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Masters of the Universe Classics: She-Ra

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:13 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: She-Ra Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Particularly the She-Ravers this time because it's finally time, arguably past time, for my review of the Princess of Power herself. She's part of the Mad Matty March sale and furthermore, had been added to the list of available year round characters! Here is She-Ra!

She-Ra comes in the standard MOTUC blister card packaging, while featuring the Princess of Power logo sticker on the front. It is also worth noting that she comes in the package with her vintage toy style head on the body. While I understand Mattel generally wants to keep the look of the vintage figures in the package, in this case I really think she should have been packed out with her far more familiar and iconic look. Sure I just open her up and switch it out anyway, but I do think about the MOC collectors.

As always the back of the box features a look at other characters in the line, all somehow connected to She-Ra herself, (Okay Man-At-Arms is a bit of a stretch but still) and presenting a bio for the new continuity.

On the whole it's not too bad. I kind of don't like the part that says "her strength comes not form brute force" but that's more the wording. It should say not ONLY. The way it's worded almost makes it sound like She-Ra is not super strong in this continuity.

"Found an escape to Eternia"... I've already expressed how Etheria being inside Despondos is STUPID so there's no need to go into that again. The renegade heroes angle could work if done properly. After all that's what was going on in the She-Ra cartoon basically right?

On to the figure herself. First and foremost, the sculpt is freaking GORGEOUS! The 4 Horsemen deserve full props for perfectly capturing She-Ra's beautiful face. The paint job is spot on with the white dress accented by the gold emblem as well as gold bracers and boots that just make the figure pop out.

For most of her body she uses the first female buck. (it was after all the only one at the time) She has new forearms with the bracers and her boots, both tops and feet, are a new sculpt. She does have the swivel joint at the calves and actually can turn at the waist. Though the outfit is one solid piece permanently attached, the shape of the skit keeps her articulation joints hidden. On that note we come to the one real problem with the figure; her skirt is of a thicker stiffer plastic and does not allow for much leg movement at the hips. It's not a super huge problem with the figure itself but does mean she can't spread her legs out to ride on Swift Wind. (This was the main reason for creating the 2.0 body later on) Her cape on the other hand, is a more flexible plastic and doesn't get in the way. It is a separate piece and can slip right off once the head is removed.

Like many characters in the Princess of Power line, She-Ra's toy and cartoon appearance differed. Now She-Ra's outfit is based on her more familiar cartoon/style guide appearance, but she does feature a head based on her vintage toy. The hair on this head seems to be a bit wider than the other. It does limit head movement a bit. For the head there is a flippable tiara that can be positioned around the head or as a mask covering her eye area. Now the bad part; the tiara attaches to the head by means of a peg that goes into... a big hole right in the middle of her forehead.

So if you want to display a tiara-less She-Ra you are out of luck. The tiara peg does stay in the hole nice and firm, but this was probably not the best solution for the figure. Indeed, for the 2.0 they were able to go back and make a hole-less head and a tiara that clipped on. At any rate most fans will probably use the more familiar looking head anyway. Caution is advised as these heads can be a bit tricky getting on and off, you don't want to be too rough and break the neck peg. (it's never happened to me, just worth noting)

For accessories She-Ra naturally has her Sword of Protection. This is done in the same mold as the one that came with the Adora figure, complete with the jewel, however it is done in a two tone gold color reminiscent of the vintage figure's sword. Since her sword was silver on the cartoon many will probably wish to display her with Adora's sword or the two tone silver one from the Weapons Pack.

She-Ra also features a small ax that, if you can't tell, is done as a tribute to the vintage figure's comb. The blended look works pretty well. (Much better than Catra's comb whip) Finally, she has her shield which is molded after the vintage figure's in gold color with a blue jewel in the center. Something to note; the vintage figure's shield clip could swivel allowing it to be displayed on the front of her arm with it down by her side. The back of the package shows the shield in this position, but it can't be done. The Classics' shield is designed with prongs to clip on to the side of her arm and have no swivel. Not a big deal, but I am curious why Mattel shows it this way on the box when it's not designed as such.

As much as I love She-Ra, I am ashamed to admit my vintage figure is severely lacking in her accessories. (actually to be honest most of my vintage POP figures are!) But here's the comparison anyway.

Now I do have the shield so you can really see what I was talking about there. Also notice how the vintage figure's outfit has a different look to it. I prefer the more familiar look, but I could see them using the other outfit for a variant down the line. Perhaps if they ever do Starburst She-Ra.

200X She-Ra was a con exclusive, but somehow is, or at least for a time was, easier to acquire than most hence why I'm able to have one loose and one MIB. The appearance is much more alike here though, like the vintage, 200X version also had rooted hair and a fabric cape.

She-Ra is an absolute must have character. I know there are people out there who dislike the whole Princess of Power concept, but they are WRONG! Not just difference of opinion, they are flat out wrong! I'm not saying they have to like them as much or more, everyone can have different favorite characters, but to claim they don't belong at all or somehow diminish the story is 100% WRONG! I can understand not collecting the vintage figures which are more like fashion dolls with the rooted hair and cloth interchangeable clothing, but the character of She-Ra herself is awesome and a vital part of the MOTU mythos. This figure is an excellent representation of that character.

Now what about the issues with the skirt and not being able to sit on Swift Wind? Well, yes and Bubble Power She-Ra fixed these. But 1): BP She-Ra is no longer available and more to the point 2): she did not come with the cartoon style head or red cape (or Sword of Protection) so to create the ultimate She-Ra, you have to pick up the original version anyway.

She-Ra was also released in a Toys R Us 2-pack with Supergirl. This version had only the cartoon style head and her sword was the two tone silver color. However, this pack is kind of hard to find (It has yet to show up at any of my local stores) and the TRU 2-packs are no longer being made.

She-Ra is available now on Mattycollector.com and has been added to the available all year list. When she first appeared on the list she actually sold out but Mattel made more and she's up again so you can get her at pretty much any time. (Battle Cat also recently sold out and came back so if they are sold out just wait a couple weeks they'll return) However during the Mad Matty March sale she is marked down 30%. Yes 30% most MMM items are 10% but some are 30% so now's a good time to pick her up, because you do not want to be without her. Until next time, Good Journey.


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