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Masters of the Universe Classics: Frosta

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:42 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Frosta Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

particularly She-Ravers as we're finally looking at another Great Rebellion member. They have been few and far between and Mattel seems reluctant to answer the fan demand for more. Excuses range from the complete load of bull, "female figures don't sell well" to faulty logic, "we've already released 10." Yeah that's if you count Swift Wind, Adora, and Bubble Power She-Ra. We don't want more She-Ra variants, we want She-Ra's allies! But I digress, let's look at Frosta.

Frosta comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the bubble. The back of the box shows off other Great Rebellion figures in the line, and demonstrates the lack of them as they have to list the 3 Star Sisters separately in order to fill the space. And of course there is a bio card to fit Frosta into the new continuity.

Mackenzie? I don't think so. I also really do not like how they seem to go out of the way to establish that Frosta's powers apparently come from her staff and she's "a normal human female" without it. To the best of my recollection, Frosta was always depicted able to use her powers on her own before. She never had her staff in the cartoon. if she can use her powers without it then why bring up the "normal human female" line? Couldn't the same be said for pretty much any of the human spell casters?

Many fans were also upset that no mention is given to her infamous overly flirtatious attraction to He-Man. This is probably what she is best remembered for and what makes her such a popular character among the fan community, hence why her figure was in high enough demand to warrant being made before say Glimmer. To be honest though, this was the main reason Frosta was NOT high on my personal wish list. I wanted one eventually, but she's not one of my favorite characters because of how she acted like a total tramp whenever He-Man was around. I found it made her annoying. Watch her in the episode "Black Snow" and she's a cool character (no pun intended), but watch "Sweet Bee's Home" and I almost wish He-Man would let the Horde Troopers shoot her just to shut her up!

Okay, actual figure. Frosta actually contains a lot of new tooling. She uses the standard bare female shoulders and biceps, She-Ra's feet and the 2.0 female torso so she can turn at the waist. She also features the standard female hands. This means that, although they are painted to look like full gloves, you can actually see the sculpt of fingernails on them. With all the other new tooling though, plus the fact that gloved female hands are not likely to be needed for anyone else I can think of, it makes sense to save money there and it's only noticeable up close anyway. She has new legs both upper and lower. The lower legs contain no boot top/calve swivel which makes sense as the tops of her boots are actually above her knees. (How can she bend her knees if her boots are that tall? Must be a soft flexible material)

Her design, like most Princess of Power characters in the line, is based more on her Filmation/style guide look rather than the vintage toy. it captures the style very well with great details in her bodice and the small snowflake pattern on the belt part of her skirt. Sadly the design of her skirt does expose parts of her hip joints in certain poses. The paint job is kind of a mixed bag. Her outfit contains a nice blend of blues and white, however the white is very dull and almost grey. Since Frosta is an ice empress they really should have paid attention to making it bright snowy white. I should also point out that the back of her bodice under her cape, which is removable- though you have to remove her head to take it off, is white while the front is blue. Personally this doesn't bother me as it's in the back under her cape, but I can see why many fans felt this was a bad paint deco choice.

Her face sculpt has been a topic of discussion since she was first revealed with a rushed unfinished job. I have to say I think the final product came out good and captured the Filmation look well with her distinct cheek bone structure. Her hair is a matter of taste. It is a bit darker than in the cartoon, however it also captures the ice theme well in that it is made of a semi-translucent plastic. Personally I like this look for the ice empress, though maybe they should have gone lighter on the paint closer to her scalp to carry the look through the whole hair.

While Frosta does not have new gloved hands, she does have new forearms with unique ridged bracers. Well, more accurately, Frosta has elbow length gloves, but the part could be used later as bracers. This is actually taken from the design of the vintage figure, and again the Horsemen nailed it.

But then the assemblers blew it. Frosta suffers from having her forearms reversed. Unlike Stinkor, Mattel admits this was not done intentionally and is a genuine flub. While it's really only super noticeable, to me at least, when her arms are down like so once you see it you can't unsee it. Furthermore, keep in mind Frosta was supposed to be August's monthly figure. She was delayed not once, but twice because she wasn't ready and in the end she still came out wrong. As such Mattel has agreed to issue a refund to any subscriber who chooses to not keep their figure. Note though that there will not be a reissue Frosta later to fix this so if you choose not to keep her you will not have a Frosta for your collection period. Either way Mattel is also going to be sending out a free gift to subscribers as an apology. No word on what it will be just yet. If you buy a day of sale figure though you don't get to take up this offer because "You know what you're getting ahead of time while subscribers did not"

Frosta comes with two accessories. First there is her wand/staff which is done with some nice detailing. The vintage figure's staff was designed with an open top so when you blew into it like a pinwheel the disk spun and it made a whistling sound. Despite mentioning the whistle in the bio, this version has a closed top so it makes no sound. Also while you can spin the wheel manually, it doesn't spin by blowing on it. She also includes a shield, although the vintage figure did not. It's the same shield as She-Ra (which is fine since all the vintage POP shields were the same mold in different colors) but it is cast in the translucent blue plastic with silver highlights giving it an icy feel. Now my vintage figure is missing her cape and skirt, but you can still see how the design was updated. Frosta was one of those figures who didn't change too terribly much between figure and Filmation. Oh there were noticeable differences, but not as radical as others.

Despite the fact that she's not my favorite rebel and the flaws mentioned here, Frosta is still a fine figure and welcome addition to the line. Hopefully Mattel will realize any "lagging" sales are due to fan disappointment in the mistakes of the figure and not a lack of interest in females and/or Great Rebellion members. We need to fill out the ranks with Glimmer, Castaspella, Mermista and others. As of this posting Frosta is still available on Mattycollector.com but is marked as Almost Gone so better hurry. Good Luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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