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Masters of the Universe Classics: Bubble Power She-Ra

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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 8:04 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Bubble Power She-Ra Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

When She-Ra herself finally showed up in the Masters of the Universe Classics line she was a welcome sight and was a beautiful figure. As great as she was though, there were a few problems, the biggest being that her stiff skirt meant she would be unable to sit on her noble steed Swift Wind. Mattel and the Four Horsemen went back and created a She-Ra 2.0 which would fix these issues. However, rather than just put out the same figure with minor tweaks they chose to give us a full variant -and one many fans wouldn't have otherwise; Bubble Power She-Ra!

Let me get this out of the way now: The vintage Bubble Power She-Ra is one of the rarest figures from the original Princess of Power line, and as such I do not own one and probably won't any time soon. So for comparison I have to resort to this stock photo.

Now let's concentrate on the Classics version. Bubble Power She-Ra comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack. The back shows off other figures in the line and gives us a bio explaining how She-Ra's bubble power fits into the new continuity.

I have already mentioned several times how STUPID the ideas of putting Etheria inside Despondos as well as cloning a sword are. Getting past that this explanation for what would seem a rather silly and useless power actually makes sense and presents it as something that works. The idea of sending She-Ra along with He-Man to the Tri-Solar galaxy is an interesting way of tying the New Adventures ideas into the whole MOTU story better. One of the biggest problems fans had with NA was that the overall story was thrust in a new direction with all new characters. This bridges the gap and ties it in better. On to the figure itself.

While the overall look is very similar to the original release She-Ra, there is actually quite a lot, in fact almost all, new tooling on the figure. BP She-Ra uses the 2.0 female buck. Well naturally since this was the figure that inspired them to make the 2.0 buck, but we actually got a couple uses of it before this figure came out. You'll notice in comparison that the emblem on her chest is a bit smaller so as to fit all on her torso because this new figure's outfit is two pieces so she can turn at the waist.

In addition the skirt is made of a softer plastic. It is more spread to begin with but also is very flexible plus there are small slits on the side. All this allows for much more movement than the original She-Ra and, most importantly, allows her to spread her legs so she can ride Swift Wind.

The other big complaint about the first She-Ra was her head which had the hole in it for the tiara. That is fixed as well. Bubble Power She-Ra has a new head with the same basic design, but her tiara is now designed to clip on and there is no hole, so she can be displayed without it. Her hair is still long and solid plastic and, like all long haired figures, it does limit head movement a bit, but man does she look better with no hole!

So problems with the first release solved. They could have left it there, but no; the Four Horsemen went further and detailed up her outfit more!

She has new boots with fancy details done in a two tone gold.

And new forearms with her bracers very detailed with star patterns. They didn't have to do these extras but they are icing on the cake and really add to the overall appearance of the figure.

BP She-Ra comes with the same comb-ax as the first release. Her shield is the same mold but done in a two tone gold and has a pink gem instead of blue. Her cape is the same mold but done in yellow instead of red. She comes with a new sword modeled after the vintage figure's. Unlike Catra's sword it is much more solid and the pink gems don't pop out easy, however it still tends to come out of the package a bit warped. her bubble wand is basically a recreation of the vintage figure's The white part does turn, though it's not super loose. She does not include any bubble solution so I'm not sure if it fully works. The Bubble Power armor is done in a metallic pink and gold that actually looks pretty good. It fits over her normal outfit and clips in the back.

Her new tiara is designed to clip on to the head and surrounds her face better than the first release making it closer to the vintage design. It can be flipped to place the mask over her eyes, but you need to fit it just right to get it in place and have it stay. It can be done but works better the other way.

Now sadly she does not include the Filmation style head, sword and cape (though with all the new stuff it's understandable why) Still if you take them from the first release and put them on the body you can achieve an ultimate She-Ra figure. One that captures the iconic look and is more articulated and, of course able to ride Swift Wind!

The Four Horsemen really knocked it out of the park with this one. We now have the ability to make our perfect She-Ra figure, plus we get a new variant out of the deal. You can even put the Bubble Power head and armor on the first release body if you want to display the variant and perfect She-Ra at the same time. Personally I'm also glad they released this figure outside the sub as now we still have the slots open for other figures to get sooner.

Bubble Power She-Ra is now sold out on Mattycollector.com so you'll have to hit the secondary market for her, and if you're a She-Ra fan you're going to want to. Good luck, good hunting, and until next time, Good Journey.

EDIT: Bubble Power She-Ra has now been added to the year round availability line up.


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