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Please help me remember these two things from my childhood!

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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2012 5:11 am    Post subject: Please help me remember these two things from my childhood! Reply with quote


I am wondering if anyone could help me remember TWO things from my childhood that I used to watch. I believe the first is a cartoon film, and the second an anime series.

The first:
It was a cartoon movie (probably a movie) recorded on my VHS, which I used to watch daily growing up, in the early 90s. I know the movie is about a young brother and sister going on an adventure to a strange place. I only remember one scene;

the siblings come to a new place by a flying train (I think) and the inhabitants are gingerbread people. One of the guards (made of gingerbread) lead the siblings to their king. And as they are walking together, one of the siblings start tearing off little pieces of the guard, and starts to eat it. They try to stop themselves, but they continue to do so, all without the guard noticing. The three finally get to the king, and the guard notices a big chunk of his ass missing. I think the king forgives them or something... And that's all I remember.

Does anyone know what cartoon movie this is?

I grew up in Korea, and it WAS a series, (I remember writing down what time it aired). I am not sure if it's Korean anime or Japanese anime. It could be either. But most likely Japanese. I used to watch it early 90s as well. PROBABLY 1992-1993. The cartoon is about a group of friends from different walks of life being teleported(?) to a different and strange world. It's about their adventures. The main guy is a soccer player. Anyway, the only thing I really remember is the final episode;

In the final episode these group of people in a strange world has a chance to go "back" or do something by going through portals(?) I distinctively remember the main guy who plays soccer, chooses to go through this portal which created multiple copies of him, and he's seen playing soccer with an entire team made of his clones/copies. Then the series ended. I think it went through all the scenes of how the people spent the rest of their lives after this final encounter with a portal/wish or whatever.

If anyone could help me remember these, I would be grateful!

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