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Masteres of the Universe Classics: Sy-Klone

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:37 pm    Post subject: Masteres of the Universe Classics: Sy-Klone Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

We should have known better when it looked like there would be no reissues in the month of July. While there aren't any special day of sale like normal, Mattel has launched another month long special sale which includes reissues of several MOTUC figures. So let's look at the next one in the sale: Sy-Klone.

Sy-Klone comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack. Typical of figures in the line, his 200X inspired piece is not attached inside the box, instead going for a vintage look. Though since the piece is right behind him and is supposed to go on his back it makes little difference. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a new bio for the character.

The first thing that makes me mad is his real name. We got stuck with Hec-Tor-Kur and told Hordak was "obviously not a real name". But Sy-Klone is? Furthermore one of Sy-Klone's multiple origin stories had a real name for him; Dash-Shel. now granted this was a UK comic and they may not have had the rights to the name at the time, but still they could have given us something better.

Something I find very odd is how Sy-Klone seems to be readily accepted into the heroic warriors ranks and there is no tension about his status as a Gar. This bio alone states the Gar terrorized Eternia, and there has been mention of distrust towards Gar before. Even if we argue the Masters are not racist like other Eternians, there must still be some problems among the royal guard or just the standard citizens. Besides that I never understood why Sy-Klone just shook off He-Man destroying the Legacy Stones and joined up with no problem.

The whole Anwat Gar background comes from the 200X storyline and I don't mind that being used, but the idea that his powers are from a vest is new and doesn't add up. Sy-Klone was always a cyborg before. In the UK story his father rebuilt him after he was injured fighting the Horde. Another story had him transformed by Skeletor's "mechno ray" which turned living beings into mechanical ones- and thus went beyond the plausible limits of suspension of disbelief. The whole thing being a suit does not explain how he could feasibly be able to rotate his body parts 360 degrees! But then this being an action featureless line he no longer does. How does that affect the figure? Let's take a look.

One of the first things you will notice about Sy-Klone is that he has a very bright paint job. His vintage figure did too, but this one goes beyond that. Sy-Klone uses a lot of new parts in his tool, though there is some reuse. He features the standard buck shoulders and legs, the gloved hands, and the Keldor boot feet. He does of course feature new forearms and boot tops which have his unique ringed design. Now something very cool are his new biceps which have the arm fins on them. The fins are designed so they only attach to the biceps and stretch over the other parts of the arm without limiting articulation.

Curiously though, Sy-Klone actually has a brand new torso buck. Unlike a lot of figures in the line that feature unique armor over the standard buck, Sy-Klone's torso is a new fully sculpted piece. This is odd both because his bio states it is a vest and not his body, but more to the point it's a big piece that's unlikely to ever get reused. The only other character I can think of who would use it is Strobo -an obscure one shot character from the UK comics who they didn't even have the rights to when they made this figure. The torso has the standard ab crunch but doesn't seem to go far forward due to the jutting out radar dish. On the plus side he does feature the lenticular sticker for his radar. He just wouldn't be right without it.

Sadly the other, and bigger, thing that makes Sy-Klone who he is would be his spinning feature and that is not present. Sure he's articulated and you can turn his torso but that's not the same. The real annoying part though is that he does feature a small dial on his belt as a nod to the vintage figure. The dial does not turn and is just a deco that sticks out unlike Optikk's dial which blended into his armor. It's not huge and placed sort of out of the way, but we had been told one of the reasons they weren't going have action features in the line was so not to break up the sculpt with buttons and levers and such. Yet now we're getting them anyway and they don't do anything. I really hope they stop this.

Sy-Klone is mainly based on his vintage look. Even his shield is more like the vintage design. His colors are a bit brighter but capture the overall look quite well.

The only real thing from the 200X is the red ring. The 200X design took the slight samurai look of Sy-Klone's armor and upped it, even making his face more Asian in appearance. I'll admit when younger I played with my MOTU and Ninja Turtles together and noticed Sy-Klone's helmet was similar to Shredder's so this seemed right to me. The 200X figure's ring could come down around his arms. The Classics' can't go down as far but can detach and go below his arms like a hula hoop or can be placed in his hand like a weapon. Perhaps the ring is meant to be a bladed weapon. Even if it's blunt it would still be devastating at high speed spins.

Admittedly Sy-Klone is a figure that is really missing something without his action feature. Nevertheless he still looks great displayed among the other warriors and I think he's worth it for a true fan and collectors.

Sy-Klone will be available as a reissue on Mattycollector.com starting July 2. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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