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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Kobra Khan

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:03 pm    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Kobra Khan Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

You know, I wanted to do this review earlier but I couldn't... because I didn't have the figure in hand! The delay on shipping was ridiculously long. First all the figures are delayed 7 days due some slip up with Mattel and/or Digital River. But then I start seeing other people online have received theirs but I, a subscriber, haven't even got my shipping notice yet. I call and ask only to be told they have none in the warehouse and no one will get theirs shipped till the 26th of March. They refuse to answer why some were already shipped and I let them know I'm not happy because either the "we don't ship any until we have them all to ship" policy isn't being followed or is a blatant lie. Next day I get my shipping notice... but according to the tracking number it doesn't actually leave the warehouse for another week -then takes 8 days to finally get here after that! Needless to say I am not at all happy with the lack of customer service here!

But anyway he's finally here so let's put the rant in the past and take a look at; Kobra Khan.

You didn't really expect me to resist that did you?

Khan comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack. You will notice his package does not have the Snake Men logo sticker on it, even though his bio clearly portrays him as loyal to King Hiss. Again Mattel goes with the vintage packaging look. Khan also has his vintage style head on in the box. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line as well as the aforementioned bio.

I would have liked some mention of the Reptons, but I suppose this was written before Filmation rights were obtained. Though, as I've mentioned before, I fail to see why a little alteration can't be done now that they are available. The bio draws mainly from the 200X storyline where Khan was a Hiss worshiping toady from the start as opposed to the vintage line where he worked for Skeletor for years then went over to Hiss later. The vintage mini-comic had Skeletor tell Khan to join Hiss as his spy, but later Khan seemed loyal to Hiss over Skeletor. Where his true loyalty was is a topic of debate among fans and it probably would have been a good idea to leave it more ambiguous in the bio. I also prefer to think the Void is timeless rather than the Snake Men army itself. Like the Horde, I really don't like the thousands of years old and still young angle being used so much. Still, this bio isn't that bad overall, it just could have been done more open to please a wider range of fans. On to the figure itself.

Khan features a brand new torso with his sculpted on pattern. This is an instance where I think it was justified to make a new torso rather than sculpt an armor piece over the standard buck as it is his body and needs to cover the whole torso without blocking the articulation. Khan has the standard buck shoulders biceps and legs, the bumpy ridged forearms mold like Whiplash with the hands like Skeletor (the left being the more open one) His feet are also the three toed Skeletor *****, but he has new calve/ boot top pieces with a scaled look to them. He also features a new loincloth/pants piece made of a soft rubbery plastic.

Khan's head sculpt is a great update of the vintage figure, which was stuck in the squirt pump pose for his water spraying action feature. Since the Classics is lacking the feature he resembles the look, but is more detailed complete with his fangs. Before getting this figure I thought I would be using the hooded head no contest, but I must say both heads actually look really cool.

Khan's alternate head, of course, features his hood extended. Khan always used his hood on both cartoon series, so it often felt missing from the vintage figure. I will say though that one thing that never made any sense at all to me was on the Filmation series his mist came out of slits in his hood rather than his mouth. Not only does this go against the figure's action feature, it is anatomically illogical. I have no clue why Filmation chose to do this.

Khan's 200X figure did have a hood.... but almost might as well not have. For some reason Mattel opted to have the hood attached to his body and not the sides of his head! Now the Horsemen's original prototype did have the hood attached to the head and back. Mattel chose to separate it in order to have his action feature, but why they didn't attach the hood to the head and not the back I can't begin to fathom.

The Classics' hood is thankfully attached to the head, though it does hinder the head movement a bit, much like long hair on a figure does. And while we're on the subject of hindered movement, my figure's elbow joints are tight and resistant to moving all the way up. This can make it hard to position him brandishing his gun properly. They can be forced the rest of the way, but I worry about straining the plastic and ruining the joint. Some people have reported no problems, but it seems this is a common thing with the figure. Not a super big issue, but a curious one. As I mentioned, they are the same arms as Whiplash and he did not have this issue.

For an accessory, Kobra Khan comes with his classic gun done more like the vintage figure's as opposed to the oversized 200X version. While the vintage figure used the same mold as Zodac's gun, the Classics version is actually a similar but new sculpt. Part of me feels this is cool and it's nice to add a bit more uniqueness, but the other part of me can't help wondering "Why bother spending the tooling money?"

Khan's other accessory is a pack in character of his little lizard companion from the 200X cartoon series. This guy never had a name on the show. A lot of the fan community has taken to calling him Pixel. This is because at Toyfair 2012 in an interview with reviewer "Pixel Dan", Toyguru stated that they hadn't chosen a name yet and jokingly said, "maybe we'll call him Pixel". Naturally Dan loved the idea and many a fan adopted it as well. However once Khan appeared on Matty's sale page it listed the little guy as "Fang".

At any rate, Pixel/Fang (How about Pixelfang?) is a solid, non-articulated piece. He is molded to sit on Khan's shoulder. It doesn't snap on but sits form fitted rather well. However it becomes a bit harder to get him to stay in place with the hooded head. If you play around a bit you can get him on, but he tends to sit rather close to Khan's face. While I can believe Khan is fond of his pet, I can't picture him nuzzling the thing. Another option is to place Pixelfang on the arm part of the shoulder instead of the torso part.

Kobra Khan is a classic MOTU villain. He was the snake man before there were Snake Men. This figure is a wonderful update and looks great in the collection whether you choose to place him with King Hiss, Skeletor, or on his own. And I love that he includes the two heads for even more options, however you display him he is an awesome figure. Kobra Khan is sold out on Mattycollector.com so you'll have to hit the secondary market for him. Good luck, good hunting and until next time, Good Journey!


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