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Masters of the Universe Classics: Figure Stands

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2012 10:04 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Figure Stands Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

If you're an open display collector like me than you know how nice and handy figure stands can be. Sometimes they're just to keep you figures from toppling off the shelf, and sometimes they're designed to add a bit of scenery to the display. Well the MOTUC line now has two sets of stands that are designed to do both. There's the original Castle Grayskull stands, and now the new Snake Mountain stands. We'll be taking a look at both here.

The stands come in small white mailer boxes similar to the figures. The Snake Mountain stands even include the trademark retaining loophole abuse frequently seen on the newer white mailers, with the word Zalesia at the bottom. Zalesia, of course, has nothing to do with the box's contents except that both are located on the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia. Zalesia is usually depicted in a sandy desert area instead of the volcanic rock surroundings of Snake Mountain though. Unlike the figures however, inside there is no other box and the contents are contained inside plastic bags, nothing more.

Each set includes five bases, 10 pegs, one peg attaching wand, and 5 stone decorations. In the case of the Grayskull stands the base is designed to resemble the green stones of the castle itself. The five stone decorations are made to look like sections of the outer wall. They have holes in the bottom that fit onto the pegs much like the holes in the figures' feet. Since there are 10 pegs you can either use one peg for the figure and one for the stone on each base, two pegs for the figure and skip the stone, or you could use two pegs for the figure and one for the stone, but that will leave you short on any other stands. Because of this, and the fact that the pegs are so small they could easily become lost, I kind of wish extra pegs had been included.

The Grayskull stands are designed so that they can sort of interlock and fit side by side or front to back allowing for a whole floor pattern beneath the figures. The only real problem with this is they actually end up taking up more shelf space than just the figures themselves.

You'll notice the stands are full of several small holes. Unlike many figure stands that have preset pegs, and therefore limit the ways the figure can be posed, these stands give you several options of where to put the pegs opening up the number of ways to place the figure. Getting the pegs into the holes with your bare hands is virtually impossible, so that's where the peg wand comes in, Plug the small end of the peg into the wand then push it in to the hole until it pops in place. if you change your mind you can use the wand to push the peg out from the underside.

The stands work with most figures. The blurb on the Grayskull stands page at Matty says all, but it must have been written before certain figures were out and/or tested. I discovered that Keldor's boots, and thus anyone who shares the mold, have smaller holes than most figures and therefore the peg is too big to fit in! Another thing to note is if the figure has really weak ankles, the pegs don't exactly hold them up and they will still fall. You need to find a balancing position and then the pegs will help hold it in that pose, but they cannot be used to hold the pose by themselves. Furthermore the pegs have slit tops and if you don't put the figure on right it can spread them and flatten them, weakening the plastic. When done right though it does make a great display. (yes I purposely set this up so the light glare was by the sword)

The Snake Mountain stands likewise come with 5 bases, 10 pegs, a wand and 5 rock formations. This time the bases are designed to look like the volcanic rocky terrain around Snake Mountain with the rocks being like stalagmites. They are painted black and not actually designed like the traditionally purple stone of Snake Mountain itself. It might have been more accurate to call them Dark Hemisphere stands instead. Now these stands are more abnormally shaped than the Grayskull stands, while they can form fit side by side, it may not look quite right because of the lava part.

Each base is identical with the red painted corner indicating a lava pool. Because the lava is in the same place on each stand you can't really create a flowing lava river with them. They don't fit together uniformly to make one. You can kind of get two in place but any more than that and the best you can get is a small magma pool instead of a flow. The other big issue with this of course is it limits the amount of area you can display the figure on the stand unless you pose them with one foot in the lava. There is even a peg hole right in the red section! It is possible to get the figure on the stand without putting it in the lava, and you can place the stalagmite in the lava peg hole alright, but this almost defeats the purpose of having the multiple peg hole choices if you can't utilize them all.

While the evil warriors look very cool displayed in this diorama like setting, it is rather disappointing that the stands do not really live up to their full potential. Many fans have suggested, and I tend to agree, that it would have been better if instead of a huge magma pool, they had the red flowing through the cracks in the base like tiny lava flows.

So are the stands worth getting? I say yes and no. The stands do make for cool diorama displays for individual figures, they are good for one or two guys to stand out in the collection. However, I cannot recommend getting tons of them to display every figure in the line on one. With the problems mentioned above, the extra shelf room they take up, and the price tag ($12 a set for Grayskull stands $15 a set for Snake Mountain) it adds up to a large cost that's not really worth it. Again, they are good for making special individual figures pop out, but not for the whole collection.

If you are interested in the stands both sets are available on Mattycollector.com. As far as I know the Grayskull stands are now kept available year round. The Snake Mountain stands just came out so I'm not sure if they're being kept available or just haven't sold out yet. Until next time, Good Journey.


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