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Masters of the Universe Classics: Tung Lashor

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:24 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Tung Lashor Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

First off let me explain that I have not slacked off here and the reason that I am getting to my reviews of the month so late in the month is that I just now got them. There was some kind of delay at Matty and everyone's November figures got shipped late. We've got a few to go through so let's get things started with the next member of the Snake Men army, Tung Lashor.

Tung Lashor comes on the standard MOTUC blister card package, complete with the Snake Men logo sticker on the bubble. We've almost completed the entire faction here. Just two more to go (one if you don't count Blast-Attak -but I do). The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and gives a bio for the character in the Classics continuity.

I'm not sure where the whole brainwashed by Evil-Lyn idea came into play. Possibly to explain away stories where Tung Lashor was working with Skeletor -which in the vintage continuity was simply that Skeletor and Hiss were allies (who were each secretly plotting behind the other's back but still...) whereas 200X and Classics had them as outright opponents. The bit about him having a venomous tongue is an early concept that was pretty much ignored in almost every final product.

Like Rattlor, Tung Lashor was a part of the Horde briefly in vintage continuity, but likewise it was before King Hiss was freed and once he was Tung quickly rejoined his brethren. I can't picture him turning on Hiss just because he got passed over for a promotion. As you can see though Tung Lashor's appearance in Filmation was very different than how his figure turned out. It's also worth noting that one episode had him working with Skeletor even though he still had his Horde emblem on.

Tung Lashor has a lot of new tooling to accommodate his unique look, which is inspired by his vintage figure mainly. The paint deco is bright and vibrant showing off his markings and colors. He features a new torso that is actually a bit longer and thinner. The mold is done to where his orange chest almost seems more like an armor breastplate, which would explain the raised, sculpted on, Snake Men emblem. He features new large feet, and while he does have tight ankles, he sadly does not have any rocker joints to help keep his feet flat on the ground like Leech did. He has brand new hands that capture the three fingered look from the vintage -and make him look more like a frog than a snake.

A poison dart frog to be specific. I noticed this years ago that the shape of Tung Lashor's head, the hands, and especially the pattern of his markings exactly matched those of a poison dart frog. And lo and behold when I went to get a picture for this review I found one with the exact colorings of Tung Lashor as well! (they come in a wide variety of colors in the wild) Also factor in the whole venom touch angle he was to have at first and it becomes pretty apparent that Tung Lashor was originally going to be a frog man and got changed to a snake at the last second.

Now of course this is right in tune with his vintage figure's look. As I mentioned the Classics version is a bit thinner in the torso but otherwise it's a perfect recreation that spices up the details. Like the vintage figure you'll have to work the snake staff accessory around and between his fingers to get him to hold it, but actually the Classics figure works better in that regard and does hold on to it very well.

The vintage figure had an action feature where his tongue could dart in and out via a dial on his back. As always there are no action features in Classics -and thankfully they did not sculpt the dial on anyway like Hurricane Hordak- but of course Tung Lashor must be able to have his tongue extended thus he has a second head. One thing I noticed though is that the peg hole on the second head is smaller. As a result it was a bit of a struggle to get the darn thing onto the figure.

Other key differences are that the mouth is open whereas the vintage just jutted between closed teeth. For some reason the tongue out head also has his eyes more squinted. (which really makes you think when you consider the fact that snakes don't have eyelids) It doesn't look bad, just different.

By comparison the 200X version was one of the most radical redesigns. Aside from the obvious bulking up, his orange chest became obvious armor and he was made less frog like in appearance. Despite this though he still included his dragonfly shaped crossbow weapon -another strong piece of evidence that he was originally going to be a frog. The vintage one did have this (but mine's missing his) though like the staff it was hard to get him to hold it. The Classics version includes said weapon, but thankfully, like Leech and Scorpia, it instead clips onto his wrist. The only real 200x inspiration on the Classics version are the small fang like protrusions on the side of the tongue. I must admit I never fully understood these things though.

One final inclusion is that, like Rattlor, he includes an armband with the Horde emblem on it. It comes on him in the package and I was nervous at first that this would be hard to take off due to his big hands. However I found that it is made of a softer more flexible plastic and actually slips on and off very easily. Much as I like the Horde, I want to display Tung Lashor with the Snake Men.

Overall I think Tung Lashor turned out great and he makes a much desired addition to the Snake Men ranks. Tung Lashor is -at the time of this post- marked as unavailable on Mattycollector, however it should be noted that all the November releases were pulled right before the start of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale so check back next week or so to see if he comes back up. Also note though that he was marked Almost Gone before the pull though. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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