feature that worked as a pump. The figure had an actual red, blood like liquid in his chest so when the button on his back was pressed it pumped the "blood" through and it would slowly seep down as though freshly drunk blood was oozing into his chest. The 200X version, being a staction, did not have this and instead featured a translucent red chest window with veiny, guts like detail inside. As the Classics line has no action features, and safety regulations prohibit putting in actual liquid, they opted to go with a design more akin to the 200X look. It's hard to see in the photo, but they actually did sculpt in some tiny air bubbles near the bottom so it helps seem like there is "blood" in there though.

Mosquitor comes with one accessory that is an update of his vintage figure's gun -which I of course don't have. Mosquitor was one of the last figures released in the vintage line, so he's one of the rarer, hard to come by figrues, and even harder to get complete with his gun. Still my vintage figure is in very good shape otherwise and his blood pumping action still works perfectly. You can see how the Classics version is mostly inspired by the vintage with only a few differences.

Particularly when viewed next to his 200X staction. Here you can see how that version went for a more slender insect like design and added the extra small limbs for effect. The other big deal is, of course, the large blood tanks on his back. Many fans have stated that they would have preferred getting these instead of the insect limbs. While I do agree for the most part, I think cost was an issue here. Having the figure in hand and seeing that the limbs are a reused sculpt, I believe they were used because the tanks would have gone over budget for the figure. The fact that the limbs are removable though makes me wonder if this was perhaps done intentionally so later we can get the tanks in say a future weapons pack, thus on a different budget, so the limbs are acting more as placeholders in the mean time.

^^(The real reason Thunder Punch He-Man's skin is so pale -blood loss)

I didn't even know about Mosquitor as a kid. As I mentioned once before he was one of those characters my friend Joe had and introduced me to years after the line ended. (I in turn introduced him to Dragstor) Once I saw him though I instantly thought he was one of the coolest villains in the line. The Evil Horde characters are some of my absolute favorites and I'm very happy with how the Classics version turned out. I do hope we get blood tanks later on, but even if we don't Mosquitor is an awesome figure and a great addition to the line. Here's hoping we can get a lot more Horde members soon. (Particularly Mantenna and, one of my personal favorites, Dragstor)

Mosquitor sold out very fast so you'll have to check the secondary market for him. Be warned he's pretty popular right now so expect some competition on e-Bay. Good Luck and, Until next time, Good Journey.


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