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Masters of the Universe Classics: Evil Seed

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:51 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Evil Seed Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

One of the best things about the Classics line is finally getting many of the characters created for the cartoons in figure form for the first time. One of the most frequently requested characters is that of Evil Seed.

Evil Seed first appeared in the Filmation episode of the same name. A memorable villain not only for his odd appearance, but more so in that he was powerful, dangerous and independent, forcing He-Man and Skeletor to work together to overcome him. Also memorable is he was one of the few villains to actually die in the series, though as he wilted away he vowed to return one day. Sadly he never did, at least not in Filmation.

Evil Seed appeared in the 200X cartoon series, though like most characters he received a complete redesign and new back story. (I think this was a requirement for the show; they could use Filmation characters but they had to look completely different) Now he was an old enemy of Moss Man (which makes sense since they're both plant people) and this time he survived his debut and later returned teaming up with Skeletor as part of the Council of Evil. After the council was defeated and disbanded though he was never seen again. The last we saw of him he fled from battle inside a giant vine pod, though oddly he took Evil-Lyn with him and we certainly saw her again so what happened off screen?

Evil Seed finally arrives in figure form as part of the Club 200X mini-sub. So naturally he is based entirely on his 200X appearance. Many fans were hoping to get an alternate head and robe for his Filmation version but that would've been expensive and/or too limiting of articulation. Thankfully it was recently revealed that the Filmation version will be getting a separate figure release next year, so for now let's look at the 200X version. He comes on the standard MOTUC blister card package. The back shows off other figures in the line and gives us a new bio.

As usual I'm not found of the real name, though I'm having trouble thinking of a better one. Now in the cartoon there was nothing to suggest Moss Man created Evil Seed they were just old enemies. The bio also really shortens how he escaped too. To fully explain Orko went looking for Moss Man, having never met him before and not knowing what he looked like, so he stumbles on to the chamber where Evil Seed is held and seeing a plant man thinks this is Moss Man. It should be noted Evil Seed was stuck inside some kind of pod covering that apparently negated his powers so he couldn't escape, the only other restraint was a small vine around his leg that Orko can hardly be blamed for not seeing. Evil Seed turned on the false charm and pretended to be Moss Man giving Orko some seeds to plant, which turned out to be for his monster vines that grew and broke him out. See now Moss Man is partly to blame there since the bag of seeds was kept in the cell with Evil Seed. It was just out of reach, thanks to the leg restraint, so he couldn't use them himself but why did Moss Man keep them at all let alone in the same room as the prisoner?

At any rate it's also worth noting Evil Seed got recaptured at the end of that episode and it was Skeletor who freed him again off screen.

Let's take a look at the figure now. Now one thing to note is that in the cartoon Evil Seed was a thinner character but here he uses the same standard buck so he's a bit bulkier than you might expect based on the show, but he still captures the look and fits in with the line. He has all the standard articulation; head shoulders and hips on ball joints, swivels at the biceps waist and wrists, standard joints at the elbows knees and ankles, and the mid torso ab crunch. His tooling is a mix of some old parts and a lot of new ones. He actually has the standard torso but with an overlay glued on so it is non-removable. It only covers the top part of the torso, but has sculpted on vines that hang low blending the whole thing together as his actual body -even though it also forms a collar piece around his neck. Similarly his waist covering blends in so it does not look like a loincloth. The vines running down his legs are actually part of this piece and hang low wrapped around his legs creating one flowing look, but also remaining loose enough that it does not hinder articulation.

Evil Seed has all new shoulders and forearms which feature vine sculpts and spiky thorns sticking out of them. He likewise has new lower leg a feet sculpts with spikes on the kneecaps as well. Since he is supposed to be barelegged he naturally has no boot cut articulation.

His face sculpt is also very cool capturing that sinister sneer on his odd mouth. The eyes almost glow with an evil red. The paint job on Evil Seed is very nicely done. Even though he is mostly all one solid green with brown vines and thorns, there is a bit of wash to give detail and shadowing over his body.

Evil Seed comes with two accessories, though only the first one is really for him. It's a monster vine with a sort of flytrap pod head/mouth on the end. Just the sort of thing you'd expect Evil Seed to have for battle. It's made with a sort of flexible plastic and curled so you can wrap it around his arm as though he's shooting it out at enemies. It might be worth noting that it kinda works better on his left arm, as the left hand is a bit more open and able to grip around the vine.

The second accessory is not for Evil Seed, and is not even from 200X. This is a Filmation artifact called the Scepter of Power from the episode The Magic Falls. While Evil Seed can hold it, it's really meant more for your King Randor figure as, in the episode, it is said to be the symbol of the rulers of Eternia passed down through generations. The scepter is apparently purely symbolic of the rule though as, despite the name, it does not contain any magical powers nor is there any apparent rule that whoever owns it automatically gets to govern Eternia. (this doesn't stop Skeletor from trying to steal it of course)

Now it is a bit odd for a Filmation artifact to come with a 200X character, especially in this case since the 200X story had the Council of Elders ruling Eternia until appointing Randor king whereas Filmation had a long line of Kings of Eternia which Randor was the latest of. Apparently the (semi) reason for this is Evil Seed was originally going to be part of the regular sub, but when they decided to add the Club 200X mini-sub he was shifted over to help boost sales since he was one of the most requested 200X characters. Dare/He-Ro II was then added to the main sub to fill the missing slot. Personally though I don't really care who the artifacts come with, it's always welcome to get them in the line.

I'm quite happy with how Evil Seed turned out. While he is admittedly more beefed up than he appeared on the cartoon, I honestly wasn't expecting anything different and frankly it's subtle enough that he still looks the way he should. While I still am looking forward to getting his Filmation version, I am glad we were able to get this one as well. As of this posting Evil Seed is still available on Mattycollector.com. (If you want the Filmation version you'll need to sign up for the Filmation sub in October as he's the exclusive figure) Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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