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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Buzz-Off

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:57 pm    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Buzz-Off Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

We got a lot of reissues coming out this month so let's not waste any more time and jump right into the next review. There's a lot of villains in the month but we do have a hero to help counter that. So here's my review of our big bee buddy; Buzz-Off!

Buzz-Off comes in the standard MOTUC packaging, with the back of the box showing off other figures int he line as well as offering up a bio for the character; and once again giving us a rather silly real name.

Ignoring the fact that the infamous buzzing sound bees make comes from the rapid flapping of their wings and is not their way of talking, if you had to use a buzzing like name maybe it should have been more like Bzzzuffff. Something that's close to Buzz-Off in human tongue. Most of the bio follows the 200X storyline, including the name Andreenids, which is good as they were just called Bee People in Filmation (which caused confusion as Sweet Bee's race was also called Bee People) however Buzz-Off was a lord, not the king. The actual monarch was Queen Andreeno (which makes more sense -queen bee and all) so how does she fit in to this new continuity if at all? I also wonder if they're planning to do anything with the Kex (an insect race from one of the old, old, mini-comics) or if that was just thrown in as a mythos nod. Nitpicks aside it's really not a bad bio at all. On to the actual figure.

Buzz-Off is based almost entirely on his vintage counterpart. Right down to the fact that almost the entire sculpt is identical to Whiplash. Everything except for the head, forearms and hands, and of course the back piece (wings vs. tail) is exactly the same. Of course since I haven't reviewed Whiplash yet, I'll need to be more specific.

His shoulders feature a scaled look to them which blends into the torso that is new with bumpy scales all over. On top of that is a separate piece which gives him his bee like stripes and attaches to the back piece that houses his wings. It's not really right to call it an armor piece as it is part of the character's natural body, but the basic sculpt is along the same lines allowing the scaly torso underneath to be used for other figures. It is permanently glued on though, but does not interfere with ab crunch articulation. The legs feature ridges and he has calve pieces which also feature a scaled look and blend into some wild monstrous/insect like feet.

Now Buzz-Off has new forearms featuring a ridged look and his new hands, or rather claws. Unlike the vintage figure, both claws are open to hold weapons, and he can actually hold them! The weapons clip into his claws very well. While the claws do not open and close, he does have swivel joints at the wrists allowing for some different poses.

Looking at the back piece you can see about the only 200X influence in the extra insect appendages. These are very similar to the ones on Webstor, though they are a new sculpt. They are on ball joints so they can be moved around for posing or folded down to hide from view if you don't like them. They are permanently attached though and unlike Webstor you can't remove the back piece.

Anyway if you did you'd also loose the wings. His wings are on ball joints so they can move all around and even straight back. A much wider display range than previous versions. They are made of a much more solid translucent yellow plastic than previous versions too, and the wingspan is quite an impressive length yet thankfully does not seem to throw off his balance at all. Like the vintage figure the design features strange technological patterns giving it an almost cybernetic look. An explanation for this in the bio would have been nice, but it is a cool design.

For accessories, Buzz-Off comes with both his short ax like the vintage figure, (that he can actually hold this time!) and his long poleaxe from the 200X figure, though this one does not have the missile firing head. he also includes his helmet, which is designed more like the vintage figure's, since his head was as well.

You'll notice however that the antennas stick up more than the vintage figure's. Also you can't help but see it actually fits on his head! The vintage one sat loose and easily fell off, plus it didn't properly cover his face like it was meant to. Instead of offering eye protection it appeared to obscure his vision.

Now next to the 200X version... whoops hold on.

Okay, as I was saying.... oh come on!

OKAY! Well that brings up a good point. Classics Buzz-Off stands on his own just fine! The 200X version was notorious for being all but impossible to keep standing, at least in a pose that looked normal. The design was also one of the more updated and many fans were hoping to get a 200X style head for him. Mattel stubbornly refused.

After Whiplash Mattel came out and said they didn't want the figures to have alternate 200X heads anymore. Second heads were allowed if there was a legitimate reason for them to have it, but Mattel's policy was 200X style heads were not a good reason. Uhh... seems like probably the BEST reason to me! I really don't understand Mattel's thinking here. The Horsemen want to make them and the fans want to have them. The popular theory among fans is some high up in Mattel (no it's not Toyguru, he's on our side here) just plain hates the 200X line and wants to bury it. (Thankfully with newer figures like Fisto and upcoming Stinkor the 200X influence seems to be creeping back a bit) Whatever the reason, Buzz-Off only has the vintage style head.

Having a second head would have been very welcome, but Buzz-Off is still a great figure and one of the cooler looking heroic warriors.

Buzz-Off will be available on Mattycollector.com on March 15. Note he is not part of the Mad Matty March sale so he will be full price. Until next time, Good Journey.


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