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Masters of the Universe Minis: Stratos vs. Scare Glow

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:43 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Minis: Stratos vs. Scare Glow Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

The last set of MOTU Minis featured the main villain and a lesser, but still pretty well known, hero. This next set features a very well known A list hero and a conversely obscure outside the hardcore fan base villain. It's Stratos vs Scare Glow!

As you can see they come on the same style packaging as the first two sets. (why wouldn't they?) Both figures are fully showcased within, as is the collect and connect piece of the mini Castle Grayskull diorama. The back of the box again shows the other sets in the series, but only fully shows the ones already released. It does show what castle piece comes with what upcoming set, however the figures of the sets are silhouetted out. We know the fourth set is Man-At-Arms vs Faker, but the last two won't be revealed until SDCC in July.

Taking a look at the figures out of the package, they fit in with the series so far with the big upper bodies on the tiny legs. They stand abotu 2 inches tall and both come with a weapon that can be slipped in and out of either hand. Articulation is just swivels at the head, shoulders and waist. Nothing new or different there.

The set also comes with the third collect and connect piece. This time it is the top of the right tower. With this you can finally start actually putting this ting together. At the very least you can complete the one tower. While you can attach the upper skull portion, since there's nothing on the other side yet, it will not balance up without something there to support it. The next set will come with the lower skull part and jawbridge, so once we have that it will be able to stand on it's own.

Turning back to the figures, let's look at Stratos first. His face keeps with the more cartoonish look of the minis, but presents a big happy smile as opposed to He-Man's gritty sneer. The sculpt fully captures his hairy chest (or is it feathers?) and the large wings on his arms. On his back is his large blue jet pack, which is not removable on the mini figure. Now personally I have found this is a lot of weight on his back and he does fall over backwards easily. It's not that he can't balance, it's just he'll fall at the slightest jostle.

Unlike the Classics figure, this Stratos comes with a weapon and can hold it in either hand as well. It's a tiny version of the Staff of Avion, right out of Filmation. Sure we got this weapon in Classics, but it was released with Icer who came out in July 2013. Classics Stratos originally came out in February 2009!

Next up is the mini Scare Glow. He too carries a animated look, but is still recognizable as Scare Glow. He has his trademark crack in the skull and his flowing purple cape. The cape is not removable on this one. Like the Classics version it is designed with a slight tattered look and gets semi translucent towards the bottom. He comes with his halberd weapon that fits in either hand.

And yes he does glow in the dark. Sadly the mini black light I had and used back when I reviewed the Classics version stopped working. I found a 60 watt black light lamp bulb, but it doesn't seem to have worked quite as well. At any rate though you can see he is made of the glow in the dark plastic. Apparently his cape was too and then painted over as the semi translucent part of it ends up glowing as well. Like the Classics version the halberd is done so the staff part is green while the actual blade part glows as well.

This mini series is starting to take off and with Classics winding down is a fun way to keep the MOTU franchise alive. It's also cool to see more obscure, but super cool, guys like Scare Glow already in the line. This is a bit of a mixed bag though as we're not sure if this line will continue beyond the initial six sets, so while Scare Glow is a favorite of fans, myself included, it would be a bit upsetting getting him and not major A listers like Teela and Beast Man. (of course we still have two more unrevealed sets so those two may well be on the way) The Stratos vs Scare Glow set is now sold out so while it didn't go immediately it does seem to have vanished faster than the last two. Perhaps this line is gaining more ground. Time will tell, until then I bid you Good Journey.


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