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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Fisto

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:56 pm    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Fisto Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-fans and She-ravers,

Today we take a look at one of the most classic heroic warriors in the Masters of the Universe line; Fisto. And yes it is Fisto not Battle Fist! When the 200X figure came out Mattel was forced to label the figure under the new, and incredibly lame, title Battle Fist due to copyright issues with the Star Wars character Kit Fisto. (Though he was still called Fisto on the cartoon and in the comic) Thankfully, for the MOTUC line they were able to use his original name.

Fisto comes in the standard MOTU packaging. Like all figures who come with two heads, he is packed out with his vintage figure style in the box. The back of the box features the 30th Anniversary logo, a look at other figures in the line, all heroic warriors, and a bio for the character in the new continuity.

The real name is new but not bad, everything else is taken from the 200X storyline including him being Duncan's brother. I was on the fence about this back in 200X but have learned to live with it. I am glad they did not go with the idea of making him Teela's real father, though I will admit even that would have been better than "magically created clone"! It would have been nice to see a nod to the Filmation origin where he was briefly a villain working for Skeletor before repenting and joining the good guys but not a bad bio. (I am aware most of the bios were written a long time ago before the Filmation rights were obtained, but I see no reason little adjustments can't be made now) On to the figure itself.

Fisto is an excellent update of his original figure. He uses the standard buck for most of his body, but does have the flat ab torso to account for his armor. A slight issue here is his body has the lower part painted silver to match the armor but the upper torso is flesh tone. This wouldn't be a huge problem except for the back of his armor.

The armor is made of a very soft plastic and is molded with a large sword holster on the back. Because of this the area under the holster is open exposing his bare back. Again not an issue if he has his sword hiding it but really sticks out otherwise. Fortunately it's in the back.

Now clearly this holster is designed for his big sword. Fisto also comes with his vintage style sword, which is that same mold as Tri-Klops' sword only done in a metallic purple. This sword is too small for the holster unless you hook the hilt onto the side.

Fisto's main attraction, of course, is his giant metal hand. The hand has articulation so it can turn at the wrist giving more display options but doesn't open. Not that it ever did before, but some fans have said they wish he could hold his over sized sword in his large hand.

Something to note is he has a new bicep on his right arm. You can see it is actually bigger and has sculpted veins that stand out more. His left arm has the standard bicep so this is intentionally showing that his right arm is more muscular from swinging his big heavy metal hand around. Now that is some awesome attention to detail!

Fisto comes with alternate parts to make him look either more like his vintage or 200X look. I'm not sure where exactly Mattel decides to draw the line when it comes to what's an acceptable alternate head anymore since they say no more 200X then give us this. Apparently the argument here is it's the same look, same style, just one with a headband and one without. I'm glad it was put in as I like the headband better, but I wish I understood where the standard is decided.

Fisto also comes with a removable belt captures his 200X look. The belt attaches with a peg in the back and features lots of little details on it like a bottle, pouch, and a small book. These are not removable but add some cool details to the overall look.

The other 200X item is one fans have been waiting years for; his huge berserker style sword. Even before the figure came out, we got an image of this huge weapon on the cover of one of the comics. But when the figure was released as part of the later "Snake Hunter" series he came with a big claw device that didn't suit him at all and the sword was not included even though his armor still had a holster for it. The Four Horsemen wanted to get it out and tired during the run of the stactions but it never saw release until now. Cleverly the sword is designed in such a way that it works great with either the Classics figure or given to the 200X figure. The details are spot on right down to the fist on the handle. It is a bit heavy so Fisto has some trouble holding it up in his hand but it looks great posed with him or slung on his back. And that goes for both Classics and 200X.

Alternatively, if you prefer the straight vintage look you can have that as well. Some fans complain that Fisto's hair should be more red and his Classics is darker, but it looks fine to me and I recall there being a darker hair variant of the vintage figure.

Mine is the more red, but I know the darker one exists. I do like that they went with the more vintage style for his fist, though detailed a bit more such as the copper rivets on the knuckles. Plus I don't have to deal with a spring feature that won't stay shut like the 200X.

Fisto is a classic character from MOTU and this new figure is a perfect update that features several display options and really captures what the Classics line is all about. He is sold out now on Mattycollector.com so you'll have to hit the secondary market for this one, he's worth it. Good Luck, good hunting, and until next time, Good Journey.


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