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Masters of the Universe Classics: Weapons Pack #1

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:21 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Weapons Pack #1 Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

As if the MOTUC figures don't come with enough accessories in and of themselves, many fans suggested early on that Mattel should release a bonus weapons pack similar to the one released in the vintage line. Mattel answered the call and not only provided one, but the third one (fourth if you count the Weapons Rack) comes out this month. But for now, let's go back and take a look at the first one.

The Weapons pack comes in a large but thin white mailer box as inside the weapons are packed out on a large blister card similar to how they were laid out on the vintage Weapons Pack. The deco has the same green Castle Grayskull brick theme as the figures. Notice how the package says "Ultimate Battleground Assortment". This was probably the first clue that we would be getting further packs in the future. The back of the blister card shows off a selection of other figures in the line, showing Moss Man with no flocking for some reason, but has no bio card blurb. Granted these are just weapons and there is no character to give a bio on, but I'm a bit surprised they didn't use the opportunity to give us more information on the Ultimate Battleground in the new continuity similar to how the subscription exclusive maps have bio blurbs for the respective planets they show.

Okay now let's take a look at all you get in the pack. We'll start with the weapons that are a direct homage to the vintage pack. You get He-Man's sword, axe and shield done in a blue and silver motif. The vintage pack included the sword and axe done in solid blue. For the Classics pack they have silver blades with the blue handles. The vintage pack included a gray version of the Castle Grayskull/Sinkor shield but since the Classics version had not been tooled at the time of this pack's original release, they went with a He-Man shield done in colors to match the set. They're mostly for the nostalgic feel, though if we ever get an Icer figure they'd probably go good with him.

The vintage set included a yellow version of the Beast Man armor and armbands. The ones included in the Classics pack are done in a more light brown color. So, while they are more realistic looking, they don't quite match up. I have seen many vintage Moss Man figures sold wearing this armor as if it had come with him. It didn't, but some fans may still wish to put this new armor on their Classics Moss Man. I'd advise caution though. As I've mentioned before, getting Beast Man's armbands on and off is a real pain as they do not open and attach with a tab like the vintage ones did. In fact I simply cannot get the ones on mine to budge. I've seen it done on others, but I dare not try it especially on Moss Man as I'm afraid it would cause the flocking to rub off. I prefer my Moss Man without it anyway.

Speaking of Moss Man, like the vintage pack, the Classics pack includes a version of his mace done in gray. In this case it is the actual Moss Man mace with the wooden detailing and vine covers. This causes it to seem slightly odd in the gray color. Mattel and the Four Horsemen must have agreed as a new mace tool was used for the Palace Guards later.

The vintage pack also included an extra Beast Man whip. Now that one was the exact same black color and string for the actual whip. For the Classics the whip is all plastic however it is folded differently in the package giving it a bit better shape to it when removed. As you probably noticed also it is done in a red coloring instead. Turns out this was done as a reference to the laser whip used on He-Man in the live action movie. A cool idea but, knowing that, we now need a Blade figure to wield it! Meanwhile though, I find it goes well with Catra and actually looks much better than the comb-whip she came with.

Like the vintage pack there is also a gray version of Webstor's gun included. I tend to display this piece with one of my Palace Guards, as I really feel that set should have included a gun. It's not a perfect match as the gun is more of a flat gray as opposed to the metallic silver of the other guard weapons. Of course this pack came out first so it was meant simply for the throwback and in that regard it succeeds.

Now the vintage pack included a gray version of the small Castle Grayskull/Buzz-Off axe, but at the time of the Classics pack release such a weapon had not been tooled yet. Nor had the poleaxe weapon that came with the vintage castle and was updated for the Palace Guards. So we got the only remaining axe like weapon in a gray version of Scare Glow's halberd. In case you are wondering, no the Weapons Pack version does not glow at any point.

Also included are new versions of the small sword and pistol that came with Man-At-Arms, which themselves were updates of weapons from the vintage Castle Grayskull. They are both done in a metallic silver with blue accents. The vintage pack did include a gray version of the sword, but not the pistol. It did however come with a Man-E-Faces gun. As the Classics version had not been tooled yet at the time, this was the next best gun they could include. Also, the Four Horsemen had originally intended these weapons to come with Trap Jaw for his Kronis form, but since he had so many accessories already they had to be left out, so this was a good way to finally get them out in order to have weapons for Kronis. Of course Kronis' open left hand means it's pretty much impossible for him to hold both at once, but it's still cool to have them.

The last things included with the vintage weapons pack were Zodac's armor and gun done in black color. As we had already gotten the black versions included with Wun-Dar, Mattel decided to go with a different color. Frankly, their final choice is one that has raised many an eyebrow. We get them, as well as Zodak's staff, in a very light purple, practically pink, color. Maybe if we had a Cosmic Enforcer with the same color helmet it wouldn't seem so out of place, but even then many fans feel it's so close to pink that, unless it was a female Cosmic Enforcer and possibly even then, it just would look too strange.

Now the remaining items are not revisits to the vintage pack, but they do have throwback appeal. First there is Stratos' jet-pack done in red. As I mentioned in my review of Stratos, the vintage figure had two variants. One had a blue pack and red wings while the other had a red pack and blue wings. This pack is a throwback to the red pack version, however it does not do anything about giving Stratos blue wings, particularly since the Classics Stratos has his wings permanently attached. Mattel later put out a blue wing and red pack variant in the Toys R Us two-pack, but with the Weapons Pack all you can do is have an all red Stratos.

You also get Hordak's crossbow done in a metallic silver color. This was Mattel's way of answering fans who wanted a white crossbow like the vintage figure. While it does look very good in this color, it is clearly silver and not white so the fans who wanted a white crossbow were left unsatisfied. Personally I actually prefer the more realistic metal colors for the weapons, but I can sympathize with those who wanted white and were given this as, again, it is not white.

Also in metallic silver is Tri-Klops' sword. This color scheme is based on original card back art that showed his sword this color. In this natural metal color it works well as a generic sword that anyone can wield. We did later get a purple version of this sword with Fisto. I will say though the sliver colors seem to really go well with him.

Finally the Classics version of the 200X Power Sword is included done in 200X accurate colors. Once again though, this is a weapon I preferred in the more realistic metallic color scheme. I think it would have looked good if they had used metallic silver and green, but the colors used are flat and dull. It does give a more accurate version for anyone trying to make a Classics style 200X He-Man, so I will give them that.

All in all the Weapons pack is a neat throwback item and offers up a few good alternate weapon choices for your figures. It is an excellent item for customizers who need accessories for their creations. At the same time it's an item most fans shouldn't feel too bad about not having if they missed out. The Weapons Pack is sold out so you'll need to check the secondary market if you want it. I have found far more broken up sets with the pieces sold individually than complete sets though so good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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