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Masters of the Universe Classics: Octavia

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:16 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Octavia Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Now that we can finally get figures of the characters from the classic Filmation cartoon, the Four Horsemen seem to be trying to get a lot of the fan favorites out quick. It's also worth noting that a lot of these characters actually only had one or two appearances, but fans have been longing to have them in figure form for years anyway. That's what a lasting impression that had and is a true testimate to how Filmation IS MOTU. That trend continues with Octavia.

Octavia comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package complete with the Evil Horde logo sticker on the front. She is packed with her tentacles not attached to the figure, which makes sense as their size would make her unable to fit in the box. The back of the package shows off other Evil Horde figures in the line, taunting collectors with the Shadow Weaver figure that is now next to impossible to obtain, and presents a bio for the character.

As almost always the real name sounds pretty silly. The bio itself though is fairly straight forward and not objectionable. It stays fairly attuned to what we saw of Octaivia in the She-Ra cartoon. Octavia only appeared in two episodes, one each season, and her second appearance was little more than a cameo. Her first appearance though was very memorable in showing off her abilities, including her swordplay using her tentacles in what was one of the better and more elaborate bits of fight animation. She proved to be a formidable enemy, besting Sea Hawk and putting up a good fight against She-Ra herself. It's worth noting that there was an unnamed octopus woman seen in some concept art so apparently she was in line for a vintage figure but never got one, which may account for her lack of reappearances on the show.

Now let's look at this sinister cecaelia out of the box. (yep there is an actual term for half human/half octopus) She utilizes the basic 2.0 female buck for most of her body. She actually appears to have new forearms giving us another type of bracer for future females in the line. She does feature brand new boots and, I'm sad to say, her ankle joints are rather weak which is really bad as the tentacles can throw off her weight a bit making it hard to keep her standing without having the tentacles hanging down for support. It can be done, but really requires a bit of work to balance due to the loose ankles. Also, once again the figure does not have boot cut articulation. I didn't mind when it was just one or two but this is becoming a continuing trend with the female figures and I now feel it needs to stop.

Her head sculpt is perfectly matched to her cartoon appearance complete with the receded hairline. The hair is molded to flow over the tentacles on her back, but head movement is a bit limited as it will collide. Her outfit is also matched to the cartoon except for the bottom of her skirt. In the cartoon she wore a leotard like many other female characters. The first prototype figure shown had a more rounded skirt similar to what we've seen on Adora and others, however the final figure had her skirt changed to a more pointed triangle look. Personally I think this looks fine and the minor difference from the cartoon doesn't bother me, but other fans are quite disappointed with the shape. I've even heard it nicknamed "the pizza slice". My only qualm comes from the question of who's idea this was. If Mattel design chose to alter the Horsemen's sculpt, then it's a case of "don't mess with the artist's work". Under that skirt though is a new female crotch piece which fixes the low drooping legs issue we saw in figures like Tallstar and will be used for future females.

Octavia's main feature of course are her tentacles. They plug into holes in her back, though you pretty much have to remove her head to gain access to get them in. Each of the four tentacles is numbered 1-4 but the holes are not. Most likely the numbers were for the factory use in order to make sure each figure got one of each since all four are slightly different in sculpt. You can plug them into any of the holes and they easily can be removed and swapped around to increase the number of poses you can get out of them. Each has a ball joint at the plug for further articulation, however, while the hair flows over the joints, it does prevent them from swinging fully back.

Nevertheless, the ball joints do allow them to swing around and gives Octavia more use of them than Slush Head had of his. Like Slushy, Octavia's tentacles are made of a stiff plastic and are not bendy. Once again Mattel opted to not use bendy material any more after the issue with Snout Spout's trunk. They still have not given a suitable answer to why they don't simply use the bendy material from King Hiss' snake form as that was different and had no problems with it. For that matter the bendy plastic from the vintage Sssqueeze figure is still fine after over twenty years, yet it looks like if/when we get Sssqueeze in Classics he won't have bendy arms which largely defeats the whole idea behind the figure.

But getting back to Octavia, her tentacles do have a decent range of motion, though it's depressing to think how much more they potentially could have had. Still the sculpt is very well done, although technically with the suckers only on end pads, plus their shape, they are more like squid tentacles than octopus. This is cartoon accurate though. They also work well when posed with her swords. Ocatavia comes with four swords to hold in her tentacles that are right out of the cartoon, although spiced up in detail a bit. The hilts are designed as Horde emblems and each has a curved hand guard so that they can clip onto the tentacle sucker hands. They can also be fit into the figure's human hands if you so want. The blades are one solid piece and don't spring out of the hilts like on the cartoon, though really how would you do that in figure form anyway? There's no place to store them on the figure either though in the cartoon Octavia pulled them out from behind her back with no indication of where on her body she kept them.

Ocatvia includes one other accessory as she is the first female Horde Member to get a crossbow weapon. This is a brand new design not seen in the cartoon, but it fits the character perfectly. It blends in with the other Horde crossbows and is distinct for Octavia with the Cthulhu style head design. It wasn't necessary, but I like it .

Octavia is one of those characters who left such a lasting impression that I was a bit surprised when I went back and saw she was only in two episodes. Overall I'm pleased with how she turned out. I would have liked more flexibility in the tentacles, and the weak ankles are upsetting, but the appearance is straight out of the cartoon and she makes a great addition to the Evil Horde. I feel this is one that even She-Ra naysayers will be interested in. And for the rest, i.e. majority, of us I think she makes a great nemesis for Mermista who I REALLY hope we get soon. Octavia sold out on Mattycollector.com pretty quick so look to the secondary market for her. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey!


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great review as always! I appreciated "The Little Mermaid" joke. Very Happy Cool
Of course, as I've said before- I don't really get much into He-Man though.
So I had to point out that this is the only Octavia I know. Wink Very Happy Cool

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