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Masters of the Universe Classics: Draego-Man

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 10:54 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Draego-Man Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

The 30th Anniversary of Masters of the Universe continues as does the special sub-line to the MOTU Classics series. The first figure in the line was one that was supposed to have come out years ago, but now we turn to a brand new character created by the Four Horsemen. When deciding who got to design the new characters for the 30th line the Horsemen were a no-brainer. It was they who brought us the 200X line which revived MOTU after so long with awesome new updated designs. Then when that line died it was again the Horsemen who revived the property through MOTUC and they continue to sculpt fantastic new figures. Now they have added their own character to the mythos; Draego-Man!

Draego-Man comes in the standard MOTUC blister pack, but just barely manages to. You can see that he's really crammed in there and he's not even fully assembled! How they were planning to squeeze in the extra accessories that ended up getting cut for cost reasons, I do not know. You'll notice there is a star blurb declaring him created by the Four Horsemen. As always the back of the box shows off other figures in the line, and like all figures this year features the 30th Anniversary logo. Of course there is also a new bio for the new character.

Now, unless I'm mistaken, the Horsemen didn't write this bio completely themselves. I believe they gave an overall description to Mattel who worked it into their new continuity. Overall though I think this is a cool back story for this new character. I like to think the renounced his given name angle was the Horsemen's way of avoiding having a lame real name attached to the character, though logically even if he renounced it that still would be his real name right? Whatever the case it makes me wish more bios had a "real name unknown" angle. I've been complaining about too many characters being thousands of years old, but this time it doesn't bother me. The idea of a dragon living so long works. Really the only thing that's iffy to me is the idea of Granamyr fighting against Grayskull's armies. It makes him sound like a villain which he is not. True we did hear Granamyr speak of past conflicts with humans, but it was implied to be arrogant humans mistreating dragons. Though since this information came from Granamyr himself it's probably a bit bias. Hopefully when Granamyr gets released later this year his bio will clear this all up.

Now let's look at the figure itself out of the package with his wings and tail attached. Wow, where do I begin? This guy has so much new stuff! I guess I'd be better off starting with what's not new. Draego-Man has all the same articulation points as a standard figure in the line and his joints are not limited. He uses the standard waist piece with the longer furry loincloth common to characters in the line who lived in Preternian times. I did notice that it's a bit stiffer than some of the more recent ones, but still doesn't hinder movement much. His boot tops are reused from He-Ro while the feet are from Hordak. His arms and legs are a clever reuse of King Hiss' mold making it look like natural scales instead of armor. Thankfully his shoulders are fixed and not reversed like Hiss' were.

His torso is actually the flat ab torso covered by his new armor sculpt which is glued on and can't be removed. He also features an extra piece over his neck, similar to Mer-Man, that helps give him a more unique look.

The armor is done in a purple and blue color scheme that goes well with the red of his body. The same purple and blue is used on his armbands which are part of new forearms. The center of the armor features a cool dragon head and crossbones logo that really seems to fit the character.

The back of Draego-Man's armor is where the tail and wings plug in. The tail features the same sculpt as Whiplash and has the swivel joint. Actually the tail comes detached and this is where you plug it in. The wings are brand new and feature an excellent design with scaled backs, clawed tips and almost leathery looking undersides. The wingspan is quite impressive which looks large on this figure, but could very well be reused later for Granamyr who is traditionally drawn with smaller wings for his massive body.

The wings plug into the back of the armor and stay in rather well. They are on ball joints which allow them to be positioned in a variety of ways.

Draego-Man's head sculpt is excellent with a truly menacing look to him. The solid yellow eyes seem to pierce right into you and the overall design is very similar to many dragons seen in classic MOTU works. He also brings to mind the Filmation character Dragoon. There's nothing out of place here. He may be brand new, but he looks like a MOTU dragon.

Now Draego-Man comes with only one weapon. That weapon, a flame sword, is very fitting for the character though. The sword's flame blade is made of a translucent yellow and orange plastic. I was a bit worried that the flame tips would end up looking too rounded, but honestly it turned out rather nice. The sword can be held in either of his hands, which are also new sculpts featuring a scaled appearance with three fingers that have black claws.

Originally Draego-Man was going to also include a regular sword, a shield with flames surrounding it, and a flame whip as well. Due to the vast amount of new tooling that went into this figure though, the extra weapons had to be dropped for cost reasons. A shame, though Mattel has said they're looking into finding a way to get these weapons to us somehow in the future.

Since 2002 the Four Horsemen have given so much to the fans of He-Man and She-Ra and we love them for it. It is more than fitting that they are allowed to add their own original character to this property and they did a fantastic job. He's incredibly cool looking and fits in with the line perfectly. While there is no nostalgic attachment to the character itself since it's brand new, he does bring back the classic gleeful feeling we would get in the original line whenever a brand new figure was introduced for the first time. This is a feeling Mattel has been trying to capture with all the new characters, but I personally haven't truly felt it with characters like Vikor and Demo-Man. This guy though really brings it out.

Draego-Man is sold out on Mattycollector.com and like all figures in the 30th Anniversary sub-line was a one time figure never to be re-released. You'll have to hit up the secondary market for this figure and I highly recommend it because he is awesome! Good luck, good hunting, and until next time, Good Journey.


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