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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Tri-Klops

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:59 am    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Tri-Klops Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Another reissue another review. Today we take a look at Skeletor's all seeing lackey Tri-Klops. Tri-Klops was a character who was largely recognized from the vintage line, yet never was used much on the Filmation series. he was only in a few episodes and even then not used to his full potential, often coming off as just another henchman that could have been anyone. In the 200X line he got a major personality upgrade and became much more prominent. So how does the Classics version hold up?

Tri-Klops comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package with the back of the box showing off other figures in the line and presenting a bio for the character in the new continuity.

His real name is not bad except I would've cut it off before the last name and not used Scope. The name comes from an early concept story idea where Tri-Klops, Evil-Lyn and Beast Man were all fellow astronauts from Earth who were on Queen Marlena's ship and somehow got transformed into their present evil warrior selves. Most of the Filmation writers, correctly, felt this idea was LAME and never used it. At any rate Tri-Klops' original name was going to be Dr. T.E. Scope so that's where this comes from - a nod to a story idea that was never used and no one liked....

Most of the history here is taken from the 200X Icons of Evil comic story, though it seems to be rearranged a little. Here it sounds like Keldor recruited Tri-Klops before the accident that blinded him when it was years later in the comic. It's not terrible, but I kind of wish they had been more faithful to the established origin.

The figure itself uses the standard male buck, though this was the figure to introduce the different forearm piece so both his arms have the small wristband. Which is odd since the vintage figure had the longer one like He-Man.

The armor matches up well with the vintage figure's. It's a bit more detailed, but does not have the mechanical aspects of the 200X version. There is a slot on the back to hold his sword and, as a new feature, there are three daggers sculpted on. These are not removable and just for decoration, but are a cool new detail.

Tri-Klops' main feature is of course his visor with the tree eyes. It does rotate fairly easily to change the eyes. It's not as loose as the vintage but not as tight as the 200X. The look is somewhere in between the two. While the vintage figure's eyes looked largely real the 200X had only gems with no eye details. The Classics version is designed so they are made to look like realistic eyes, but are clearly mechanical in nature.

Another aspect taken from 200X is the colors. While the vintage had a red eye, a blue eye and a darker red eye, the Classics, like 200X replaces the lighter red eye with a green eye. I like this because it adds more diversity while still keeping the evil look of the one eye and the pissed off look of the deep red.

Just like the vintage figure though my least favorite eye is the blue one. The sculpt comes off as a goofy shocked look. I will say though this eye really captures the mechanical aspect as the eye juts out like a gun barrel.

An interesting extra detail is under the visor there is actually a sculpt showing off how the visor is hooked up to his natural eyes. This is a really cool design, however it's almost pointless as it can't be seen normally and the visor is extremely difficult to raise up so you can see it. It clearly wasn't designed to be lifted. (Kinda of goes against the covering the sculpt argument used for unflocked Panthor)

For accessories Tri-Klops has his classic sword done in a two tone metallic green. He also comes with a Doomseeker. These spy drones were introduced in the 200X line as a way for Tri-Klops to truly see everything in Eternia. The Doomseeker includes a clear plastic flying stand, though it's not ball jointed like Orko's is so you're basically stuck in the one position. You can see where it is inspired by the 200X version, but this is a whole new sculpt. It also has a paint job reminiscent of the Wind Raider plus the "eyes" are painted up and resemble the look of the vintage Road Ripper vehicle.

Next to the vintage figure you can see how the design is perfectly captured and updated to bring out more detail. The visor is a bit wider, but I think that works well. I do like that he can hold his sword in either hand now. (he actually comes packaged with it in his left) If you examine the back of the head of the vintage you will notice he does have sculpted hair sticking out from under the visor's helmet part. The Classics covers the whole head like the 200X version.

200X beefed up the mechanical aspects of the visor. In all honesty I think a live action movie version would be better off using this look with the gem eyes but for a cartoon or figure the detailed eyes work. I do kind of wish they had used the 200X loincloth style as it brings out the swordsman aspect a bit more.

Overall though I am pleased with this figure. As a kid I didn't have Tri-Klops till near the end of the line when I got him at a garage sale. Combined with his lack of exposure on the Filmation cartoon, to me he was a known, but not major, member of Skeletor's crew. That changed in 200X where he became a major player and I gained a new respect for him. I think that's why I do kind of wish there was a bit more 200X aspect to him, but I still highly recommend him for any collector.

Tri-Klops has been MIA for quite a while in the line (never getting a reissue) but will finally be available again on Mattycollector.com on April 16. Many fans have been waiting for this so he's bond to go fast. Grab him while you can. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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