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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Teela

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:35 pm    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Teela Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Only a couple days left in the Mad Matty March sale and only a couple more of the available figures to review. Now this one has come gone and come back again and gone again. To tell the truth she's apparently sold out now, but it's important that I discuss her before another figure -one that is and in many ways isn't a variant of this one. Let's take a look at: Teela!

Teela comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack with the back of the box showing off other figures in the line and presenting a bio for the character in the new continuity.

It was fine and dandy until they got to the magically created clone part. I HATE this! I HATE HATE HATE this! You should know very well by now that I despise the early Pre-Filmation mini-comic stories and that's where this comes from. The early mini-comic "The Tale of Teela" though in that one she was a clone of the Goddess (who is really an early draft version of what would become the far superior Sorceress) It is the WORST origin of Teela's parenthood ever. In the 200X cartoon it was implied that Fisto was going to turn out to be her real father and most fans hated this idea. So instead Mattel goes with the one story that's worse!

No, to me Teela will always be the biological daughter of Sorceress and her real father was a warrior who died protecting Eternia. That's it, end of discussion.

The part about her staff, I'm indifferent too. We never really saw Teela use the staff as anything but a staff before, but it's not a horrible idea. Alright on to the figure itself.

As the first female figure in the line Teela introduced an all new buck. It has most of the same articulation as the males with a ball jointed neck, shoulders and hips, swivel biceps and calve/boot cuffs, jointed elbows, knees and ankles. The buck does not have the ab crunch like the males but honestly I find that almost always messes up the look of female figures so it's not missed. About the only thing you miss out on is maybe displaying Beast Man carrying her off flung over his shoulder. Now the buck technically does have a waist swivel but here's the thing; her outfit is a one piece mold over the buck and it is a very stiff plastic. So stiff you can't turn the waist. Even if you could though the way the outfit is designed it would expose her hip joints which doesn't look quite right. Also this does tend to limit her leg movement a bit. She can still get a decent wide spread stance, but they won't move forward or back very far. She looks great but I do sort of wish the outfit had been designed as a two piece so she could turn at the waist. While they were at it they could've made the waist piece designed more... ahem... cartoon accurate.

Oh come on, you were thinking the same thing!

Actually, there's practicality in the perverseness. Not only would it have given Teela waist movement, but a sculpted butt piece would have worked better for later leotard wearing characters and helped avoid the overly long pants look that annoys some collectors. Plus the vintage POP figures had them so there's the tribute/nostalgia factor as well.

Nevertheless, the figure is BEAUTIFUL! The face sculpt is gorgeous and captures Teela's beauty perfectly. The paint job on the outfit is fantastic with the gold highlights against the white giving a real eye catching appearance. And the female body itself is downright sexy, this is one of the most beautiful female action figures I've ever seen -and I've seen a LOT!

One more thing I almost forgot to mention articulation wise. Teela actually has an extra rocker joint on her foot. So while her hips may be limited, her feet have some expanded articulation. You can pose her with a sort of popped hip look if you want.

Teela includes a ton of accessories. First let me mention her pack in character Zoar. Now this mold was actually seen first as the eagle in the DC Universe con exclusive Wonder Twins pack, and was later painted green and packed in with the Beast Boy figure. Due to the timing of the releases I'm not sure which line it was originally molded for but it works for both. It is of course scaled down in size from the vintage Zoar, but that makes it to proper scale so I'm not complaining at all. The wings are articulated to fold up and down and it also has swivel joints at the legs. This was a nice pack in but two things; First, the paint job is based more on the old Pre-Filmation era where Zoar was a male falcon sent by the Goddess to aid He-Man and not the alternate form of the Sorceress. Hence it is lacking the full white head and the blue wingtips. Second, there is no perch included and Zoar can't really stand on his/her feet. The perch mold was made later and included with Sreeech plus in a weapons pack, but you won't have it with the initial figure.

Next up Teela has her classic snake staff. Yeah she never used it in the Filmation series but it was her primary weapon in the 200X cartoon. At first it may look warped, but it is actually bendy on purpose -modeled after old card-back artwork. She has her shield which clips on to her arm just like both previous versions and a sword modeled after the one that came with the 200X version.

Teela also includes a second head that houses her snake armor. The vintage snake armor fit over Teela's hair bun and also strapped around her torso. The new armor has no strap and sits firm on the alternate head, which has a gold helmet instead of her hair. The head is actually a separate piece from the armor so you actually have a third head display option. The armor does not fit over the hair on the other head. On that note the hair is sculpted more like a top knot ponytail instead of a hair bun. A good amalgam of her previous hair styles.

Teela's look is a perfect updated recreation of the vintage figure. Although the vintage figure actually did have a waist twist. Still all the detailing is there and stands out firm.

And while I have never been a big fan of the cobra armor it is a well done update as well.

The 200X version had a much longer ponytail and wore a skirt instead of the leotard. She was also designed to look a couple years younger. On the cartoon she (like Adam) was stated to only be 16. Classics Teela is clearly vintage inspired but check out the sword. Nice recreation there.

Teela is a absolute must have figure for any MOTU collection. She is one of the most vital characters and, despite the issue with her stiff outfit, is a wonderful and beautiful representation.

Teela popped up as part of the Mad Matty March sale and quickly sold out. She came back up later, but seemed to sell out quickly again. Check Mattycollector.com to see if she's available. If not hit the secondary market because you have to have this girl in your collection. Good luck, good hunting and, until next time, Good Journey!


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