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Masters of the Universe Classics: Megator

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:14 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Megator Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

After doing my review of Tytus it seemed only natural to launch into talking about his evil nemesis. Even though said figure is not currently available, the segue just makes sense so here's my review of the evil giant; Megator.

Like Tytus the vintage Megator was released at the end of the original Masters of the Universe line and was meant to be part of the prequel spin-off series, The Powers of Grayskull, that ended up not happening. Both Tytus and Megator saw release only in Europe, and a limited one at that, so Megator is an extremely rare item that most collectors, myself included, don't have and likely never will. On the rare occasions one shows up on E-bay it always sells for hundreds of dollars even when loose and incomplete. In fact just a few weeks ago I saw an auction where the figure's head alone sold for $50. Yes $50 for just the head and nothing else!

Fortunately, while the vintage figure may be out of reach, the character has been made more accessible as part of the MOTU Classics line. Once Tytus showed up it was only a matter of time before Megator followed, and so he did. Megator comes in the same large size box as Tytus, though this time there is a large Powers of Grayskull sticker on the front. the original release of Tytus was lacking this sticker, though it seems they did add it on for the reissue. The back of the box shows off other characters in the line, all of them characters who were around in Preternian times, and gives us a bio for the character in the new continuity.

The real name is pretty good... and that's the problem. It's actually too good for him to go by something else. If his name was just Moleb I could see it, but when he already is called Moleb The Demolisher, why change it to Megator? The vintage figure didn't really list an alignment beyond being evil. His box art does show him fighting He-Ro, and the Snake Men were going to be his main enemies, but we never knew if he worked with them, by himself, or someone else. The idea of him serving both the Horde and later the Snake Men is interesting, though I might have done it the other way around. As mentioned the Snake Men were originally the main villain force in Preternia and reanimating the dead, to me, seems more like something Hordak would do. Not that I can't see Hiss doing it, it just strikes me as, if he's going to serve them both at some point, Snake Men first Horde second is more believable. Either way though why doesn't he have the emblem for either faction on his armor?

Also... zombies. What is it with zombies lately? I know zombie movies and other media have been around for years, but in the past decade or so there's been an overwhelming surge of them. Dozens of films from George A. Romero and others, Resident Evil and such games, The walking dead series, Marvel zombies, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... when did they become so popular and why? I myself have never been a zombie fan. This is probably due to seeing part of Dawn of the Dead -specifically the part where the zombies rip a man in half and pull out his organs while he's still alive- when I was only 7. It was too much for me at that age and pretty much turned me off zombies permanently. Or at least the mega gory zombie stuff. Simply raised dead soldiers serving a magical lord I can deal with. I don't even mind the idea of flesh eating monsters anymore, really it's more the gore for gore sake. Vampires are my preferred undead. (Except the sparkling kind) I feel zombie films and in fact most horror films these days are all about how gory they can be and no attention is given to story....

okay I'm just babbling now, on to the actual figure.

As you may imagine, Megator shares a lot of parts with Tytus however, he also has a fair amount of new tooling. The upper arms and legs are the same as is the waist piece, though the loincloth covering it is new. Like Tytus, he does not feature as much articulation as the standard figures, but would have cost too much if they had put it in. His head is on a ball joint, but is limited by his long hair, which is not super hard plastic but still stiff enough to prevent much up and down movement. The vintage figure actually had rooted hair. On that note the face sculpt is very well done and real ugly but in that cool monster ugly way. (Unlike the Alcala Skeletor head which I feel is just plain ugly period).

His shoulders are not ball jointed and can only move up and down. he does feature elbow joints and swivel wrists. His forearms are new featuring wrist bands displaying a cool skull logo like his chest armor. The hands are also new featuring clawed fingernails. Both hands are open but the right is posed to grip his weapon. He has a waist swivel and, like his shoulders, his hips only move forward and back. They are limited by his loincloth so there's not much movement there. He does have knee joints but, unlike Tytus who had boot cut swivels, Megator goes barefoot and therefore his entire lower leg and foot (each of them) is one piece with no more articulation below the knee. It's not a bad amount of articulation and good for the figure. It isn't as much as the standard figure, but to do so would've raised the price more than it is worth.

Megator's armor is removable via pegs on the back allowing us to see his torso which raises a question of if it's a new tool. It seems to be the same as Tytus, however Megator has a slight hunched look and the mold has no ab crunch articulation. After examining it close and seeing if it would stretch to straiten a bit I believe this actually is the same mold but that they devised a way to fold it a bit into a hunched position before the plastic fully set. To my knowledge this actually would be simpler and cheaper than tooling a whole new torso that's the same only slouched anyway. I may be wrong but that's what it looks like to me.

For an accessory Megator comes with a recreation/update of his spiked ball and chain weapon. The chain is actually real metal, though the ball is a hollow plastic. This is a good thing as it's lightweight and does not pull his arm down like Tytus' weapon tends to. As you can see Megator can hold his weapon aloft with no problem. Megator also came with a "secret" accessory. Like Man-E-Faces, who was originally released at the same time, Megator had an extra accessory that Mattel tried to keep secret so buyers would not know what it was until the figure arrived. Like Man-E-Faces they even removed it from the early review samples that were sent out to keep it a mystery. However, Megator's secret accessory got leaked thanks to a e-bay seller in China and, as many guessed, and like Man-E-Faces, it was an extra head.

After Megator's bio was revealed many fans speculated on if we would get a zombie Megator variant or if the secret accessory was a zombie head. Well it is, and it's kinda creepy looking though I guess that's a good thing since he's a freaking zombie and all. The face sculpt is slightly different but still recognizable as Megator. He has an aged sunken facial features look and his mouth is warped and kind of side slack jawed in typical zombie style. His hair is now grey in color and patched so it's no longer a full head of hair. Of main note is the fact that the hair on this head is in fact rooted hair. This is the first, and so far only, time we've seen rooted hair in the line. It adds some cool detail and lets the head have more movement as the rooted hair does not hinder articulation.

I'm glad they chose to go this route to deliver zombie Megator as many fans wanted one after the bio reveal, but others, including myself, were not particularly interested in such a variant, but as completionists would have felt obligated to have it had they released one separately. That said, and even with me not being a zombie fan, I have to wonder why Megator seems so well preserved since he was dead, and buried underground, for several thousand years. There is no real signs of decay or missing flesh like you usually see in a zombie. (Though really after five thousand years there should be pretty much nothing left) Many fans have said he looks more like he's just really old rather than undead. Frankly what he reminds me of is the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Donavon drinks from the false grail.

So it's a good addition for everyone who wanted a zombie Megator, but I display mine with his normal head. And thanks to his bio there are several display options for him. You can put him with the Horde, the Snake Men, make a Preternia shelf, or like me just stick him up on the top shelf with the other large scale guys that are too tall for the lower ones. Any way, Megator is a very cool addition to the line and it's great that fans who will never be able to own the vintage figure can still finally add the character, along with his heroic nemesis, to their collections.

As of this posting Tytus is still available on Mattycollector.com but is marked as "Almost Gone". Megator is not currently available so you'll need to check the secondary market for him. Good luck, good hunting and until next time, Good Journey.


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