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Dungeons and Dragons 1983-1985 ....

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:39 am    Post subject: Dungeons and Dragons 1983-1985 .... Reply with quote

When it first came out..I watched a few of the episodes...unforunately The TV schedule {CBS} keep jerking it on and off the air ...even preempted it for "Punky Brewster" {Yuch...too cute for me to watch..even the Smurfs were better than that!}...several years later FOX Cartoons reran the episodes but only for the summer...

Although the storylines could be convetional...and even barrowed a theme {i.e. villain tries to remake earth past history so kids don't exist..{Star Trek spinoff} and one was quite close to Star Wars Ewocks ...the stories wernt too bad.

Thanks to YouTube finally watched all 27 episodes...7 {The dragons graveyard; Day of the Dungeonmaster; Dungeon at the Heart of dawn; PRESTO Spells Disaster; Quest of the Skelaton Warrior; The box; The Girl who dreamed tomorrow}were excellent; 19 were fair to good ...and 1 {Winds of Darkness} poor. In regard to the 28th and unmade last episode {Eric is not only a leader of dissident kids but makes the decision that redeems Venger; the cliffhanger was if the kids go home or stay}...

Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Cool

Somehow in politicly correct times--this cartoon would never get off the drawing board!

The "winds of Darkness" concept was too not bad-Hank being taken prisoner by an evil being and Eric taking charge....still you get the feeling that this episode has a "hurried" feeling to it.....on the other hand it could make sense as a prequel to "Requeriam" in which the kids split up-Hank: Shelia and Dinah vs Eric; Presto and Bobby each try to make their separate ways home...and at the end its Eric the complainer; the comic relief who actually frees the "good" Venger....with a unresolved cliffhanger of kids either going home or remaining to fight evil... I read the script...for me the actual last episode is "Cave of the fairy dragons" in which Eric destroys the magic mirror to save the dragons...and Dungeonmaster remarks at the end of how home is a reflection of the heart...which eric and the kids are beginning to understand....
5 times the kids see a portal to their world and twice they actually go through it!

Venger appears as the main villain in 20 of the 27 episodes

Hanks episodes "The Dragons Graveyard" & "The Traitor"
Eric episodes: "Beauty and the Bogbeast"; The Garden of zinn:"Day of the Dungeonmaster"l Odessey of the Twelfth Talisman"
Dinah episode "Child of the stargazer'"
Presto episodes" PRESTO spells Disaster" "The last Illusion""Cave of the Fairy dragons"
Shelia episode"Citadel of Shadow"
Bobby" episodes " servant of evil""The Girl who dreemed tomorrow"
Uni "Valley of the Unicorns"
an estimate of the kids ages birthdates

In regard to the series finale..I would have preferred a real cliffhanger a little similar to Requeriam...except that just at the end there is a cliffhanger of the return of Venger's evil master of the unspoken name...and the kids are faced with a dilemea ...help Dungeonmaster and Venger against the nameless evil one or go home....

In a flight of Fancy I wrote a short story script of the Kids vs The Duke of darkness...all based on a remark in "The Dragons Graveyard" episode...even put it online ...but the forum I put it on desnt work anymore... Mad Evil or Very Mad

Sic Transit my Story........................

The Adventure of the Duke of Darkness
Act 1
Scene of the Kids in a town market-townsfolk run in panic
Scene of the kids running in a desert/volcano landscape.
Eric: We just escaped Vengers Pit of eternal doom and despair. Presto use that hat of yours to transport us out of those orcs reach...hurry!
Presto: Zap...zin...zo...hat...transport us out here.
An eleavator appears. Kids get inside
Eric: Nice going Presto...no buttons...
Presto: Zin...zap...zing...make this eleavator disappear...
Eleavator disappears
Eleavator appears..Kids tumble out. Scereny is gray...black
Dinah: What kind of place is this...? Isnt doesn't look normal even for the Realm!
Dungeonmaster appears in their mist.
Dungeonmaster: Acrobat..you and your friends are in very grave danger...for this is the dominion of the Duke of Darkness...yet remember this advice....silver light can balance darkness
Eric: Dungeonmaster... light balance darkness...is that a circus?...Oh great he's gone again
Scene 2: Kids in same marketplace. Shelia approachs a young child
Shelia: Hello...can you tell us what...?
Townsfolk look at kids. Shouts of anger and rage....GET THEM...BEFORE THEY ESCAPE
HanK: WE don't want to hurt you...
Scene 3: KIds in forrest...tired and exhausted
Presto: I don't get it why'd they hate us so much?
Hank: If we knew why...it could be of help...Shelia...you have to act as a spy in the town
Shelia turns invisible
Scene 4 Kids in forest..Sound of running footsteps. Shelia appears holding scroll,,and looking quite frightened
Kids crowd around Scroll
Hank reads: WANTED DEAD...OR DEAD THE FOLLOWING CRIMINALS..{stops reading..puzzeled look on Face}
ERIC: Fearless Leader..why you stop...HEY THATS A DESCRIPTION OF US!
Presto: Its insane...we never did those things
Shelia: The sky is turning dark....gray OHHHH LOOOK
A gigantic being formless yet swirling towars over the Kids
Voice: YOU Insult Me with comparison to the mercical bungler. I am the Duke of Darkess....and I have just found SEVEN more new servants to do my bidding! Slave collars go forth!
Seven neck collars go forth toward the Kids and Uni
Hank fires arrows at them--which absorb the arrows energy!
The collars go toward Eric who holds them at bay with his shield
Eric: These things are draining magic from the shield..cant hold them off...Presto...do something...anything!
Presto: Collars..thats it...zap zing create dogs for them!
Seven dog statues come out of magic hat...collars attach themselves...there is a blinding flash..the statues have turned alive!
Voice {Mockingly} Thank you Wizard...now I have a pack of hounds to track magic...your reward will be seeing each of your friends become my servaants before you do yourself! Servants against the Pure hearts!
Six evil twins of the Kids appear. Each is armed similar to Kids and has a similar look...but evil .{evil Hank has a crossbow; evil Eric has a round shield vs triangle shield of Eric. Evil Dinah has a quaterstaf and is dressed in silver and black; Evil presto is dressed in blue and black; Evil Shelia is dressed in Brown and black; evil Bobbie has a wooden mallet}. (No equilvant of Uni}
General melee of equiliants begin
Eric vs Eric: There is only room for one of us in this realm
Hank fires arrows in front of evil twins and Bobbi smashes ground with club creating a chasham. Kids flee
Scene 5: Kids in deeper part of forest...exhausted and in shock
Eric: If I had a choice between him and venger...Id choose Venger
BobbI: How can we beat them? Their weopons are equal to ours...
An anceient man dressed in ragged silver wizard clothing with a silver ambulant appears
Man: Evil ones...the time for running has passed...time to end this
HanK: Hold it we are not those evil twins
Man: YOu speak the truth...your hearts are pure...I am Argent the silver wizard....eons ago I was the Chief wizard of this district...I could use my magic to help ehance truth and beauty...till one day I made a terrible mistake..I will always rue. I tried to separate evil from myself and store it in my ambulant...it only partically worked....he escaped....and building on hatred evil and malice...became the Duke of Darkness..he has grown till even his rival...the one whose name cannot be spoken...fears HIm. He took my puils and turned them to do his bidding. BEWARE...all enslaved by him...Must serve him forever
Eric: Doing evil for ethernalty...what a fate
HanK: Can he be destroyed? What is the source of his power?
Argent: He is immortal. However the source of his power is his dark ambulant. If his ambulant should ever meet my silver alulant head on..he and his servants will be imprisoned forever
HanK: Listen to a plan
Scene 6 Kids and Argent walking in a grey plain
HanK; If he is looking for Magic..hear goes..{Shoots arrow into air}
Voice: HA...HA...thank you my pets for finding magic...you can bring me the weopons when the battle is over.. servants of Evil..aganst the purehearts
Melee between evil twins and Kids begins
Eric{s}: You again?
Voice: My brother Argent...prepare to be enslaved.....
Hank fires arrow which takes silver ambulant from Argent and travels toward dark ambulant
Voice: No....No....
Amulants meet with a blinding flash; Duke of Darkness; magic hounds and evil twins VANISH
Kids start to cheer...until they reaize in shock and horror that ARgent has vanished as WELL!
BobbI: WHERE....DID...HE...Go?
Hank picks up ambulant off ground. Argent appears
Argent: Farewell...my young friends. I could not tell you the fact that in regard to the Amulant magic...that weather used for good or evil...that all touched by it must remain imprisoned within it. May you find a way to your world
Dungeonmaster appears.
Dungeonmaster: Barbarian and my other pupils. You must understand why Argent chose his fate..as he was the unwhitting author of the Duke of Darkness..he will now do all he can to make sure the Realm is no longer troubled by this malice.
Dinah: But what is to stop Venger from usung the ambulant for evil purposes?
Eric: Throw it down a bottomless well
Dungeonmaster: Chavilier...an excellent suggestion
Amulant disappears
Shelia: Look the sky is clearing from that grey darkness and the ground is becoming green again
Dungonmaster: Thief..this region is renewing itself. Neveertheless it is not wise for you and the rest of the pupils to stay here. For generations the people have been humiliated by that malicious Duke and his minons..they will not understand that you are NOT the Evil Twins
Eric: WHAT ARE YOU waiting For?...Get us out of here quick PLEASE!
Dungeonmaster moves his fingers...Dungeonmaster; kids amd Uni disappear.


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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

P.S. according to the online Cartoon encyclopedia there were several scripts/story idea lines that were never made...enough for a 4th season.
1st season-13 episodes
2nd season--8 episodes
3rd season--6 episodes

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons in general, but I have heard a lot of fans love this cartoon based on it. (But I do enjoy both the Smurfs and Punky Brewster Smile - but it's okay if they're not your thing.)
Thanks for adding to the conversation. And welcome to the forums, Nomann! Glad you're here- enjoy your time here. Very Happy Cool

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dungeons & Dragon opening


"Oh, those kids are after me Lucky Charms!" - Lucky
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

the kids could fight monster wizards, etc...but two things they couldn't overcome according to the Big cartoon database the series was expensive to make and low ratings as well...it was kind of like in my opinion to cartoons what the orginal Star Trek was to TV...an interesting and entertaining series of sci-fi adventures ....you know except for dvd collections and youtube...its not on television anymore....why when Star trek was made into a cartoon series that was on Cable TV Nick cartoon...years ago...but not anymore....now days they just keep showing blocks of same cartoons.... stiil everyone has their own favorites...I was nevr a fan but He-man was first a toy then a cartoon and even a movie...it even beat out Ghostbusters as kids favorite in ghostbusters II!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

dexter labrotory did a hilarious spoof D D & D of dungeons and dragons.
At least Dungeons and dragons was spared the fate of the smurfs which went on too long for too many a year

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Unfortunately the US dvd set is edited syndication versions. However the UK set is uncut and also includes the unreleased scripts in the bonus features.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Funny thing came across BBC cartoon listing of Dungeons and Dragons; funny they only bought the first two seasons and not the 3rd seasons episodes.
Why I don't know?

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Knowing the beeb, it'll have been down to cost.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:34 am    Post subject: D & D Little known fact: Reply with quote

When Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series was shown in Spain, there was also published a comic book version of each episode; however the order was slightly different order than shown on US TV:

Comic Issue: US TV Episode Order: Italian TV Order

#1 Eye of the Beholder #2 #2
#2 Valley of the Unicorns #4 #4
#3 In Search of the Dungeonmaster #5 # 5
#4 Prison without walls #7 # 7
#5 Servant of Evil # 8 # 8
#6 Garden of Zinn # 10 #10
#7 The Night of No Tommorrow # 1 # 1
#8 Hall of Bones #3 # 3
#9 Beauty and the Bogbeast #6 # 6
#10 P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster # 13 #13
#11 Quest of the Skelaton Warrior # 9 #9
#12 The Lost Children # 12 #12
#13 The Box # 11 #11
#14 The Girl who dreamed Tommorrow #14 #14
#15 The Treasure of Tardos #15 #15
#16 The City at the Edge of Midnight # 16 #16
#17 The Traitor # 17 #17
#18 The Last Illusion #19 #19
#19 Day of the Dungeonmaster #18 #18
#20 The Dragons Graveyard # 20 #20
#21 Child of the Stargazer # 21 #21
#22 The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn # 22 #22
#23 Citadel of shadow # 25 #23
#24 Odyessey of the Twelfth Talisman # 24 #25
#25 Cave of the Fiairy Dragons #26 #27
#26 The Time lost # 23 #24
#27 Winds of darkness # 27 #26

while its true that Cave of the Fairie Dragons was broadcast before Winds of Darkness...they were actually produced so Winds of Darkness is # 26 and Cave of the Fairie Dragons is 27th and LAST episode...see Offical listing at


3 seasons pretty much material tapped out...a 4th if lucky.....but that was it

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 6:31 am    Post subject: Alternative D & D last ending-set in 1985??? Reply with quote

Since nowadays the fashion is that of Alternative versions...here is my take on the next to the last and final never made D & D episode-set in 1985:

Title: FINIS?
Act 1 Scene 1
A globe shows a young girl picking herbs
Voice: WE SHALL MEET again
White flash-she is gone
A globe shows a female soccress reading a book
Voice: Dear SISTER...You'd WISH YOU were back in your Cave again
White flash-she is gone
A globe shows a scene of a young girl reading in her bedroom
Hard Cold voice is heard: So you thought that because your friends got you
back to your world you were safe...from me...now then {mumbled words}
White flash-she is gone
Voice: Now the third one is captured...time to send a most unpleaasent message to your friends...
Act 1 Scene 2 Kids are in a forrest:
Presto; Shelia and Bobby start screaming and holding their heads:
Presto: Varla
Shelia: Kareena
Bobbi: Terri
Eric: It couldn't have been that fish Presto conjured up for lunch could it?
Dinah: Can the wisecracks Eric...Those are all friends of theirs...and Vengers enemies
Eric: I get a sick feeling of a heroic rescue attempt at Venger's castle
Hank : Rescue is right....we owe it to those friends of ours..to help them
Presto: I'll get us there in a wink...Zip...Zap Zing...get us to Venger dungeons... quick as can be {Kids vanish}
Dungeonmaster {suddenly appears}....STOP....My..PUpils....IT....IS....A...TRAP.....Oh..NO...TOO Late..so THE END HAS BEGUN..... Dungeonmaster takes off his life energy ambulant and waves his fingers while muttering a spell -places ambulant into a small chest inscribed "For my daugther". chest disappears
Ac1 1 Scene 3 Dungeon Vengers castle
Varla Kareena and Terri are chained to the wall. The kids burst into cell.
Kids: How did you all get HERE?
Varla: I was gathering herbs in the forest...
Kareena: I was reading up on old magical lore.... My RING's under a spell..it isn't working
TerrI: I was in my bed room...
Bobbi: Don't worry I'll knock those chains off and after your free there is a appointment with old one horn...
Bobbi swings his club at the chains to break them.
Suddendly there is a blinding white flash and everyone is GONE
Act 1 Scene 4
The Kids and prisoners find themselves in Vengers throne room chained by magic to the wall. Their magic toetms are on the floor before Venger
Venger: I knew that sentimental desire for goodness would be your weakness...Now down to the business of taking what...IS MINE. All those with magic in this castle-the power belongs to me-weather illusion, sibling, clairvoyance or transporation. You ten pure hearts have been a pain in my plans for way too long. Now I'll take my revenge on all of you FOREVER...
Eric: I Knew It...Vengers cashing in our Chips for Keeps
Venger: Wrong Chevalier...by the time I'm finished with you....You wished I had done that...ha...ha...ha
Venger zaps the Kids, Uni and the prisioners at once. Especially Shelia, Varla, Kareena, Terri who start screaming. Uni who loses her magic horn.
BobbI: [Enraged] You Big Bully...for what you did I'll attack you even without my club
Venger: Now my revenge is beginning to work..I have two old debts to pay against Tiamat and Dungeonmaster. Begoone out of my castle...HA..HA..Ha [Kids and prisioners vanish in white light]
Act 2 Scene 1 Kids in forest --faces cant be seen In Shadow.
Presto: STRANGE I don't feel any different....What did he do to US besides take our weopons? What did he mean by saying we'd wish he'd done away with us?
Eric: I don't know about you guys but I feel thirsty...{goes to stream,,looks into water and starts screaming} HELP ANYONE....HE TURNED ME.,,,YOU...US ALL Into SKelatons!
In shock and horror the kids, prisioners and Uni realize they have been turned into living skeltons!
Hank: Kareena can you reverse this spell?
Kareena: Even if I still had my ring I'm afraid I could do nothing...not even Dungeonmaster can do anything..this is a spell that can only be reversed either by he who cast it ...or broken if he were destroyed...my brother is very vindictive and never forgiving of any and all who oppose him in any way at all....all under this spell can live for centuries in this form...yet those thus cursed..lose normal desires such as eating, drinking and sleeping...all that is left is a feeling of hopelessness ....the agony of just ....EXISTING this way..day after day
Hank: So that's his revenge... we are going to be "living" warnings in the Realm of what happens to those who dare to oppose Venger...
Dinah: Look up in the sky...Venger against Tiamat..the dragons Queen has LOST...he...he's turned into a dragon monster himself and become larger than her....and now both are morphing into a six headed dragon...
Presto: Its...Its like Demodragon...only Venger bigger and worse than Before.....
Eric: A six head dragon-hybrid.Venger.-Taimat..ugh
Dinah: No wisecracks this time Eric?
Eric: No....NO....Not this time...except if we are lucky five of the heads will lead a revolution against Venger!
Sheliah: WE...CAN ...Only...HOPE..THAT COMES To Pass!
Bobbi: Terri I'm awfully sorry you ended up like this..
Terri: Bobby the Barbarian as long as I'm with you anything is bearable...even this appearance.......now what is your surname?
Bobbi:Mine is O'Brian
Terri: Mine is MacNeill
Bobbi: At least in this state...we wont have to worry about needing food...
Terri hugs Bobbi-they both began laughing weakly
Dungeonmaster appears-looking tired
Dungeonmaster: [gravely] My children and pupils ...before I go to fight with Venger-Tiamat monster...remember this advice...during the period which will come this will be the most difficult ordeal you will have to endure...yet no matter what happens to me weather I survive or not....always strive to keep your hearts pure...do not fall into the trap Venger has...his arrogance and greedy striving for unlimited power by upsetting the natural balance will not make him more stronger...but on the contray will bring about his downfall...[disappears]
Eric: I'll say one thing for D.M. cryptic riddles...they usually come out true...
Dinah: I agree for once with Mr Mou...er Eric
A big flash of light appears in the sky
Karena: {Screams} YEEAAHHHHH Venger has destroyed..... Father ....I can FEEL....IT....[weeps]
Sheliah: Kareena ....be comforted...remember Dungeonmaster advice to us all...Your the New Dungeonmaster....and even without magic...we'll support you against Venger.. why before when he took our totems...we've still beat him
Kareena: Thief...your right...he may have the power...but not the wisdom..to use it wisely...hes not infallible...he will make mistakes...
The small Box appears in suprized Sheliahs hand; she opens it and hands ambulant to Kareena who wears it
The kids start walking into the sunset: Presto with Varla; Eric and Dinah; Terri wth Bobbi and Uni; Kareena with Shelia and Hank.
Last scene focus on ambulant ....Dungeonmaster appears briefly and winks his eye at audience before disappearing again
On Screen:
Did the Kids ever reverse the spell?
Did the Kids ever get Home?
How will Venger's downfall come about?
Will Dungeonmaster reform himself?
The End?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:52 am    Post subject: Alternative D & D last ending-set in 1985??? Part II Reply with quote

Just for the record a p.s. for Finnis Part 1
Now for the of conclusion Finnis Part 2 Very Happy Very Happy
Finnis part 2

Act 1 Scene 1
Karenna: I sense my brother is going to do battle with his Master..those name cannot ever be spoken {shrudders}.... for control of the cosmos...
Eric: {Hopefully} If Neither of them survives..will we get back to normal?
Karenna: No such luck...one will probably survive...and we are doomed to stay this way for eternity
Hank: Karenna after Venger used our weopons against Teimat...does he still have them?
Karenna: Why No...I sense that after the battle with the Dragon Queen...he had no further use for them..they are in his castle
Eric: Hank have you flipped? Even fully charged our weopons cant prevail against a hybrid Venger-Tiamat
HanK: I know.... that's what I counting on
Act 1 Scene 2 Venger Castle Our heros taking up their weopons; Karenna picks up her ring
kareena: My ring still has some power left
Hank: Now theres only one place left to recharge our weopons...
ERic: Don't tell me...the Dragons Graveyard..
Hank; Yes there...trust me on this gamble...Eric do you really want to go on forever looking like...this?
Eric shakes his head
The Kids use their weopons to get to the Dragons graveyard-kids and prisioners end there
Act 2 Scene 1 The Dragons Graveyard
The Kids weopons glow with recharged energy
Karenna: The great Battle is over...my brother has won...but he is not as strong as he was before...I sense that He knows we are here...
Venger-Tiamat appears
Venger: I'd Knew you try to use your weopons recharged at this place...which is why I left them at my castle.
Hank: Do you fear anything?
Venger: I fear mothing...I have power...all you pity beings are good for is to forever exist as warnings to one and all to never revolt against my rule
Hank: Tiamat..one question..do you wish to spend eternity linked to Venger?
Tiamat: Although an annoying human..he has asked the right question..I HAVE NO WISH TO SPEND ETERNITY LINKED TO YOU VENGER
Venger: How do you even dare question ME? I CONQUERED YOU
The two hybrid parts fight one another
Hank: Karenna quick gather our weopons and direct their energy to both the seam that binds the two beings together and upon Venger as well
Kareena does this. The Combined energy and Tiamt rage causes the hybrid to split apart. Venger appears in "Phanthom form" and stands alone.
Venger: Nicely played Ranger divide and conquer....you have won this round..but I will be back to take my revenge against you all {Evil laughs and disappears}
Tiamat: I owe you humans a debt for restorying the natural balance...
HanK: All we ask is that we go back to the Realm..and never come back to this place ever again...Forever
Tiamat: Ranger Those are my wishes Exactly.. Now .beggone
Kids et all vanish in magic flash
Act 2 Scene 2 The Forrest
Eric: Venger is probably back to his normal evil self and Tiamat is in her graveyard...but does this mean we'll be stuck as walking advertisements for Venger tyranny forever?
Dungeonmaster: Not necessary Chaeliver
Eric: Where did you come from...? We thought your were destroyed..?
HanK: Where are our brains? It was his ambulant..he wasn't wearing it before the big battle
Kareena hands ambulant back to Dungeonmaster
Dungeonmaster: Correct Ranger...I left a "Piece" of myself there..as regards your present appearences....that lasted only as long as the hybrid existed...you will soon to be returned to normal...
Kids and everyone else-including Uni -normal appearance.
Dungeonmaster: Varla,Terri do you wish to go back to your normal places?
Varla: Why yes of course
Terri to Bobbi:
Terri: Bobbi Do you wish to come home to our world with me?
BobbI: Yes .Terri...I do want to go home...But as long as Venger is creating havoc in the cosmos...with no place to hide..we have to stop him
Terri: I understand Bobbi the Barbarian-see you at school -with my locket!{Kisses him. Bobbi blushes}
Presto: Varla...we may live in different worlds...but I have a fealing we'll meet again.....someplace somehow
Varla: Presto Odd I have the same feeling we will meet again...
Kareena: Thank you Shelia for your friendship and help...now I know I have friends in the Realm
Dinah: DUngeonmaster..Venger vowed revenge against all who ruined his latest plan. We and Kareena can defend ourselves with our toetoms...but whats to protect Varla and Terri from his hatred?
Dungeonmaster weaves a spell.Small ambulants appear on Varla and Terri.
Dungeonmaster: These will protect you from Vengers spells.
Varla, Kareena and Terri vanish
Sheliah: Why Presto and Bobbi....your both crying
Presto: Ah..its just Dirt in my eye from the graveyard
Bobbi; Mine to.
Sheliah; I Understand
Dungeonmaster: My pupils you have helped restore the natural balance. Do you wish to go home now?
Hank: {Grimly} Dungeonmaster..we all wish to go home..but as Bobbi remarked..how can we go when Venger causes calamity in the cosmos-and there is no place to hide from his malice?
Dungeonmaster: Wisely spoken pupils..you have in fact taken another step forward home.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If only D & D had been renewed for one more last season Exclamation Neutral Neutral

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:44 am    Post subject: Alternative D & D last ending-set in 2017? Reply with quote

Since nowadays the fashion is that of Alternative versions...here is my take on the last and final never made D & D episode- the cartoon time has been updated to "real Time"-set in 2017-after the appearance of Requeriam

Title: The Rip Van Winkle children:
Act 1 Scene 1 the Amusement Park D & D Ride {deserted}
Suddendly there is a flash of light and a rollor coster ride comes into view with our six kids-without totems or Uni but still dressed in D & D cloathing.

Kids: We made it..after all those adventures...and escaping evil goons..We are finally Home!

Kids laugh with joy.

Shelia: I don't want to put a damper on coming home...but how do we explain being away from home for so long?
Eric: We just tell our parents....the er truth...oh brother
Dinah: Yeah that we were in another demininson of magic, dragons, demons and monsters...
Presto: They'd lock us away in a rubber room...
Hank: It was a long time in the Realm...but remember when we rescuded Jimmy Whitaker? We were gone nearly 1 year but to Jimmy it was still the Sunday night at the amusement Park....
Bobbi: Well how do we explain our clothing?
HanK: We were at a custume party and forgot to change our clothes...
Eric: Whats the worst our parents could do? Ground us for a week for staying out too late?
Hank: Lets meet back here in about 2 hours...just in case there has been any changes while we were gone..after all what could have be so difffernt from the time we left?
Act 1 scene 2 The kids at the amusement park...faces shocked and scared.
Hank: I was quite wrong....its been 34 years since we' been gone....who wants to start?
Eric: My family estate is still here....but not my parents at all! I asked around--it seems my old man is a guest of San Quinton Prison for over 29 years for something called "Insider trading"---what ever that is. My mother divorced him....
Dinah: I went back to my old neighborhood...I used to practice acrobatics on the trees back of my house....only my house isn't there anymore...its now a grocery store parking lot...what's worse is that no one remembers my family at all...
Presto: I went down to where the computer game store was...and its something called an Internet Café....some eating place..no food...but they got nothing but people playing on computers....types of which I've never seen before...my old house still stands but my folks moved away...no one knows where.
Shelia: I'll speak for Bobbi and myself...the school we went to....torn down...our home...gone....mother went crazy worrying what happened to us and father just couldn't handle it and ran away....
Hank: At my old house I meet my brother....yet he didn't recognize me....claimed he had no brother...but a no good runaway punk that caused his parents grief..he even threatened to beat up me as a fraud ....since his brother would be much older than he was..not some teenage fool in a robin hood custume!
Eric: Well fearless lead...Hank..our hopes of coming home are gone...what do we do now?
HanK: Its painfully obvious that we do not belong in this world...everything we knew is changed and gone for good...we cant even prove we were in another world
Bobbi: There has got to be some place where we Belong...!
Act 1 Scene 3:
Tired and resigned to their fate The six Kids on D & D Amusement park ride...go into tunnel....flash of light.
Act 2 Scene 1 Daylight at D & D amusement park ride
Big wrecking ball.. Foreman to operator.
Foreman: Charlie..our assignment is to smash this old amusement ride to bits. Hasn't been used for years...since some kids went in according to legend and never came back out.
Wrecking ball smashes ride to bits.


In regard to my last story "The Rip Van Winkle Children" here is my epilogue!

==The First One==

Act 1 Scene 1 the kids are in the Realm Again with their weopons and Uni.

Bobbi {slightly weeping} We were home....and yet were never there...
Eric: Look short stuff....that was one portal that lead to a future earth...prehas theres a portal that opens up to a earth of our time....
Bobbi; You Think? Your not just saying that just to make me stop crying are you?
Eric: I'm not trying to joke with you....it is possible isn't it HanK?
Hank: Anything is possible in this crazy place.....

Hank never gets to finish his sentence...a lighting spitting evil dragon spots the Kids and begins firing lighting bolts at them.

Hank: Scatter to shelter....
The kids scatter
Presto takes off his hat and starts chanting "hat...start a whirl...."
Presto is a minuite too late...and a lighting bolt comes nearly too close to Shelia. An enraged Bobbi runs toward dragon
Bobbi: Try to barbecue my sister will you? I'll bat your lightings bolts back at you...
Eric: Bobbi....STOP...THATS MY DEPartment
The Dragon aims a lighting bolt at Bobbi-which hits him full in the chest
Both Bobbi and Shelia scream...Bobbi in suprize and Shelia in horror.
Dragon flies away
Bobbi found himself looking down at his own body...he tried to speak to his sister to comfort her...but she didn't seem to hear him. Bobbi knew where he was...twice before he come to this place--the first time had been when he'd been poisoned by the water dragon(*}..and the second time(**}.....he remembered that experience all too clearly....he had the feeling he wasn't alone...that puzzled him as no one else had been hurt...he looked around and saw with a shock that it was ....Terri from earth!
BobbI; Terri...what...What are you...doing here?
Terri: I was outside in the school playground when it started raining..I was running for shelter...when I heard a large Ka-boom and I found myself here with you Barbarian...{looks down} OH NO You Got struck by lighting to?
Bobbi: Yes Terri....from a bad dragon...Heres your locket...twice before I've been here....but I don't think I'm coming back to my body this time..
Terri: If you been revieved before...why not now?
Bobbi; I just know....besides my sister given the Banshee keening over me
Terri: Which means....?
Bobbi: An irish person has gone to the otherworld

Act 1 Scene 2 the kids are by a stone tomb crowned with Bobbis helmet and club. It reads Bobby the Barbarian who fell defending those he loved...when they leave the club disappears.

(*} TV D & D Garden of Zinn
(**) See D & D Fanfiction Tree of Sadness/Sea of Madness and epilogue tale

==The second one==
Act 2 Scene 1
A very quiet group is making their way toward a cave...each with their own thoughts:
Hank: I've failed to protect one of the gang
Presto: If only I wasn't such a klutz with magic
Shelia: If only I'd disappeared faster
Eric: If only I'd protected everyone with my shield sooner
Dinah: If I'd just managed to stop him....OHHH

Suddendly it starts raining....
HanK: Quick the cave...until it stops....
Kids get in cave...and are amazed...the walls are mirrors!

Before one mirror...figure shaped like a human yet not human..the voice:
Voice: HA...Eons I have waited...for a emotional being whose grief is so strong....it will give me form.......to get out of this prison...and unleash chaos throughout the cosmos.........I pick you THIEF!
Shelia: NO.....NO....Don't you dare use me...
A mirror image of Shelia forms....Cruelity and evil mark it s form
Shelia Howls with anger rage and grief and runs right at the figure
Voice: Out of the way...fool...NOT....
Shelia and the figure collide...glass shatters....not being able to fully form evil figure dissolves in the air; however Shelia lies mortally injured before the broken glass
HanK: Why did you do that? Eric and I could have shattered the glass without you getting hurt...
Shelia: You could not have stopped that evil being in time...besides after what happened to Bobbi...how could I go on living ....?

The kids move up from a rock tomb marked "Shelia" which is drapped with the cloak...which disappears..after they leave
Shelia finds herself with Bobbi and Terri.
Shelia: Oh...Bobbi....Terri?
Bobbi: Its a long story Sis.

==The Third one==
Act 2 Scene 2 a reduced band in a forest. The only one not sleeping is Presto

Presto: Varla....Oh Varla....where are you?
A vision similar to Varla as Presto first saw here...only now she is screaming Presto....Presto...and appears bodily
Presto: Whats happening? Is a evil wizard trying to use your power again?
Varla: No.....Presto....the evil No name Power is trying to take control of Me....once it controls me...no one in the cosmos will be safe
Presto: No one else can help you...there is only one way
Hank; Dinah and Eric wake up...
Hank: Presto...what are you doing...?
Presto: Sorry guys....I MUST do this...
Presto flings himself at Varla and holds her
Throws hat up in air above them both
Presto: Magic hat...my last command....change us both forever from this life and land
Both disapper..the magic hat is left on the ground {disappears}
Dinah: Presto sacrified himself to save so many .....
Eric; I.....I.....wisecracks aren't funny now........
Hank: I know what you mean.....
Presto and Varla meet the others....

===The Fourth==
Act 3 Scene 1 a reduced company walks past a rainbow waterfall
Dinah: Uni...were sorry....but you must grow up among the other Unicorns
Uni protests..
Voice: Thanks for bringing in the last Unicorn for Me!!!
Kids: Keelek!
Diane: Uni...quick flee and warn the other Unicorns to stay away...We'll handle this crazy bum
Keelek: Thought I was imprisioned? Well when Venger turned good...It freed me......my plan of domination cannot be stopped...now I'll take all their power at once forever..instead of one at a time....POWER IS MINE forever
HanK; Think again! {fires arrows}
Eric: Throws shield up to deflect Keelek magic bolts
Keelek: You three pests are going to end up where I was inprisoned for eternity....where is that girl?
Dinah: {enraged} Right behind you...Keelek...don't you dare hurt any Unicorns!
Keelek: {Sneers} You dare to stop me.....????HA HA....
Keelek doesn't finish. Dinah uses her javelin to land right in front of Keelek and shatters his amulant with the javelin. Both cry out...Keelek in rage and Dinah in triumph as magic consumes them both. Keelek is inprisioned in magic globe which goes down while Dinah is consumed and vanishes. Her Javelin remains on ground but disappears
Eric: Oh Dinah...we had our spats...but to go out like this
HanK: Eric....It....was ....what...she ...would have chosen...to save the innocent from evil....

An ethereal Dinah meets the others:
Dinah: Hi...gang Miss me?

==The fifth and the sixth one==
Act 3 scene 2...Hank and Eric at daybreak in a forrest
Eric: Hank....You and I.....we.... are the last ones .....left
Hank: Eric.....I know...somehow I've got the feeling that it wasn't coincidence
Dungeonmaster: You are both correct ...Ranger and Chevalier...
Eric: Hello DM...I've gotten used to your suprize appearences by now...
HanK; Dungeonmaster....when we came to this world...It wasn't accidental that we were chosen...for...something big.....It wasn't just for redeeming Venger was it?
Dungeonmaster {sadly}: No Ranger....fate ...has ...something different for you both....He those name cannot be spoken...is coming back with a vengeance. Your redeeming Venger alerted him that his ultimate plan of Evil will not come about...for you see with the entire realm under his control....he will use the magic of this place against all other worlds including yours....will fall under his reign
Eric; So we two are the last ones were fated to deal with old no-name...why were we....Oh...Oh...Now I remember...I Opened that Box
Hank: And I gave you permission to do so.....
Dungeonmaster: He is coming...near the river of no return. Do either of You choose whatever happens of your own free will?
Eric: ordinarrly I'd rather be home....but if I don't do something ...there is no home to go to
Hank: Well....transport us there
Act 3 scene 3 River of no return
HanK: You could have refused Eric
Eric: Yes...but what choice....the truth is that neither of us has a home to return to...and being ruled by evil forever....ugh
HanK: Here he Comes
Whirlwind of fire and hate comes up to Hank and Eric....although due to his cosmic battle with Venger-Tiamat hybrid he is not as large as he was in " The Dungeon at the Heart of dawn" No name who is about as tall as a 5 story building- is still dangerous and evil as he ever was
Hank fires arrows and Eric tries his hardest to deflect evil power.Little effect
Suddendly Eric runs up a cliff alongside the evil being and jumps at it head.
Hank: No....ERIC....Don't
Eric slams his shield down on the monsters head
Eric: YEEEEEEEAHHHH....Hit him fearless leader
Monster roars......Eric is consumed by fire. His shield falls at Hank feet
Suddendly Hank is consumed by the fires of anger, rage, hatred, guilt, frustratian and grief .He grabs the fallen shield and attaches himself to a power arrow and shoots himself toward the monsters head.

HanK: From my heart and for my lost friends I strike at thee monster!

He hits the monster full in the face with the shield. The resulting blast kills Hank; however it causes the Off balance monster to scream and fall into the river which boils and then freezes solid. The shield and bow lie next to each other on the riverbank...they both disappear

An ethereal Eric and Hank rejoin the others
Shelia: Welcome Hank and Eric...
Hank: Old no name has been beaten and trapped forever
Eric: Shortstuff..Dinah...Miss me?
Bobbi: Not as much as your insults
Dinah: Or your wisecracks

The Ranger has now been Freed from the double yoke of helping his friends get home and of fighting evil. Although both are ethereal, Hank and Shelia embrace and kiss.

Shelia: {tears of joy and fear}Oh Hank... Where do all of us go now in this place?
Hank: I don't know....lets see and maybe find out

Dungeonmaster .reappears in the dragons Graveyard with the shield and bow and hangs them up on a ruined wall
Tiamat: As least you keep your word....thank you for returning the last of the six totems to where they belong
Dungeonmaster: You realize...that even with No name trapped there are many of His PUPILS trying to overcome the Natural Balance between good and evil....
Tiamat: You may barrow any of the toetms from Here for other pupils to use ...Dungeonmaster...but remember where they must ultimately return to....and what happens if even one is left with those who covet it for their own selfish purposes....you mourn the loss of your pupils? Remember that those children were destined by fate even before they were born to save many in this realm...including both of us...regardless of personel cost....
Dungeonmaster: Old Advesary..you are right...I had hoped their good deeds would have permitted my pupils to live out their lives in their world in their own time....but I was wrong...for even if that would have happened..they would had to fight against No name...on his terms...in their world..twas not I...but fate...that brought them to this realm.
Tiamat: There will always be a struggle of the Natural balance in this Realm between Good and Evil...Just as their will be future pupils in this Realm from here and other worlds ...and future Dungeonmasters such as your son Venger who will do what they can to try to keep the balance even...as it has always been here in the realm from the beginning of time


scene: Karenna Castle
Karenna is looking in a mirror--she sees Eric.
Karenna: Chevalier...I heard of the sacrifices you all went through to save the Realm...
Eric: I'm not the Chevalier any more...just Eric....Well where we are now...I guess this is our home...at least for Hank & Shelia; Bobbi & Terri and Presto and Varla...
Kareena: Are you and Diana...?
Eric: No...we're what we've always been...adversarial friends....she deceided to wait for Kosar to fulfill his destiny before meeting him..he is..ah...busy right now...
Kareena: What was it like...to live a life without magic?
Eric: Its a life of uncertainly...
Kareena suddenly changes her cloathing from Dungeonmaster robes to the ordinary dress she was wearing in "Citadel of Shadow". She turns to the mirror and and graspes Eric by the hand. A red glow surrounds them both. She takes off ring and tosses it back onto the robes and then steps through the mirror. She has changed to being ethereal like Eric
Eric: Kareena...what are you doing..?
Kareena: Chevalier...Eric... I deceided to give up magic and life in the Realm...and changed myself to spend eternity with you....
Eric: Why..me..?
Kareena: Why not? Shelia is a good friend...but you were the one who suggested I join your group out of the pureness of your heart. The choice I had was either .give into the temptation of the allure of grasping of magic power ..or find a soulmate....Think of it...we are both alike...we both thought power either by magic or wealth was the key to living our lives...and we were both Dungeonmasters for a day.....I was alone for so long in that cave...just as you were also alone even among your friends....my robes and ring I have put under a spell so that only those with a pure heart can ever use them...
Both ethereal Kareena and Eric kiss.
Eric: Soulmate...lets join the others

Dungeonmaster appears in deserted room
Dungeonmaster: Welcome to the family Chevalier...I shall join both of you and the rest of my pupils/children when my time is done here in the Realm....yet I have so much unfinished work to do before Venger takes over the unbreakable yoke of being Dungeonmaster .....

==The End?==

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alas the series was only on for 3 seasons.... Exclamation

of interest-dungeons and dragons cartoon has spawned artists/fans different drawings of the D & D characthers--one in particular has a interesting prologue see at https://zentron.deviantart.com/gallery/25227231/Dungeons-Dragons

Here is another drawing with Hank and Shelia in Love!

{note copyrighted} Wink Wink

note-some have even gone so far as to draw the kids as adults Embarassed Embarassed example In one version Hank, Presto, Eric and Bobbi are bearded men and Shelia and Dinah are women Bobbi in particular looks like a neandrathral---wearing Uni Unicorn skull !!!! In another version Hank looks the same but carries all the others totems; in another version the only survivors are a full grown Uni and ....Eric who likewise carries all the others totems..implying that all the others have been destroyed...and they are the only survivors... the problem with all these interprations is that it gets away from the intent:
6 teenagers in a fantasy land

here is another D & D fanfiction--
read and enjoy!

Kids are still missing...

I found this Interesting D & D spoof on the Internet...

Scooby-doo D & D!!!

Hank the Ranger....Fred Jones
Shelia the thief.......Daphne Blake
Presto the wizard.....Thelma Dinkley
Eric the Chavelier.....Shaggy Rogers
Bobbi Barbarian........Scooby dooo

3 D & D wiki websites

see the following for the last story for an alternative univervise D & D in which the kids DO Not succeded in redeeming Venger!

In this version of Dungeons and Dragons, the Kids fail to redeem the good part of Venger from the tomb...</p>

<p>Story taken up by Karena...</p>

<p> Karena: I suppose it is only natural that siblings have a certain rivaly betwwen them...so as it was with my Brother Venger.<br>
I was younger but I could sense that he was too impatient to learn the wisdom of using Dungeonmaster's magic.<br>
He always wanted everything here and now....being a smart person I realized that it was only a matter of time<br>
before he would usirp our fathers role...and seize magic for his own rule....I had to stop him...that was why<br>
I knew if I had his ring of the Mind...combined with my ring of the heart....he would NEVER Prevail...yet in<br>
that purpose...I failed...father always hoped his "Pupils" would redeem my brother back to goodness. Of all the pupils<br>
the ones who came closest were 6 young ones from another world. One who freed me from both my prison cave and<br>
the temptation of evil magic was a young red haired female human Shelia the Thief...</p>

<p> They had many adventures...with the hope of getting back to their own world...and usually defeating my brother's plans.<br>
Ultimately they came upon my brothers greatest fear..the tomb with his goodness...just as they were going to unlock the<br>
tomb when who should show up but Tiamat...who thought this a good time to destroy Venger...the tomb was buried forever...<br>
in fact what was destroyed was the tomb key...and father ...and nearly all of Dungeonmasters pupils...with one exception...</p>

<p> I took no part in this final battle...for my brother...transported me to his dungeon after putting a sleeping spell on<br>
me and then took my ring..and changed my Dungeonmaster robes into an ordinary dress.{He was terrified I'd use even a<br>
hint of magic to escape him}. I can still remember Venger that day:</p>

<p> Venger: Hello despicable annoying little sister...are those magic chains hurting your delicate wrists?</p>

<p> Myself: Not as much as you'll be hurting when I get my ring back...</p>

<p> Venger: {Sneering} Unlikely...this time I placed it where neither you or anyone else can ever retreve it...it was my orginal<br>
intention to have you chained here for a few hundred years...but I deceided to be mercyful....</p>

<p> Myself: I've had a taste of your mercy before....I dont belevie you one bit...</p>

<p> Venger: My mercy...is that you will not be alone in your doom...bring the prisioner in!</p>

<p> Two Orcs brought in Shelia the Thief...sans Cloak in magic handcuffs. One eye was swelled and blackened..she was missing a tooth her nose was bleeding and
she had scratches,bruises and welts all over her face and hands. </p>

<p> Orc: Lord Venger the last one remaining of Dungeonmaster Spies is here...it was necessary to use a whip to subdue her as she refused to cooperate
with your order to surrender. She is very strange..she meerly sat screaming over the body of the Barbarian..instead of fleeing from us. Do you want the hot irons and cold water used on her so as to break her will to resist you Great Lord?</p>

<p> Venger: A good idea but no time to use it on her. An equaly painful method is to Hang the new prisoner hands in chains upon the rack so that all her body's muscle joints will feel every bit of unbearable pain as is possible.<br>
Then leave.</p>

<p> Orcs: At once Lord Venger</p>

<p> She was chained beside me with her hands high above her head with metal bands across her neck and waist; her feet were just off the floor.<br>
My dear Brother proceded to "interrigate" her.</p>

<p> Venger: Prisoner Thief...you and Prisoner Karina are gulity of High Treason against the Lord of this Realm...anything to say before sentence<br>
of Death is pronounced on you both?</p>

<p> Shelia: {Angry defiance} You killed part of my heart when you destroyed my brother and my friends...why did you leave me alive?</p>

<p> Venger: {Sneering} Pity your are not one of the Realms inhabints..we live far longer than your puny humans can...why<br>
take my Dear little Sister....younger than me...but far older than you could ever dare wish to be...</p>

<p> Shelia: SO what?</p>

<p> Venger: If you were one of the Realm...I would turn you both into living skelatons and then chain you up beside my sister...so that for centuries would pass...and you'd both witness my trumphiant rule...in perfect misery...of knowing you can do nothing to stop it. I have the perfect scheme to handle both of you at the same time...HA..HA..HA...Arent you going to beg and pled for a mercyful death from me?</p>

<p> Shelia: {Proudly} Never from You Venger...My brother and I are descended on both sides of our parents from ancient races of Kings and Queens...from our father
we are of the Uí Briain ...who ruled for centuries before you even existed...while my scottish mothers clan motto is ...S'RIOGHAIL MO DHREAM...which means
MY RACE IS ROYAL..you little peasant!</p>

<p> Myself: I silently aplauded my friends defiant spirit...nothing could hurt him so much as the fact that there are some persons he cannot crush with
his Iron rule.</p>

<p> Venger: {Coldly} If I were in not such a good mood..of finally ruling the Realm..I would put a spell on you earth "Princess" so as to leave you in a torment of
unbearable pain and agony for a few centuries...</p>

<p> Shelia: {proud Defiance} And I promise YOU I will spend every moment plotting MY REVENGE on THEE forever</p>

<p> </p>

<p> Venger: I shall be content to keep you in agony here overnight....by nightfall tomorrow after both of you have served my purpose neither of you pests
shall ever trouble me forever...but will have permanent lodgings in the underworld while I RULE ABOVEGROUND ! {laughs} [Venger leaves]</p>

<p> Myself: Shelia...are all your friends and Dungeonmaster ...Gone from this life?</p>

<p> Shelia: Yes dear friend...all of them even Uni are not among the living...I alone survive in nearly unbearable heartache and pain...<br>
I did have time to keen over my brother.. and I did manage to give those Orcs...bites and scratches from my teeth and fingernails that
they'll never forget...{she coughed and spat out her bloody mouth spit}...no matter what pains I shall go through...I may scream...but I'll never
beg or trust in his "mercy"</p>

<p> Only when we were alone did Shelia and I wept tears of grief for our lost ones...we were not going to give Venger the satisfaction of<br>
seeing us mourn our losses. Shelia just managed that night not to fill the hours with screams of pain...grief for her lost friends and hatred<br>
of Venger strengthed her will to defy him any way she could. Every once in a while a guard would stare at us from the door..not to prevent<br>
escape [which was impossible] but to see if Shelia will to defy Venger was broken....Shelia would always shout: Tell that Montebank peasant<br>
that the Princess defys his mercy....for eternity.</p>

<p> Chapter 2<br>
Myself: The Next day both of us were outside Vengers castle gibbeted and chained inside a cage hanging from the crossbeam of a giblet<br>
I wore a sign "Traitor" and Shelia wore a sign "Assassian"<br>
A large crowd of the Realms Inhabits were there. Shelia keeping repeating to herself "Let me have strengh to endure the ordeal...".<br>
On his faithful hellhound horse Venger appeared.<br>
An orc herald blew a trumpet and read a speech:</p>

<p> Herald: Here ye...Hear ye....On the first day of his glorious rule Our Lord Venger Father of the Realm has Discovered two Traitors to his Rule and the State...
one is his own flesh and blood and the other is an alien from another world...who conspired with others of their kind to overthrow our beloved Leader and bring choas to the Realm. Such treason only merits Punishment by Execution. Protector High Judge Lord Venger has kindly voluntered to undertake the punishment of the last two living miscreants himself..to guard the REalm...</p>

<p> Myself: Had the situtation not been so deadly...I would have laughed outloud at my brothers twisted lies...one thing I noticed is that none of the crowd
[including Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, wizards and socceress] were Cheering the speach but had grown quite pale..had they an incling of what
type of Rule my dear brother was going to show for the Realm? Even Vengers horse looked as if it would rather race back to its place of origan
then witness our ordeal. What puzzled me was the form our doom would be...I knew his vicious nature would not permit our doom to be either meriful or swift.
Venger appeared and raised his hand toward both of us...a red spot appeared on our cloathing were our hearts were. </p>

<p> Venger: These two conspirators hearts plotted against me...now they are so linked that one cannot survive the other.<br>
As their cold hearts conspired against me...Ice will punish them. </p>

<p>We were both encased in ice</p>

<p> Myself: So that was our doom...by ice...first fear, panic and then resignation would overtake us.<br>
We would both perish slowly and painfully bit by bit. Our ordeal lasted nearly all day and was painful..</p>

<p>Just before midnight Venger spoke:</p>

<p>Venger: I shall now remove the ice.. These two villainous females deserve their fate. However I shall be merciful and grant them the privlage of being strangled....if they acknowledge my just and benefical rule over all....lower the cage into the ice water below!


<p>Myself: We were both lowered underwater.
Neither of us accepted his "last" offer. Trust my brother to offer such a "mercyful end"-with fear and terror to the victim! A tiny part of my mind was screaming...beg him his mercy...yet when I saw the steel of moral strengh in my friends heart...I marveled that despite the fire like agony she had gone through the night, that somehow this frail little mortal human girl would indeed never bow down to Venger...I felt strenghted to defy him as well.<br>
While our lungs screamed for air just as the water covered us, I could sense Shelia thoughts: Dear Friend the end is near....<br>
My last thought was wonder...would Venger enjoy seeing our pathetic last struggles to keep alive while grasping for breath?<br>
Just before the end at midnight mine and Shelia's last thoughts were the same:...I'm Free...I'm Free.<br>
It was almost in joyful relief that our spirts left our bodies.<br>
Throughout the ordeal the crowds were very quiet and left silently..too late did they understand what kind of rule my brother would impose on them.<br>
Only the Orcs cheered Venger...yet I could sense even they were not giving the cheers spontainsly..but from a deep fear.<br>
Our chained remains would left hanging forever as "proof" of Vengers "Justice" and iron hearted rule...<br>
my Brother still rules the realm...now he has become a slave to fear and paranioa...<br>
Our deaths were quite painless compared to the executions which now occur daily instead of yearly...<br>
The enthreal spirts of myself and my friend still walk endessely... by day in the Otherworld....and by night above the ground...<br>
we both are still searching for our equally lost enthreal friends...<br>
and to whomever meets us on our travels...<br>
I tell our story...forevermore</p>


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Shelia makes a new friend

Shelia slowly swam to the middle of the Bay. She put the air hose in her mouth and slowly dived down. Shed always enjoyed Scuba diving..it gave her a sense of freedom and peace; of becoming one with nature and the sea.
Today she was using two tanks..she could stay down longer than usual.
As usual she was gently swimming when out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw something following her. Her fingers reached for the handle of her dive knife she kept strapped to her elbow. Slowly she swam toward a rock ourcropping and ducked behind it...what ever it was she would be as ready as she would ever be. keeping her air bubbles to a minimium...she waited for whatever it was.
The figure swam slowly but surely and was following the girl. Shelia's heart began to beat a little faster. Her fingers tightened on the handle. It slowly swam and came into view...Shelia was stunned to see it was a actual mermaid. Slowly she rose from her hiding place and swam to meet the sea creature.
The mermaid spied the cautious girl and swam to meet her. Shelia gazed at her and after pointing to her mouth and signaling she couldnt talk underwater wrote on a chalkboard: I am Shelia..who are you?
The mermaid understood and wrote" I am Ariel would you like to join me in a tea party?"
Shelia wrote "Yes"
The mermaid swam over she took Shelia by the hand and guided her to a cavern.
Sheila surfaced in an underground pool.
Ariel laughed: There we are love...did you think youd have to drink underwater?
Shelia [giggled} The thought had crossed my mind...may i ask..are their any more like yourself?
Ariel: I..dont ..know...at..my...er .."young" age...I havn't really meet anyone else like me..
Shelia:You...have a long...er...lifetime?
Ariel: By human standards....ancient....by....mermaid..standards...Im still a youngster...let us try...crabcakes...and seaweed tea...
Shelia tried the repast and really enjoyed it.
Ariel: You...really ...need all...that gear...to swim in the beautiful sea...?
Shelia: Yes...I'm afraid...my lungs cant change air from water..would you wish to live among mermaids again?
Ariel: Yes...please ..do you know of others like myself?
Shelia: In another world..the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons...can you change to human form temporally?
Ariel: Yes..but only as long as I touch land...
Shelia: Come with me..Im caretaking my house for a week alone...you can sleep in our bathtub...
The next night the two girls are at the Amusement Park..
Ariel: Why did we come after it closed?
Shelia: There is a chance we can travel back or not...
Ariel: I've nothing to lose...lets GO
The two females get on a D & D car which appears by itself...they go in the tunnel..there is a white flash...the two girls find themselves in the Realm..
Shelia in D & D custume and Ariel as a mermaid...
Ariel Goes into water: OH...dear old salt water...essence of life...wont you join me...?
Shelia smiles and points to her mouth: I'd love to but....
Ariel: {giggles} Sorry I forgot...let me kiss you and give you the gift...
Ariel draws Shelia underwater...bubbles come up..Shelia comes up...
Shelia: I can breathe underwater...[dives again]
Both Girls swim to the sea bottom....
Shelia: Can you sense other mermaids?
Ariel: Of course....come on...this way!
Both find themselves before the mermaid Queen.
Queen: Welcome...Thief...Dungeonmaster was a good friend...Ariel...we are glad a lost child of ours...has come back...
Ariel: Many...ah...years ago...I was a mermaid princess...I fell in love with Eric...I even
gave up being a mermaid so...I could love him...I found out his idea of love was to make me
part of a harem...instead of killing him and his...mistress...I returned to the sea...a little while
later I saw the mistress throw herself into the sea...she begged me not to save her...it seems
that Eric had married her...without telling her about me and that he already had a wife...I had
pity on her...she became my sister...we became mermaids united in our hatred of Eric...she died of anger and a broken heart
Shelia: What happened to Eric?
Shelia: After she found out about Eric...collections...His legal wife was a viking throuback...she
divorced him...and warned him if he dared to take back her or her lands..it would be the last
thing he'd ever do.in this life...he took the hint...of course when it became known what kind of
man he was...no sane woman would have anything to do with him
Shelia: Is your heart still unfilled..by...love?
Ariel: Yes...but I hope to find my true missing half...
Shelia: I...suffered heartbreak...before I found my love....dont despair....friend...you find your
missing half...
Ariel and Shelia.
Ariel: Will you stay with us?
Shelia: Well yes...I did promise my folks Id find a place to live....and I do love the freedom of swimming in the seas...of course id have to be changed...from human to mermaid...
Ariel: That wont be hard...welcome to thy new home

Note: in this Alternative Universe of D & D; Bobbi, Terri return to the Realm!

Title:Bobbi and Terri leave the realm!
Bobbi and Terri walked to the seashore.
BobbI: How about a swim?
Terri: We might as well bathe....we need it.
Terri began disrobing to her underwear
Bobbi also disrobed to his underwear
Both held hands and waded into the water.
Terri: I challenge you female vs male...to dive down as deep as you dare...and then come up..in a underwater kissing contest...to see who can stay down the longest
BobbI: I take up your dare...soulmate!
Both dive down. Bubbles of kissing come up to the surface,.
Both came up...gasping for breath.
BobbI: Ah shoot...twas a tie!
As Bobbi and Terri walked back from their sea bathing they were tongue-tied. Suddendly without warning, a beam of light surrounded them both. They didnt even have time to scream each others names at one another. The next thing Bobbi knew he was strapped down to a operating table. He smelled antiseptic which always made him feel sick. He glimpsed Terri also nearby and also strapped down. He could feel wires attached to his head and one over his heart. He wanted to escape to fight the restraints and rescue Terri but a wire was inserted into his arm and he became drowsy. He felt himself being washed all over his body and blushed.

He realized he was the patient in some kind of operation..but what could it be? Was he and Terri going to used as guinea pigs in some bizarre experiements? Were they going to be used in....gender changing? Bobbi gulped. He was fine at being born a male....it was nearly too shocking to even imangine how he could be changed. If worse came to worse..than that...he made a silent prayer that he would have the mortal strengh to resist torture..and not degrade himself by begging for mercy. After all, he and his sister were descedants of Kings, Queens and warriors.

After a while, he began to awake up. He was no longer strapped to a table, but his hands and feet felt different. To his relief he found he was still the same gender he'd been born with. He realized he was floating in an aquariam of fish and coral although the water was strange silver/yellow mixture. An air mask with a feeding tube and a gas tube had been fitted over his mouth and nose. He began to instinctvely breathe in the strange gas/air mixture. He began to feel as part of nature and the water..scuba diving with Shelia had always given him a sense of freedom.

Somehow he began to accept his fate...he saw movement and began to swim toward it. He found his hands and feet had been altered to become webbed and he could swim easier. He came upon Terri...who had been altered as he had been to live in this new envirorment. He embraced her to show she wasn't alone. One thing still puzzeled him...what was he and Terri doing here? It wasnt until he saw the aliens pointing at him outside, that he realized they were a new spieces exhibit...Home Sapiens Male and Female in their orginal home. His first instinct had been to charge headlong...but he realized several things: he and Terri were marrooned on a distant planet further from Earth and the Realm. They had no way to get back...if there was one good thing...he and Terri were together.
With no other recourse..each became the live humanoid merman and mermaid show at the aquarium...they were very popular.

]Shelia the Thief was...deceased
her ashs along with her burning heart floated in the sea.
Tiamat flew above. She recognized that smell...one of vengers enemies
had perished at the stake....she was always on the lookout for magic...
she sensed the heart and picked it up....she knews whose heart this had been...she could feel the hate of venger coming from it...she opened a
scale and placed the heart there...and smiled...anything that hurt Venger
was welcome to her.. That night she slept on her treasure pile...and saw
a very pale Shelia coming toward her.
Shelia: Beware...those has my broken and hate filled heart.
Tiamatt was very intelligent...if the last of Dungeonmaster pupils was gone...then Venger must have their weopons...yet why didn't he attack me? It could only be that he wants to make sure of my death....which means...Tiamatt realized she needed one ally against Venger....there was only one person left who could help. Tiamatt flew faster than the wind to Karena who was picking magic herbs.
Karena: Hale o terrible queen of dragons how may I be of service?
Tiamatt: Come forward and behold thy friends heart The Thieef
Kareana wet forward...and dropped back in shock.
Tiamatt: I suspect Venger is going to capture dragonbane..with that and the totems I will follow thy friend to the underworld...followed by you...now is there anything Vengers hates and fears more in the realm..besides me?
Karena: His tomb of goodness...hes terrified he'll be changed by it
Tiamatt: Get on my back and direct me to it
Tiamatt and Karena flew to the site. Karena picked up and restored a broken key....my magic cant uncover the tomb from the landslde
Tiamatt: But my magic can and did
Karena put the key in the lock...she fanished a reope and lopped it to the lid which she then gave to Tiamatt
Karena: Use the rope to open the top only when Venger is directly over it.
Don't get any magic on yourself...else you will change..
Tiamatt: Don't you want me to die..or worse change?
Karena: No..I swore an oath to my father that I would never kill or change you
Venger was almost in Tardos Keep...the dragonbane would be his...
No...it cant be....Not that He directed Nightmare to the one place in the Realm he feared....he saw his sister
VengerL Good I will destroy both you and the tomb
Karena: Not this easly dear brother
They fight....when venger is over his tomb it sprig open
He us engulfed in his goodness...screams...and changes to a young man
Venger: Sister..whats happened...all I remember is a monstrous evil...
Karena: You been under a spell for a long time...father is gone fighting evil ...his instructions..were you to complete your apprentischip....by
changing 1,000 years of wrong doing...as a sign of confidence..here is the ambulant
Venger; Ill start now....[Vanishes]
Tiamatt: You did not tell him of his...former life...?
Karena: No...those were fathers instructions....when he comes back he shall be the next dungeonmaster..hands totems to Tiamatt
Shelia ghost appears and put out her hands
her heart appears in them...and she claps it to her chest
She does a perfect curtsey to Timatt and karena
Shelia: I thank you both..for the rest...I now have...I must join the others among the stars
Tiamatt; Good Riddence...that thing was feeling too good for me! fliesaway
Karena mounts a reformed Nightmare: Old Friend when Venger returns
I shall join you...up there..home faithful mount

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Shelia finished bathing and redressed herself.
ordinarilery she enjoyed bathing..it always refreshed her....yet it couldnt cure the fact of
her lonelieness....her tears dropped into the water...and she put her head down and slightly
Voice: What ails thee thou fair maid?
Shelia almost turned herself invisible...yet she was curious to ask: Who said that?
Voice: Myself...who else...?
Out stepped a young male elf clad in brown and green. He had a sword, shield and a bow with
quiver of arrows...he looked to be about her age..
Shelia: My...lord...an elf...
Voice: And who else would I be? Link...hero to lonely maids and adventures at thy service...
Shelia: I..am..Shelia Ni O'Brian...aka The Thief...the last of Dungeonmaster pupils still in the Realm..but Link perished with Princess Zelda...years ago..
Link: That was my uncle...I avenged their deaths...and try to carry on the tradition of helping those in diestress...poor human...you look like thee could use some venison and tea...would thou dine with me now? A little longer and the animails would be collecting the reward on thy corpus...
Shelia: Why..yes of course....
Link lead Shelia to his woodland home....the girl was nearly famished....and gladly partook of the humble meal
Shelia: I am lonely...would thou have me as a wife?
LinK: As an orphan..I lived pretty much by myself...however a helpmate would be useful..
Shelia: I can sew and cook...and Im teachable to hunting ...if thou would teach me...I ask only one thing in return...thou are not married or engaged are thee? I wouldnt want to add to my sins of being a homewrecker...
Link: No...significant other...or children...shall we vow one another as spouses?
Shelia: Id thought thee would never ask...let me make a garland of flowers for my hair...
Shelia allowed Link to undress her...her cloak, dress and boots came off first..lastly her
undergarments. In return Shelia undressed Link. When she beheld him she almost fainted
for love was flooded her heart.
Shelia: Your body...is so beautiful....I feel like a schoolgirl having her first love...
Both knelt and made vows to be spouses to one another.
Then they both went into the bathing pool
Shelia: Please look at my back...but be prepared...
Link: Whip scars..?
Shelia: It happened the second time I came back to the Realm...an evil outlaw captured me..he thought that since I was surnamed "Thief" I had stolen and hidden a lot of treasure. When I didnt satisty him with the truth...he tried to beat it out of me...Hank created the diversion; Bobby smashed the fortess down...trapping the outlaw in his magic treasure room forever and Terri used a healing net on me...but the scars can never be removed...we all then deceided to leave the Realm...until we meet a red dragon...I was the only one left alive. After what happened to the others...I couldnt go back to my homeworld...who would understand...the Realm..? So I lived like an animial in the woods...Hank was my first almost love...when we first came I was 13 and he was 15...it never developed...he was the leader always trying to get us home..and fighting evil...a burden he would never be completly free of..three bad adventures I'll never forget..when I was trapped all alone...and then there were the time my friends and I... nearly became no existence...and s nearly destroyed by the Nameless one...{she shivered}...only once did I nearly fall into love with another person...when Diane and I saw a elf prince....we were so giddy in lovesickness...the second time I came back...Hank and I agreed to wait until I was old enough to marry unless we changed our minds....today was my 17th birthday....old enough...so much for my affairs of the heart..and thyself Link?
LInk: During my adventures...I've meet princess and fairy women...but none would have me...princess do not marry non noble heroes...and fairy women...are well unpredictable..only once did I nearly commit myself...a beautiful rich woman tried to seduce me..so she could steal my lifeforce to remain young...I releized an ancestor portrait was actaully hers...I had her drink a sleeping potion and destroyed her ring...she became dust...later her ghost thanked me for freeing her from enslavement to the ring...so you almost fell in love with a elf prince?
Shelia: It remiands me of the first time I saw an elf...it was when I was first here...my friend Dinah and I almost swooned when we saw a procession of a elf, dwarf, humans, several small males all led by a wizard with a staff and sword...
Link: YOu saw them...?
Shelia: Yes...who were they?
Link: That was the fellowship of the Ring...{Link explained }
Shelia: {Giggles} So that explains why they were there...just as well we didnt join them...a ring of power....woud have been too much a temptation...even with the best of intentioms....are elfs so different from humans?
Link: Well we age differently...and our ears... [Link places his hands over Shelias ears and murmured a spell. Shelia touched her changed ears]
Shelia: Oh..thanks love..now my ears their like yours...now I'll give you a gift... [Shelia kissed Link and pulled him underwater...bubbles came up. ..then they both surfaced]
Link: You..we..can breathe underwater...can all human girls do that?
Shelia: [Laughs] No....only if your given that gift by a friendly mermaid....
Shelia and Link got out of the pool.. a unicorn came up to them...Link put his hand on the horses forehead
Link: How about a short ride?
Shelia: its been ages since ive had horsefleash under my legs [giggles] lets go..you can talk with them?
Link: Its kind of a mind..mind thing...elves just can do it..along with other non humans
Both got on the horses back..and had a good gallop
When they were done, helped by Shelia, Link pointed the Unicorn to the Valley of the Uncorns--it joyfully sped off to its new home
Shelia: Is it true Unicorns only allow virgins to ride them?
Link: I dont know...prehaps on your world...
Shelia: Well it did happen to me once...when we had to rescue unicorns from Keleek..I guess after tomorrow if a Unicorn refuses to let me ride it..it must be true..I mean being married...lets go home
Both opened their hearts to one another
Shelia: Do elves...take more than one wives?
Link: Only if your very wealthy....some are quite modest...only six or so...
Shelia: Why only six and not seven?
Link: Even elf lovers have to rest one day....my Uncle Link..many elf, fairy, and human women loved him...but the only one who captured his heart was Zelda...she was renowned for her fierce love for Link...her short temper ...and her golden hair...
Shelia: I love you...my temper can be short..only Im a red head...
LinK: Prehaps we are reencarnations of Link and Zelda...[Looks into her eyes] say...when did you have a fairy ancestor?
Shelia: How do you know? There is a legend that one of my ancestors was so warlike, a saint claimed a fairy woman must have been an ancestor...
Link: There is a little trace of a fairy spark in thy soul...
Shelia: I dont do magic...but I remember..one time we rescuded Dungeonmaster from Venger..I spoke the fairy tongue....but my brother...he was so human...
Link: Apparenntly that spark is in the distaff side of your family...only waiting for the right moment to emerge....thy is a lost child of the Realm...come back home
Shelia: Then...I really am home in the Realm after all....?
Link: Yes Love you are home
Shelia: Any princeses to save and dragons to slay?
Link: No...Im afraid that with Venger turning good...evil is not as big as it once was...of course
there is the exceipment of a hunt...knowing you just may not come back...
Shelia lies in bed. "The stories..I remarked about...about elfs and humans were written by a professor of ancient
languages...he would have felt right at home in the Realm...one poem I remmeber is called
The Hoard...it goes like this..an elfen treasure trove is lost...it is fouund by a dwarf who
makes beautiful objects but goes old and blind before he is slain by a dragon who in turn
guards the hoard until he is slain by a warrior-king..who thinks of nothing but the hoard until
he is slain in old age by an enemy..the hoard is lost...and the theme is..greed...all who grasp
it\are devored by the lust of greed until they are destroyed....
Link: There are similar legends in the Realm...only they happen to be true..prehaps our
worlds arnt so different after all. What means thy name?
Shelia: Shelia daughter of Brian...we even go back to Niall of the Nine
hostages...according to legend..he was in a contest to claim land from a rvial chief...whosever
touched the land...held it forever...they were racing in their wooden longships..when Niall
cut off his left hand..and threw it so as to claim it...many clains claim him as a ancestor...
Link: Im not suprized..when men will do to claim...power...wealth..magic...Niall would have
been at home here...are our worlds so different?
Shelia: Here the prime mover is magic..there it was machines...example there with the help of machives a person can breathe underwater..here that's done with mermaids and nymphs...here I feel so much alive ...part of nature...especially when I bathe or walk in the woods...of course I have to be on the lookout for any satyr or centaur...who deceides Id make a addition to their harem....
Link: For one so young..thou has learned to live in the Realm...
Kisses Shelia who repsonds with giggles
For about a year Shelia and Link had a happy home...in due time she gave birth to a girl.
After nearly a year Selia gave birth...the rite of motherhood caused her
features to bloom with happiness
Shelia: She has your eyes and ears..with my red hair and freckles..oh how
I adore thee little one...she has a white birthmark...how about Stella which means Star
LinL I;m.....I'm a father
Shelia was young and strong but childbirth left her weak..nonetheless she
laughed and played with her daughter.... Shelia and Link took their child for its first bath. Shelia kissed the child underwater and then very quietly she baptized the child when they came up. She also embraced and then surrepitiously bapatized Link as well. Her thoughts were thus: Forgive me husband but Im not going to be seperated from either of you for eternity just because neither of you are formerly baptized
For nearly a year Shelia and Link had a happy home
One Night...Shelia..started and went white in fear. She went outside and back shaking very badly.
Link: Whats wrong?
Shelia: You must know: The O'Brians have a Banshee--a fairy woman...who calls out the
names of family memebrs in old irish...before they pass on...from the world...the last time...I heard her...when my brother passed on..and now she has called out my name and our daugthers name as well.. the Death Coach will come...I must go...if you follow..
Link: I'll fight and drive her away..
Shelia;Please Link...she cannot be faught...nor can one hide from her..
Link: I...swear...I shall follow thee...both
Shelia: But...you..dont know the puishments I shall endure...
LinK; Life without either of you...is torture...
Shelia: hark....I hear it coming....
The door opens...the coach is waiting...Shelia begins to move with her child
Link walks beside her...they get to the coach...Shelia goes inside...Link follows
Shelia: Oh...such a stubborn...husband
Link: Where else can a I find a wife like thee...let us go on the ultimate journey...
Voice: Sis...whos the wise guy?
Shelia: Bobby...and Terri..this is my husband Link...and our child Stella O'Brian 'Ni Link
Bobby: Does that mean IM an uncle?
Shelia: Yes Bobby....How Ive missed you both. Wheres Hank?
Bobby; He got reincarnated as a hero knight doing good fighting evil
Shelia: Well...he always did want to fight for good everywhere..
When the coach stopped they all got out at their round hill tomb.
Terri gave Link, Shelia and Stell white shrouds and Bobby gave them white face masks.
Link gathered Shelia and Stella and carried them to their tomb
Shelia: Its..about like our bed in home...let us make ourselves comfortable
Bobby: Sis....Link..we rest during the day..at night we get up for the dance macrabe...
Bobby and terri go to their own joint tomb
Bobby was the first to stir up. He stretched himself. Beside him Terri also got up.
Terri: Its time now isnt it?
Bobby: Yes.Link and Shelia will be up and about...
He embraced and kissed his soulmate.
Bobby; Terri weather you be in rags or robes...you have my heart...
Terri: Bobby..you always say that...Look our ride are waitig for us to go
Bobbi and Terri go together on the small pony. Link, Shelia, Stella got on the horse.
Terri: {Giggled}Its good I learned to ride astride...I never could manage sidesaddle...
Like the winds the mounts flew....and were there in no time.

Shelia, Link Bobby and terri moved toward the fire
Shelia: Grandmother....oh how glad to see you...mother what are you doing here?
Mother: Shelia...my child...now a woman...my granddaugther too...I just passed....when you did....who is this er...?
Shelia: Mother...my husband Link...he's is...was an elf...from another world...we married one another on my 17th birthday...our child Stella O'Brian Ni Link...
Grandmother: 3 generations from me..all together tonight
All clasped hands and joined the circle...all laughted and danced...throughout
the night...at the sound of the rooster..the dance broke up.
The children got back on their mounts and arrived before dawn broke.
Link Shelia Stella disappeared into their tomb..and Bobby carried Terri into their
small grave.
Bobby: I was the Barbarian..but just for the record Terri McNeil...my formal name
was Robert Ui Brian. Have you ever regretted coming back to the Realm?
Terri: No...where you go...I go...have you ever wondered why females are on the
left of males?
Bobby: I hadnt thought about it...why?
Terri: It goes back to Adam and Eve...when Eve was made out of Adam side...a female
heart points more to her right...were she came out of Adam {Giggles]
Bobby: Uni safe with the other Unicorns... I wonder how the others made out ..in our world...?
Terri: Presto apprenticed himself to a magic act; Erics grooming himself to become
his fathers succesor; Dinah...probably a Olympc gym instructor....yet we choose to
come back....
BobbY; The realm is more real for us than our other world....you know when the
dragon fire struck us....my last thought was that seperation from you...forever...
was the worst pain...I could ever have felt....
Terri: Barbarian...soulmate..rest....till we dance and laugh...at nght....
BobbI: There is one advantage...to our ...present state...
Terri: Which is?
Bobby: No worrying about...food or drink...

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