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Masters of the Universe Classics: Mo-Larr (vs Skeletor)

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:54 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Mo-Larr (vs Skeletor) Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

and Robot Chicken fans for today we take a look at a figure getting a reissue that, while released under the MOTUC label, is really more a collectible for this show; Mo-Larr the Eternian Dentist.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Robot Chicken is a short stop motion animation program on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block that is composed largely of pop culture jokes. One of the early and popular skits involved Skeletor receiving an unwelcome visit from Eternia's resident dentist called Mo-Larr. You can watch the skit here: (Warning: contains some mild language)


Now, of course, Mo-Larr was a joke and not a real MOTU figure... until now. Teaming up with Robot Chicken's producers, Mattel actually made a Mo-Larr figure as a special SDCC exclusive.

Mo-Larr comes packed out as a two pack with a Skeletor figure. Rather than just putting the figures side by side in the package, they are decked out in such a way that the box is a sort of displayed diorama. You've got Skeletor laid back in his chair with his weapons hung on the back wall while Mo-Larr stands triumphantly holding up the tooth he has just extracted.

The detailing on this display is quite good and includes little extras such as the magazine on the floor, just like the one Skeletor can be seen reading at the beginning of the sketch. The magazine is part of the cardboard insert and is not an actual accessory however. Mint in box collectors should be quite pleased with this pack out and even collectors who are normally open displayers will likely be tempted to just leave this one in the box. In fact it's probably better that way.

The back of the box features a look at other figures in the line, but this time adds some humor to it and pays tribute to the skit by showing Beast Man hogtied with dental floss. Complete with a note that it is not actually included with the Beast Man figure.

And it also shows off Grizzlor. At the time of the original release this was actually the first real look at the, then upcoming, Grizzlor figure. Albeit with a *&$#@%! drill stuck in his eye. I love how the box says not just drill, but [expletive deleted] drill further referencing the skit in a hilarious way. Seriously why did Beast Man just get the dental floss and Grizzlor get the *&$#@%! drill in his eye? Of course for that matter, why was Evil Horde member Grizzlor working for Skeletor in the skit in the first place? Within the skit there's no reason they couldn't have used any one of Skeletor's actual minions for the gag.

The box also features two bio cards. One for Mo-Larr and one for Skeletor. Both utilize actual pictures from the Robot Chicken show but clearly are meant to be more of a joke.

In particular when you read Skeletor's it is clear these particular bios follow the continuity of the Robot Chicken scene, and are not part of the official MOTUC canon. I really can't complain about that. It's for the best that this novelty figure is not part of actual continuity and the the bio is actually faithful to the skit.

Despite being a joke character, the Four Horsemen actually did a really good job translating the look from the skit into actual figure form. The head is a new unique sculpt and actually has a sort of creepy vibe that brings to mind scary sadistic dentists like in Little Shop of Horrors or Marathon Man. (Is it safe?)

The rest of Mo-Larr is a reuse of parts. He has the gloved forearms of Hordak but is otherwise all the standard male buck. He even has the furry loincloth, painted blue, under his dentist's coat. The coat is permanently molded over the buck similar to other figures like King Hiss or pretty much all the females. there is some very nice little details on the coat such as the small hook in his pocket. The coat does hinder his articulation quite a bit. It's not too bad on his legs or shoulders, but waist swivel is very hard to pull off and the ab crunch is basically impossible.

In addition to the two dental tools packed in his hands, Mo-Larr has a few more accessories on the "wall" behind him. All the dental tools are nicely done with a metallic shine to them and a generally accurate look. He includes the *&$#@%! drill, a mirror, what I think is a dental suction device, and his tooth extracting pliers. This is really more for display as the tooth is molded in and does not come out. And yes that tooth is way too big to have come out of Skeletor's mouth, but it is accurate to the skit. Also I should point out that in the skit Mo-Larr says he needs to take out Skeletor's wisdom tooth and then pulls an incisor.

Mo-Larr also includes a large dental floss box that actually can flip open and has a string inside. Considering how faithful they've been to all the other details from the skit, I'm disappointed that the string is green. I'd actually have let this slide except in the skit Mo-Larr specifically says as he ties up Beast Man, "I'm out of mint flavored."

Now the Skeletor is the same figure as the standard Skeletor, though it has the more closed left hand like the reissue. He does feature a new head though. The most noticeable thing is he features a missing tooth from his mouth, but also his eye socket area is sculpted to present a more sad expression. One thing that's really upsetting though is Mattel went way overboard on the green-brushing here and I can confirm that it's not just mine, this is a common problem with this figure.

He does come with the same accessories as the standard Skeletor. Specifically a purple sword, half sword, and his Havoc staff. And on that I do acknowledge I was technically wrong when I previously said no other version besides the original Skeletor came with the staff, however I still believe my argument that his other variants should include it is a valid point.

Mo-Larr has gotten a rather poor reception from a lot of the fan base as he is really a novelty item only hard core collectors want. Even then they don't consider him an official canon character and on top of that the set really looks best left in the box. This set was originally sold as an SDCC exclusive then, like most of them, offered after the con on the site. While he was said to have sold out, he keeps popping up over and over at various special sales and tends to sit there not selling for the duration. Then there was the special mystery packs Mattel offered a while back where you got a "random" assortment of figures for a bargain price but had no way of knowing who you'd get -just that the total value of the figures far exceeded what you paid. Well a LOT of people wound up with Mo-Larr from those sales and yet here he comes on a reissue again. For a character that was supposed to be an exclusive that tends to suggest a massive amount of overproduced and unsold product Mattel is trying to get rid of.

As I said this is one only for the most hard core fans and completists. I think it's a funny collector's item but is one to leave displayed in the box. With that in mind he is very arguably not worth the $40 sale price. Mo-Larr will be available on Mattycollector.com on July 2-31 or as long as supplies last. Normally I wish you Good Luck here but this time I don't think you'll need it, so I'll just say Good Journey.


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