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Masters of the Universe Classics: Whiplash

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 7:00 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Whiplash Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

The trouble with jumping into doing reviews is that I'm not always sure what order to handle the already released figures in. Mostly I like to do them as they get reissues but sometimes it comes up that I wind up talking about other figures that I haven't reviewed yet when discussing others. So with that in mind I figure I should really cover this guy who has been mentioned a few times in my reviews already but not reviewed himself: Whiplash.

Whiplash comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package The back of the box shows off other figures in the line, all evil warriors, and offers up a bio for the character in the new continuity.

The real name seems a bit odd but I've heard this name actually was used in some form before so it's not brand new pulled out of nowhere. Most of the story is taken from the 200X storyline, although it was never stated that Whiplash was Ceratus' brother before, only that he was a traitor. I do like that the bio makes him out to be one of the stronger and tougher evil warriors as that is keeping with traditional story lines. It doesn't really say anything about his intellect though. In Filmation he was one of the smarter and more scheming villains while in 200X he was made big and dumb. Not as dumb as Clawful but still not very bright. Overall though a good bio that I have no real complaints about. On to the figure itself.

Whiplash introduced a lot of new tooling. He reuses the standard waist and biceps and has the same hands as Skeletor, with the left being the more open hand, but his forearms are actually new and more spiky than the finned Skeletor mold. He features a new scaly/bumpy torso and scaled shoulders as well as new ridged legs and monster feet. All these parts were later reused for both Buzz-Off and Clawful. Whiplash has an extra torso piece glued over this to give him his distinct look that was later reused for Buzz-Off's stripes. It's like an extra armor except it is meant to be part of his actual body. On the back are two pegs where his trademark tail attaches.

The vintage figure had a tail of soft rubber and the 200X was attached to his waist alone. For Classics Whiplash his tail is solid hard plastic so it's not as flexible. It doesn't really interfere with articulation though. Also there is a swivel articulation point about halfway down giving a bit more options for poses. Still, it must be admitted that this version can't really thrash his tail like previous ones. Thankfully the detailing is so fantastic, making him look extra cool, that this really doesn't detract very much.

Standing next to the vintage figure you can really see how it's a perfect recreation from the body to the head and even the spear. Now when Whiplash was updated for the 200X line he was given a very radical redesign. Everything from the build of his body to the features of his head were very different. You can notice that for the Classics body they went back to the vintage inspiration. However 200X was not ignored.

Whiplash comes with an alternate head as well as a second weapon that capture the look of his 200X version pretty well. The weapon was given a paint job that personally I feel doesn't look quite right. In all fairness I don't know what kind of weapon this is supposed to be in the first place. Seriously, what do you call that? Also the handle was made very thick and only fits in his more open left hand, and even then is not a tight grip. The head I must say is a perfect recreation of the 200X sculpt, though that's to be expected since the Four Horsemen designed the look in the first place. However, and I really hate to say this because I love the inclusion of 200X heads, on the body it seems slightly off. The proportions don't seem right. From some angles it looks fine, but others it looks too big.

Looking at it in comparison a possible explanation emerges. The 200X had a large body with a small head while this one seems to be the exact opposite. It still looks good, and I'm glad it was included though.

Now sadly it was this head that made whoever it is at Mattel that hates 200X slap the rule down that bans future 200X heads. The reasoning does not add up. They say they want one distinct look for the characters. But don't alternate heads like Mer-Man's, or even more so the upcoming Horde Prime, violate this? Why so strict anyway? The claim is not to confuse customers. Well that would make sense if it was sitting on shelves in retail, but this is a direct to the fans line. Fans who not only know the why about the two looks but WANT THEM. It's one thing if they don't give us an alternate head because they couldn't work it into the budget. Though even that excuse is iffy as they turn around and devote tooling to brand new accessories instead. But no, the policy just bans it all together. How is it good business to deny the customers what they want? It's a proven fact they're more likely to buy two of characters with multiple heads so they can display both.

Overall Whiplash is a great figure that fits into the line perfectly and really opened the doors for more fantastic figures. Whiplash is currently sold out on Mattycollector.com so check the secondary market to track this figure down. Good luck, good hunting and until next time, Good Journey.


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