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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Orko (with Prince Adam)

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:00 pm    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Orko (with Prince Adam) Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

It's not often that Mattel reissues a figure that was originally released as a con exclusive. While the version getting the reissue is the site version and not the version offered at the actual SDCC, it is still a special occasion. Particularly when it's such a major and important character. So let's dive right in and take a look at Orko!

Orko comes in a blister card packaging that is similar in design to the standard MOTUC package, however it is actually taller and wider. At first it seems odd to have such a big box for such a small character, but the reason for this is Orko comes with a full sized and fully articulated Prince Adam figure. Adam comes lying in the bottom of the bubble and is considered an accessory/ pack in character. The joke here is many fans speculated that Orko would be released as a pack in with another figure, likely Prince Adam, and instead Orko is the main figure and Adam the pack in.

The front features a small star blurb about Adam's inclusion and the back as usual shows off other figures in the line and gives us a bio for Orko in the new continuity. Standard for pack in characters in the line, there is no bio card for Prince Adam.

I honestly don't like this direction for Orko. I've always liked Orko himself and appreciate it when he's given a serious role and not just stuck in for comedy relief, however the whole undercover agent angle does not sit right with me. I am aware this is not brand new. It was used in a UK comic origin story, but was hardly if ever brought up again even in the same continuity. Mainly it was an attempt to explain why Orko of all characters was in on Prince Adam's secret identity. I like the 200X explanation better; he simply followed Adam to Grayskull and saw him transform for the first time. I've already discussed how I don't like the Overlords of Trolla being the source of the Power Sword, nor am I at all liking the "Sword of He" name. One of my favorite characters, one of my least favorite bios. While it doesn't piss me off to the extent Battleground Teela's did, I still throw this out in my personal canon.

Looking at the figure itself I am very pleased with the result! Orko looks like he should. He captures the look from the old Cartoon far better than ever before and he is actually done to proper scale with the other figures! Orko comes with a plastic stand to create his floating effect. On the stand to the top of his hat he is about the same height as other figures. Without the stand -he can come off it unlike the 200X version- he stands about 3 inches tall. The flying stand is similar to the ones used for Tri-Klops' Doomseekers both in 200X and Classics, however the top has a ball joint that plugs in to Orko under his robe allowing him to be posed in different positions in the air. Orko has no legs, but this helps make up the lack of articulation there.

Orko's body is, naturally, a completely unique tool, but he does still have most of the same articulation. His head is on a ball joint with his scarf being a separate piece. It should be noted though that, unlike the vintage figure, his hat is not removable. It does seem to be composed of another piece attached to the head underneath, but does not come apart and the ears are clearly part of the hat mold. His head does come off and can be put on other figures' bodies making a strange and silly sight, but the other heads don't clip on to Orko's neck peg. They can sit on his body but won't stay put when moved.

Orko's arms have ball jointed shoulders, a bicep swivel, an elbow joint and swivel wrists. Because of the small size he doesn't have a separate bicep piece and his bicep swivel and elbow are right next to each other, but the basic points are the same as a normal figure. Orko's paint job is fantastic, capturing his Filmation cartoon colors right on, though there does tend to be just a little paint bleeding around the ears. It's not too bad and doesn't wreck the appearance but is worth pointing out.

For accessories Orko comes with a wand modeled after his 200X figure's wand, which in turn is inspired by the ripcord that came with the vintage Orko figure. Looking closely at the wand you can actually see a small series of raised ridges on one side that resemble the grooved teeth of the ripcord. He also includes a book of magic. The book is a solid piece and does not open, it's more for display though it can be very hard getting Orko to hold it. Orko also comes with some accessories for Prince Adam. Included are a Power Sword done in a two tone maroon color similar to the vintage figure. He also has a half sword in the same color. At first every figure who had a power sword mold in the vintage line (where there was only the half molds) came with a full sword and a half sword. Personally I found this a waste. It made sense for the first two, being the two halves of the Power Sword, but for later figures who just had a similar mold it became rather pointless. Some people may find a nostalgic factor but I have no need for them.

Finally there is a second head for Adam which is just the already existing He-Man head. Adam comes packaged with a brand new head. Though still the same basic look, it features a new face sculpt that has Adam with a friendly cheerful smile. I really like this as it helps further differentiate Adam from He-Man. Yes they are the same person, but there should still be a difference. Still, you can use the He-Man head if you wish, or you could put the smiling head on He-Man and it also works well. Just like the vintage figure, Prince Adam uses the same mold as He-Man, though he does feature the two small wrist bands instead of the one long bracer. On that note his bracers are painted a more pearled color which sets them apart from his white painted on shirt. His vest is made of a softer plastic so it does not hinder movement too much. His waist turns just fine and his arms are fairly free. There's a slight restriction to the ab crunch but not very much at all. The vest is not intended to come off, but you can actually pull it apart at the belt buckle. The tab is glued in so be careful not to tear it if you do this. Unfortunately, he does not have a holster for his sword. This is rather disappointing enough by itself, but made all the worse by the fact that the Four Horsemen intended there to be one. The prototype had one but somehow it got lost in the transition to final product.

Now the figure being put out for reissue is the regular version that was offered on the Matty site after SDCC 2010. The one sold at the actual con itself hads a special feature. It is made of a more translucent color changing plastic. You can see how, even when fully colored, it is brighter and lighter than the normal Orko. This figure will turn completely clear when exposed to warm temperature (e.g. dipped in hot water) simulating Orko magically vanishing. The figure's book also has a similar feature where warm temperatures would make a SDCC logo appear on the cover. There is no difference with the included Adam figure. This version was only sold at the con and is marked by Mattel as "Gone for good" meaning they will never reissue it so if you want this variant you need to hit the secondary market. He wasn't too hard to get at first (I snagged mine for cost about a week after the con) but is becoming rarer as time goes on.

Classics Orko really captures the proper look and scale for the figure. Notice how the vintage figure is a bit too big and how his hat turns upward with his ears rounded forward instead of pointy to the sides. Plus the fact that Classics Orko is able to "fly" makes him so much better!

The 200X Orko had a pretty cool design, but was WAY out of scale. He did have a floating stand but was limited and couldn't come off it. He was also molded in a pose that had him looking down and his robes were molded as though his knee was permanently bent forward. Basically, the look in the cartoon and comic was good but didn't transition to figure as well.

With Adam the look is pure vintage, but I really like how the face sculpt was made different. I like there to be a bigger gap between Adam and He-Man than just the outfit.

Which is why I really prefer the 200X look. While the head didn't quite capture the intended look, mainly in the hair which came out Luke Skywalker bowl cut like, I love the overall outfit more. And most of all, I really prefer the younger, thinner, vastly different in appearance Adam. I think it works better for the story than the "more obvious than Clark Kent" disguise. I really hope Mattel gives us a young Adam figure soon.

Orko is a vital character for MOTU and the Classics version is about as perfect a figure of him as you can get. The inclusion of Prince Adam just makes the package all the sweeter. This is a must have for any collection. Orko will be on sale on Mattycollector.com on April 16 and is sure to go fast so gran him while you can. Good Luck and, until next time, Good Journey!


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