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Masters of the Universe Classics: Sssqueeze

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:38 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Sssqueeze Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

As we progress through the year we continue to wrap up the quest to get everyone from the vintage line in Classics form. With this month's release we have our first completed faction. Let's take a look at the final Snake Man; Sssqueeze.

Sssqueeze comes in the standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card bubble, complete with the Snake Men logo sticker on the bubble. As you can see, due to his massive arms, Sssqueeze is getting a taste of his own medicine and is rather squeezed in there himself. Flipping it around to the back we get a look at other Snake Men in the line and a new bio for Sssqueeze.

As usual the "real" name is incredibly lame, but there's not really too much to complain about as far as the info goes. It's worth noting that in the vintage continuity Sssqueeze (along with Snake Face) was released from the void later on than King Hiss. This was of course because the character was designed and released later than the initial Snake Men so the previous absence was explained away. Of course, on that note, it was a major plot point in the vintage line that most of the Snake Men remained trapped in the void and releasing them was King Hiss' main motive throughout the story. In 200X the entire army got released at once so Sssqueeze showed up right from the start.

Taking a look at the actual figure now he is almost entirely a new sculpt. I think his feet are reused, but everything else is completely new. Largely this is to accommodate his super scaly skin, which is incredibly detailed all over his head, back, legs and even those super long arms. His torso is all one sculpt though. He does feature the ab crunch articulation, but his armor is non removable. As far as the rest of his articulation goes his head is on the standard ball joint, he has standard joints at the knees and ankles, swivels at the boot cuts and waist and ball jointed thighs. His arm articulation is, naturally, a little more unique, which I'll cover in just a moment.

Classics Ssqueeze is modeled after his vintage figure and that is most apparent in the head sculpt. His whole head and jaws are more pointed and almost alligator like in appearance. In 200X he had a smaller more rounded head, and there are many fans who felt this was better as it seemed more snake like. Personally though I'm pleased with this route as it gives him a more unique look.

For an accessory Sssqueeze includes a purple snake thing that is reminisant of what his vintage figure had. I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be though. On the vintage figure the snake was more horizontal and could be wrapped around his arm. Here it's more vertical. It seems to have gone from a blaster or pet to a scepter.

Of course Sssqueeze's main weapon/feature is his long twistable arms. These things are quite large. When stretched out fully to the sides it measures just over 21 inches from hand to hand. He does feature wrist swivel articulation, however the joints are actually at the top of his bracers instead of the actual wrist. His shoulders are essentially ball jointed giving the same full range of movement as a normal figure, but they also have a special feature in that they are ratchet jointed. This means there's extra support at each click of movement so as to help hold up the weight of his massive arms. Of course that is to say it keeps the arms from falling down, the weight of the arms can, and will, still pull the entire figure over so it can be tricky finding poses to display him in where he will stay up. More than once I thought I had found one only to have him suddenly fall a few minutes, or even hours, later.

That aside though the playability of the figure is fantastic. The bulk of Sssqueeze's arms is made from a bendy material. This is a massive relief for fans as Mattel had been shying away from bendy stuff after the material used for Snout Spout proved to deteriorate. For some reason they kept ignoring fans who pointed out that the bendy stuff used on King Hiss or even the vintage Sssqueeze held up with no problems. The stuff used here feels a bit softer than the Classics Hiss, but is nowhere near the foam like substance from Snout Spout so there shouldn't be any future issues. Furthermore, it works fantastic making the Classic's Sssqueeze even more flexible than his vintage version. This is one character who just wouldn't have worked as a figure without his special feature so I am thrilled they were able to pull it off so well. (if only they had done this for Slush Head and Octavia)

Standing next to the vintage figure, you can see how he takes his design fully from that one. As is usual with this line, he then brings out the details of the sculpt more making him look even better. One thing the vintage could do that Classics can't is that the hands were able to grip on to his arms that helped with his tying up gimmick. The Classics version's hands are too closed to do this, conversely however they are able to hold extra weapons as a result. Also since they are more flexible the need for securing the grip vanishes.

The 200X version of Sssqueeze was released as a staction and thus emphasizes how the character looses a lot by not having flexible arms. Sssqueeze also went through a slight redesign in appearance and powers. Whereas the vintage version was always depicted as having permanently long arms, in 200X he had normal length arms that could stretch out. In addition his hands were normal when short, but transformed to snake heads when extended. His staction was made sort of mid transformation with his claw like fingernails extended over his snake head hands. It's interesting to note that this extending arms idea actually first appeared in a Filmation episode as a power of Kobra Khan (who was the only Snake Man at the time). It's believed this was the original inspiration for the Sssqueeze character. Some fans were hoping to get alternate short arms and/or snake head hands, but really that was a long shot given how much tooling budget already went into this guy.

Sssqueeze was one of my favorite Snake Men as a kid due to his unique nature and it's great to finally get him in Classics form. There's also a sense of closure in seeing our first completed faction. The fact that they not only did give him the bendy arms, but actually improved on the design makes him one of the best releases and super fun. At the time of this posting Sssqueeze is still available on Mattycolelctor.com, but is marked Almost Gone so better hurry. And on a side note, if you're a big Snake Man fan, you can also pick up Tung Lashor at the moment. (Snake Face was up too but he sold out) Good Luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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