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Masters of the Universe Classics: Evil-Lyn (with Screeech)

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:02 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Evil-Lyn (with Screeech) Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

This is going to be a relatively short and less detailed review because most of what I have to say about this figure I've already said before. I previously did a review of the Battleground Evil-Lyn variant figure and in that I covered most of my feelings on this original Evil-Lyn figure. But since this is the figure getting the reissue this month, I figured I should go ahead and retouch on the basics and cover what I didn't before.

Evil-Lyn comes on the standard MOTUC blister card pack with all her accessories clearly visible including her pack in character Screeech. The back of the card shows off other figures in the line and presents a new bio for Evil-Lyn.

The real name Evelyn Morgan Powers comes from the same early story bible idea for the Filmation series as Tri-Klops' did. In that when, not yet the queen, Marlena came to Eternia she had three crew mates who somehow got turned into Evil-Lyn, Tri-Klops, and Beast Man. No one, including Filmation themselves, ever used this idea and frankly, while I understand the nod they were trying to do, the name feels out of place with the Zalasia background from the 200X storyline which I do like. (and forces a similar unfitting name on Faceless One) Also the last line is something that was never used. While it is taken directly from the vintage figure's card back, it is a concept that wasn't really ever explored in mainstream media that I can recall. While I do recall both Lyn and Skeletor using magic to spy on enemies, I don't remember any seeing into the future.

Out of the box you can see that, just like the vintage figure, Evil-Lyn is just a repaint of Teela with a different head. She has the exact same outfit painted in shades of blue, though it is made of a softer plastic than Teela's so she can turn at the waist but this exposes her hip joints and looks awkward.

For weapons Evil-Lyn comes with her magic orb that can sit atop either her short wand like the vintage figure, or her long staff which is more reminiscent of the 200X figure and stactions. She also includes a knife like her 200X version but done in blue tones to go with her outfit. Personally, I don't think the baby blue shade works for the knife blade. It's okay on the hilt, but I feel the blade should have been silver metal colored.

As I said in the beginning, most of what I have to say about this figure I already covered in my Battleground Evil-Lyn review. Everything I feel this figure was lacking, that figure had, such as a cape and an open spell casting hand. The vintage had an open hand. Granted this means so did Teela, but keep in mind when the vintage Teela was first released it was meant to be two figures in one; Teela and the (non green) Goddess. Teela's not a spell caster, but Goddess is.

I can understand the idea of putting out a yellow skinned Evil-Lyn for collectors, but I still feel we should have gotten the regular skinned version first and saved the yellow for an exclusive item. This is what was done in 200X. The yellow skinned version was an exclusive staction. near the end of the line. (And for me the real draw was the "shard of evil" accessory from the comics)

As I stated last time, the one thing I find this figure to have over the Battleground one is her pack-in character Screeech. (that's not a typo the character's name is actually spelled with a third e) Screeech, like the vintage, is a repaint of the Zoar mold which in turn was also used for the DC Classics line. (Likewise the vintage mold came from Mattel's Big Jim line) This, of course, also means he is likewise scaled down to actual falcon size. Screeech did appear as a giant bird on the Filmation series, however he was portrayed as a robot and looked nothing like the toy.

Screech actually did make it into the 200X line as a pack-in with the normal skinned Evil-Lyn staction. This version paid partial tribute to the Filmation robotic version by giving him a bionic eye and leg. He never made it into the MYP cartoon though, probably because the introduction of Doomseekers negated much of his use. Unlike the Zoar that came with Teela, Screeech does include a stand and removable armor modeled after his vintage ones, but likewise scaled down. He is not stuck to the perch like the 200X staction was though.

Evil-Lyn is a must have character, but the key word is character. I acknowledge that there are some fans who prefer the yellow skinned version, but I personally prefer the Battleground version and only display that one among my evil warriors. I do however proudly display Screeech with them as well. No explanation has yet been given for the change in skin tone, though Mattel has said one is coming. There was at least one old continuity that stated she had the normal skin but it turned yellow briefly when she used a spell. There was also one Sunbird storybook where Evil-Lyn was Srceeech, though it should be noted the Screeech in that version looked nothing like the toy and actually more like a vulture.

If you want this version of Evil-Lyn (and/or Screeech) she will be available as a reissue on June 15. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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